Slurp…slurp….Ahhhh, coffee! I’ve got to wonder if the last two days were worth it. We made up a missed school day. True. But at what price? I’m thinking back 17 years ago. I got up every morning at 3:30 and walked six miles delivering newspapers. Had three routes. Then I’d come home and sleep for 45 minutes before getting the boys up for school. I’d get them ready and out the door and then I’d go to a dental office where I worked as a dental hygienist from 8:00 to 4:00. I’d get off work at 4:00 and attend classes full time at U of L from 5:00 to 9:00 in the evenings. I also worked as a tutor in mathematics and tutored on the weekends. Did that for six years in order to become a teacher.

Now, I work a couple of 12 hour days and it damn near kills me. No, the old girl just ain’t what she used to be. At least, these last two days are done and over with.

Yesterday’s Open House went well for the graphics department. I think they enjoyed it and I know a lot of teachers learned more about the program and got better acquainted with the teachers.

Today, I have to work a regular day and then an extra hour and a half for ESS (Extended School Services). Seems almost like a day off! It’s Homecoming Week and there are a lot of “dress down” kind of days this week. I don’t usually get into that stuff too much but, after two twelve hour days wearing heels and dressing up, I’m ready for a change. Today is “nerd day”. Going to wear a shapeless black tee shirt that says “Go, Mustangs!”, a pair of high water jeans, and some Reeboks with white socks. Close enough to get away with a day of total comfort. To me, it’s not about school spirit. It’s about being totally exhausted and too tired to care what I look like. I’m not really trying to be nerdie but the high waters and socks ought to count. Maybe I should put some tape on a pair of glasses.

6:00 am – Decided I ought to step on the scales. I mean, really, I’m just about as miserable as I can get so why not get it over with? Seriously contemplated getting back to diet and exercise for at least a week before doing the dirty deed so I wouldn’t get so depressed but, what the Hell? Not knowing isn’t going to change anything.

So…I did it. 176. Not as bad as I feared. This time last year, I was at 204. Got down to…what?…165 or so last October? So…I’m almost 30 pounds to the good for the last year. Next week, it’s back to work.


Joy says 18th February @ 14:55

At least you have a day where you can dress down a tad. That is one of the nice things about teaching at home LOL I can do it in sweats and slippers! LOL
Good for you getting on that scale. That is not bad at all.
Are you looking forward to your get away with the gals?

Joy says 18th February @ 14:55

PS sorry about the tags that I sent you on facebook. Just ignore and delete them. I got carried away and then realized they took too long. now I delete most of mine as well. Sorry

brseay says 18th February @ 21:59

Wow, I’m tired just reading your 1st paragraph. You were a machine.

Homecoming days are so much fun. Enjoy the comfy and “short” days 🙂

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