What is that noise?  It’s windy outside and something is squeaking.  A door to something?  Don’t know what it is but I’m sitting in the kitchen and it’s driving me batty.  Guess I’ll have to go outside in a little bit and see what it is.

Easy day coming up.  I have a TRT (Technology Resource Teacher) meeting/training coming up today so I get to go in 30 minutes later and don’t have to stay after!  That means I can relax a bit this morning.  DS will be taking the boys to school and that gives me even more time.  Maybe I can catch a couple blogs.

Does anyone watch American Idol?  I don’t like the way they’re doing it this year.  Only choosing three out of the first twelve contestants.  There were a couple who really did a good job and had a lot of potential but they don’t even get a chance to grow.  They’re already gone before it even begins.  On the other hand, the oil rig guy is a real sweetheart but doesn’t have anywhere near the talent of a couple of the others who’ve already been eliminated.  I’m thinking in particular of Anoup and the other guy, Barry?

Had one last parent conference yesterday for the young lady who cursed three teachers and threw her little hissy fit that put the AP on my sh8t list last month.  Mom said it was the wrong time of month for her and she “always gets that way”.  That’s one of my pet peeves.  I hate when women do that.  Okay, so the hormones are raging.  Big Deal!  Get over it!  It’s no wonder men still stereotype women and throw out some crass remark whenever we get angry because so many women use menstruation as an excuse.  Try doing that on the job, Chickie, and see how long the boss puts up with it.  “Oh, I know I cursed four customers yesterday and threw a book at one of them but I was on my period!

Okay, let me try to catch up with a couple of blogs before I get in the shower.

6:30 – Crap!  I let the boys take their showers first while I read a couple of blogs and Steven (who would spent the entire day in there if I let him) just said, “Nana, I didn’t take a very long shower but I noticed that the water was getting cold when I finished.”  It’s snowing…the high temp today is supposed to be 30 degrees and I’m going to get a cold shower.


Joy says 19th February @ 8:12

Brrrr! I guess that will be a quick shower. I hope that your day goes great.

Joy says 19th February @ 8:13

PS I watched some of American idol and i do NOT like how they are doing it this year for the same reason as you. That little girl with the pink in her hair? WOW what a voice for someone so tiny.

Susan aka Happy Hag says 19th February @ 22:08

Regarding that cold shower: at least you were wide awake and didn’t want sex!

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