Feeding the masses

6:30 am – Busy day coming up.  The ROTC Banquet is tonight.  I have lots to do.  No matter if everyone is saying we’re ready, I know better.  (Like the twelve tablecloths I was ironing until 10:00 last night.)  There’s always something that makes everything get crazy.  I have one bonus, however.  DH walked in a few minutes ago and said they had too many staff today and were asking if anyone wanted to take off.  He took them up on their offer.  That means he can help DS get everything together.  DS had already asked me if I could pick up the cakes and bread from the bakery for tonight so DH can take that little burden off my shoulders.

It’s Friday and I’m rebelling on the clothing issue.  Fridays are a lot more relaxed at work but I have to dress up for tonight and I won’t be coming home.  The thought of wearing heels and dress pants for 14 hours is not appealing.  Instead, I’m wearing pastel yellow jeans and flats.  I’ll take my dress pants and heels to work but I may not even change for the banquet.  I’m wearing a black and yellow blouse and yellow jacket so I may just go with it all day.  It looks fairly decent.  We’ll see.  Anyway, I’m off chickies.  Won’t be home until after 9:00 tonight.


Joy says 20th March @ 6:50

I hope it all goes well (without a hitch), have a wonderful time Patty! 🙂

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