Suck in that gut!

I bought a gorgeous blouse a few weeks ago and haven’t worn it yet. It’s a black knit with ruching down the center and a pattern of blue, green and white rectangles all over it. I decided to wear it today with black dress pants, black heels, and a green jacket. Took a look in the mirror and it looks fantastic as long as I suck in my gut. If I recall, I didn’t have to suck in my gut when I bought it. Take heed, Patricia! Didn’t I have a goal of getting back down to 170 by April 1st?

Got an email from Sharon, my coworker who works in the library where I meet with my students.  She said “B” got mad at one of the girls yesterday when I was out and threw all her books and folders all the way across the library.  At least I know it’s not just me who has trouble with these new students.  “B” is a big boy.  Stands almost 6 feet and has to weigh at least 200 pounds.  Sharon didn’t say who the girl was but I’d be willing to bet it was the same obnoxious, brassy brat that instigated a confrontation last week.

4:15 – Twelve white tablecloths.  10 feet long by 5 feet wide.  That’s what I have to iron tonight.  The ROTC Awards Banquet is tomorrow night and Sarge and Major called me downstairs today to show me the tablecloths we’ll be using.  They told me this was all taken care of.  I guess it is, in their opinion.  To my way of thinking, you don’t serve a catered banquet for 200 people on tablecloths that were washed last year, folded (kinda) and stuffed in a box for a year.  I just about freaked out.  DS is catering the event with salad, chicken primavera, vegetable lasagna, or baked ziti, fresh baked bread, and cake for dessert.  The ROTC Booster Club president couldn’t make it last month and hasn’t done much of anything to get ready for this event.  Today, when they showed me the tablecloths, I couldn’t believe it.  I took 12 to wash, dry and iron and told each of them to take six.  Their wives will be at the banquet tomorrow so they can help out.  If not, they can iron tablecloths themselves.  This is a big event to the kids.  They’re all dressed up in their uniforms and parents are told to dress appropriately for the occasion.  Don’t think they’d appreciate wrinkled, wadded up tablecloths.

While the tablecloths are washing and drying, I have a dinner date with Sistah Pam.  We’re going to http://www.myhavanarumba.com/  for cuban tonight.  How am I supposed to stick with a diet when I have dinner plans tonight, a banquet tomorrow night, and dinner with friends Saturday night???



Joy says 19th March @ 7:44

It is time for both of us to get off our our tushes and get down to some serious work of loaing weight. Spring is right here and this would be a great time for a fresh start.

That girl sounds like a real problem. She sounds like she enjoys creating situations and manipulating other students to “set” things off.

Man alive you have school in June this year?? Yikes ! Sorry it is dragging out another 14 days. The good news? It is not too far off. Although on bad days it probably feels like a lifetime. Just over two months and you are done. Maybe plan a summer get-a-way to look forward to ???
Take care have a nice day

Joy says 20th March @ 6:48

Man alive do you have a lot on your to do list sisterchick! Sounds like it is going to be a very nice event. I hope that it goes great!
Take care

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