I just checked the sunrise and sunset times for the next week.  We’re averaging 3 more minutes per day. This time next week, we’ll have another twenty one minutes of daylight and I’ll take every minute.  I don’t like driving to work in the dark.

I wrote a pretty lengthy post and lost it when I tried to publish.  Hate when that happens. Now, it’s almost time to hit the shower so I have to hurry. The counselor added six new kids to my class on Tuesday and I’m really aggravated with them.  All six are major jerks.  Why would they add six new kids two weeks into the new trimester?  I assume it’s because there was a problem in their other classes.  Probably one of those situations where they were constantly being sent to the office or causing conflict so the counselor just decided to take them out of those classes and put them with another teacher.  I had my little darlings all settled down, had them figured out and they had me figured out and we were doing just fine until they sent me these jerks.  I can handle the angry, silent types like T pretty good.  I have a more difficult time with the ones who constantly disrupt class, make me tell them what to do a dozen times, and take up all my attention.  My week has been a long run of:
“Sit down, Johnny, and keep your hands to yourself.”
“No, you can’t go to your locker.  I want you to do what I asked you to do.”
“Sit down and stay in your seat.”
“DO NOT SPIT in my waste basket!”
“I’m tired of telling you to sit down.  DO IT NOW!”
“Give her back her purse and keep your hands to yourself.”
“Get back in your seat!  When I talk, you listen.  Do not interrupt me.  Sit down.  Sit DOWN. SIT DOWN!”

I spent a full week making my expectations clear to my class.  Had us to a point where I loved them and they loved me and now the entire class is a shambles.  The new kids are either distracting the others, taking up all my time and attention, or getting the others off task to where they’re starting to be problems. I’ve struggled along the last three days.  Today, I’m going to be all over them.  No more crap.


susan says 13th March @ 7:01

OMG, I could never be a teacher. Every once in a great while, I’ll wait on a rude customer, but they pay me and leave!

brseay says 13th March @ 13:02

I’m guessing part of the reason these kids are w/you is b/c of the success you have had w/other troubled students. Sometimes it feels like you’re being asked to do more b/c you do a good job but try to see it as a challenge and a compliment. I have no doubt that once these kids realize that you’re in charge that they’ll settle down. I’m facing one of the toughest classes I have ever taught this trimester and I’m actually looking forward to whipping them into shape!!!

anngirl says 13th March @ 21:16

Thanks Ms. Patty for giving a crap and taking control of the classroom again so that everybody can learn something. Gotta tell ya – YOU make a difference and from one soldier to another – I gotta give you props sista!

Hang in there darlin!

inkheartmeg says 16th March @ 0:52

good grief they sound like my 2 yr old and my 4 yr old.

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