Woke up a few minutes ago.  Actually, I woke up quite a few times last night.  Like every hour or so…  to pee…I must have been holding a ton of water.  I figured I’d show a weight loss of at least a couple of pounds this morning.  Jumped on the scale and it showed 155.  Wow!  That trail mix must be a real winner! Lost 23 pounds in one night!  Reset the scale, hopped on and it showed 152.  Did it again and I got 157. Damn!  Guess my scale is broken.  I don’t know what I weigh.  I have another set around here somewhere but don’t know if they’re calibrated correctly.  Guess I’m gonna have to switch and I won’t know how much I’ve lost.  That’s depressing.

Ten minutes later:  Went to the bathroom and tried the scales again.  Now I’m down to 132.  I found the other ones.  They show 178.5.  I know that set weighs heavy.  I would always weigh less at the doctor’s office than I did at home when I used them before and we know that’s not right.  Still…it’s all I’ve got. Guess I’ll have to go with it.

Aiming for another perfect day.  This one should be easy.  It’s one of the few days when I don’t have anything going on after school and should be out of the building and halfway home by 3:00.  Maybe I can go to the grocery and get some healthy food in here.

6:00 am- Finished my shower and tried my old scales one more time.  Gave them a good shake.  I didn’t hear anything rattling around but, when I stepped on them, they showed 176.5.  Did it three times in a row and it remained steady.  So…I guess I lost 1 1/2 pounds yesterday.  I figured that I ought to calibrate the other scales to be the same but I noticed that there isn’t any way to do it.  No dials or wheels.  What you see is what you get.  At least, if the white ones don’t work, I know that the stainless steel ones are 1 1/2 pounds heavier.

8:30 – Blog, Blog, Blog…I’m not happy so I think I’ll just keep my blog minimized on my computer and write throughout the day.  I’m not happy because last Wednesday, the internet was down and my students didn’t get to work on their semester project.  On Thursday, I had to attend my monthly TRT meeting.  I had scheduled the deadline for Friday.  They scheduled a pep rally and I didn’t even get to see my 2nd period class on Friday.  Yesterday, after hearing their sob stories about no internet on Wed, me not being there on Thurs, and not having class on Friday, I extended the deadline to tomorrow and promised them they could work on it yesterday and today.  Yesterday, we had a fire drill during class and that used up nearly 20 minutes.  Now, today, I just found out that we have a “Cultural Diversity” assembly that will eat up the entire period.  Hello!!!  The end of the semester is Friday and I’ll have all new students starting Monday.  Could we have class now and then?

Goal Setting – Think I’ll plan a couple of short term goals here.  Goal number 1: Be at 175 by March 1.  Goal number 2: Be at 165 by April 1.  Gonna borrow Brandie’s trick of writing down the progress on each daily blog.

3:10 – WOW!  I’m home and it’s only 3:10.  That certainly doesn’t happen very often.  Waiting for DH to get home (about 15 minutes from now) so I can put together a grocery list, get some healthy food in here, and then come home and exercise.

School really made my blood boil today.  We had that assembly on Cultural Diversity and several teachers and students were asked to write poetry about their ethnicity.  Phyllisann is Mexican and was one of them. She wrote her poem over the game weekend and rehearsed the Hell out of it and it was truly beautiful.  As soon as she got up to read it for 1,600 kids and a hundred teachers, the kids started booing her.  It was terrible.  It started with a group of ninth graders and then was picked up by the rest of the kids.  Granted, there were a lot of good kids who didn’t partake but it was still nasty.  Why did they do it?  Who knows. Probably because she has to write up a lot of referrals and call a lot of parents because she’s thrust in that role of being a pseudo assistant principal. She gets to do all the nasties without the accompanying pay or position and the kids know that.  I felt so bad for her.  She toughed it out.  Put on a strong face and did her thing.  It was only later, around those of us who are her good friends, that she let it get to her and cried. Kids can be such shits sometimes. 

4:30 – Got in a thirty minute workout.  Thought I’d go for forty but I got too hot and bummed out.  Talk about out of shape!


susan says 24th February @ 7:26

I vote that you stand with one foot each of two scales 🙂

Joy says 24th February @ 8:06

LOL I like Susans idea! You know what my scale is a digital one and it does not have a spot to calibrate it either. Crud that means if it gets off I HAVE to get a new one???!
Good job of the perfect day yesterday Patty. You are getting back on track and serving as a good exapmle to me to get off my blankety blank and get back on track no matter what . You always inspire me Patty. Thank you
Have a wonderful shorter day.

brseay says 24th February @ 10:04

Wow, 132 must have been exciting!

I wouldn’t worry about blogging during school hours, it just equalizes the time you spend working on school stuff during your private time. Plus, I’m doing it, too!!

beerab says 24th February @ 10:51

I was able to get a nice digital scale from Target for really cheap- like less than $20- I love it. Works very well 😀 It’s about 2 lbs off from my doctor’s office- so not bad lol.

Joy says 24th February @ 19:27

Man alive teens can be such brats! I am so sorry for your friend. That had to be tough. 🙁
I am glad that you got home early enough to enjoy an evening for once. Good for you staying on target.
You know what? It is almost March and then you only have April and school is out in May right? That is not so far off. 🙂
Thanks for your support and comments. I will NOT let him win I promise. Thank you sisterchick.
Have a great night

islandgrl says 25th February @ 7:52

I have a WW scale and love it. It weighs to the 1/10 which is good.
I agree with Susan’s idea thou, one foot on each 🙂

inkheartmeg says 28th February @ 11:22

NIce loss! I love those pound and halfers.

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