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Eryn wants to see bathing suit photos.  This is me on the beach last year.  Haven’t gone to the beach this year but I’ll probably have to wear the same suit.

I’ve got to work today.  I’m trying to plan my lessons for the week and keep my heathen class occupied from the minute they walk in the door until the minute the bell rings.  My usual curriculum is NOT going to work with these kids.  At least, not until I’ve had time to get some measure of control over them.  A big part of the problem is that they were sent to me two weeks into the current trimester so they weren’t there at the beginning when I worked to get my students to understand and respect my classroom rules and expectations.  Someone (Brandie?) commented that it was just 45 minutes and I could hang in there until the bell rang but we’re on block scheduling so I have them for 80 minutes.  I WISH they were only with me for 45.  I do a lot of stuff with kids working in groups and working independently on projects.  That’s not going to work with these guys.  Guess I’ll spend a good part of the day setting up lesson plans for the week that won’t give them time to get in trouble.  I’m also going to have to start calling parents and letting them know that their little darlings are a pain in the butt.  Of course, most of the kids who can be so obnoxious are that way because they get away with it at home anyway. 

After I get my lessons straight, I have to create the school newsletter today.  It’s due to graphics tomorrow.  I have all the articles and it’s about halfway done but I have to finish it up and fine tune it.  I also have to spend some time looking at the school website which is an absolute disaster.  The principal called me in last week and asked if I would redo it.  She’s embarrassed about it and I understand why.  It’s a mess.  I like our new principal.  She sees a problem, tries to correct it, and doesn’t hesitate to change things if she doesn’t get what she wants.  The teacher who’s supposed to do it has been told all year that she’s not happy and he hasn’t addressed the problem.  Last week, she overstaffed him (the website was just part of the problem) and she asked me to take over.  I need to come up with a plan.  Am I going to redo it over the summer, do I want to do it all next year by myself, do I want a small group of good students to do it while I supervise them?  I’m not sure.  She said she would do whatever I wanted, send me for any training I needed, or rearrange my schedule anyway I needed to get it done.  The thing is, I created the website for another school about six years ago and I worked on it for almost a year.  It’s a big job and it requires constant updating.  I have to think about how I want to do it.  Here’s a link to the website as it exists today.  http://www.jefferson.kyschools.us/Schools/High/Moore/index.html  Pretty embarrassing considering this guy has been working on it for three years.

Lots to do.  Guess I’d better get started.

12:00 – Still working on the newsletter.  I place an article, edit it, format it to fit in nicely with the page, and then visit another blog.  Working my way down the list with all you chickies.  Trying to catch up.  I don’t know why I’m feeling like I don’t have time for this these days.  My workload doesn’t seem to be much different than usual but I seem to be having a lot of deadlines and other stuff piling up.  Don’t like working on Sundays!

3:00 pm. – Don’t know where the last three hours went!  I’ve been so focused on work I didn’t realize it had been three hours until my back started hurting and I looked up and saw the clock.  Gads!  I’ve been sitting here staring at the computer screen and typing for 5 hours!  I finished the newsletter and I’m going to drag my achy breaky body out to the spa for a hot soak.

4:45 – Sat in the spa for a while and watched the cat.  There were two ducks swimming in the pool.  Not really the pool, the pool cover is sunk down a little in the middle and holds water.  Damn ducks were swimming in it and sitting on the side of the pool.  A few years ago, I thought ducks swimming in the pool was charming.  Then the weather warmed up and I had to clean all the duck poop out of the pool before we could swim.  Gross!  So the cat’s slinking around the edge of the pool trying to figure out how to get up on the rim and kill the ducks.  Good thing she couldn’t figure it out.  They probably would have had her for dinner.

Spring break is two weeks away.  I’m thinking about getting a hotel or condo on the beach for a couple of days.  We’re taking the RV but we’re pulling the car so we could leave the RV at our place in Madison and drive to the beach for a couple of days.  It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive to a decent beach.  Way too far to do it for a day but we have a lot of work planned and it would be nice to take the last couple of days to relax.  On the agenda for spring break:  lay a ceramic tile floor in the downstairs of the cabin, paint the upstairs, dig out and make a retainer for the composter unit and wall it in concrete and a gravel bed and then reinstall it.  Not much relaxation there.  Think I’ll check out condo rentals…


susan says 15th March @ 11:13

Hi Patty! Love the idea of getting your students involved in the school web site. I had to take a look at it and found it hard to read, except for the Sports pages, which look better designed ~ almost like a different designer did it. I’m sure I’m “preaching to the choir” when I say my thoughts are…

1. Horses sure are pretty but school is teaching children, not horses. Maybe a horse picture can be used as a decorative small banner at the top, side or bottom. I’d rather see students and teachers in small pictures, maybe as links to pertaining pages.

2. It’s difficult to read the reverse type against all the busy photo backgrounds. The large photos slow down the loading of the pages.

3. More organized staff photos with clickable email addresses below each member. Or, skip pictures all together and just have name and email address, and a clickable link to their bios.

4. History Page is scary! Maybe one picture of Lady in Green with a caption under it so we know who she is.

5. Generally, IMHO, the site looks like a mish-mash of graphic elements that change with every page. Needs to be more unified, like the Sports page. (One main banner with all the basic information, logo, etc.. that appears at the top of every page on the site.)

Something our school does is put up the Daily Announcements every day, which is sometimes the only way I as a parent know what’s going on! Here is our school site, which I think is organized well, if not a thing of beauty: http://www.ojrsd.com

I’m sure you see all the things I do, Patty. It looks like a big undertaking. It could mean job security, though! Maybe you can bypass the Graphics Department, save a ton of time and money and publish your newsletter on the web site. Earth-Friendly, and all that, woot, woot? I’ll miss the stories of your publishing woes though! 🙂

patty says 15th March @ 11:31

Oops! I mislead you, Susan. Our school district has 163 schools. They have a great website for the district (http://www.jefferson.kyschools.us/) and the district creates a website for each individual school that has general information such as the school’s scores on testing, their focus, the administration, etc. From each school’s district created website, there’s a link to the school created website that contains more specific information. That’s where the problem lies. In the school created website. It’s a disaster with all the problems you noted plus a lot more.

patty says 15th March @ 11:32

Misled! Not mislead!

brseay says 15th March @ 11:48

Sounds like you have a fantastic principal who truly understands the gem she has in you. I would take this opportunity as a time to really think about what you want your future to be. If you want to cut back on your teaching load so you can spend more time on the website, newsletter, tech support, etc. this is the time to say so. Please, please, please don’t just keep adding to your responsibilities w/o taking anything away. You’ll burn yourself out in no time.

A block schedule is a bit tougher when you have troublesome kids. I’m sure you have a million great teaching ideas that I have never thought of but one thing a friend of mine does is make the kids call their parents themselves when they have misbehaved. The kid has to state what he/she did that was wrong and then the teacher talks to the parent. Many times this conversation only has to happen once b/c it’s very hard for kids to admit what they did wrong.

I know you will figure this out and I can’t wait to see how you do so that I can steal your classroom management expertise. Try not to work too hard today 🙂

tjnorth says 15th March @ 18:10

omg – I thought that was me on the beach!

inkheartmeg says 15th March @ 18:54

I dunno, your head looks a little too big for the rest of your body.

angela says 15th March @ 18:56

hey Patty! Thanks for commenting on my latest blogs and supporting me doing the Relay! I should rephrase that “Op-darator” blog..it wasn’t LITERALLY the children’s food..it was the snacks/food served to them by the daycare…and we always have LOTS of extras :P.

My dear don’t ever call yourself a whale…you look great and far from it!!! Have a great night!

Bobbie says 16th March @ 1:55

Patty you crack me up! But none of us look like that beached whale. But you made me laugh outloud. Thank you for that.


firefly says 16th March @ 13:03

Patty, you totally crack me up!! Needed that this morning. THANK YOU!!

eryn76 says 16th March @ 21:42

bwahahahahaa!! love it!

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