Yesterday went fairly well. Up until the last couple of hours. They seemed to take forever. Of course, when I finally finished at six, someone grabbed me for another fifteen minutes and I felt like screaming, “Where have you been the last twelve hours? Go away! Leave me alone!”

One more day of parent conferences. Today is also the Open House for Graphics but I don’t have to do much for that. I helped plan it, sent out invitations, and got some of the food planned and purchased. There’s going to be a state senator visiting and a bunch of Ivory Tower occupants but most of them will be there early and I’ll be done with it. Gotta dress up again today so I’d better get to it.

7:00 – OMG! I’m so tired! Idiot that I am, I got into fixing student accounts on a bunch of computers in the last hour and then got pulled for something so when it was finally time to get out of there, I had to spend an extra twenty minutes putting 30 computers away and locking them up. I had to pee so bad I wasn’t sure I’d make it home and yet, I was too damn tired to go to the bathroom. I just wanted to go home. That’s pathetic.

Now, I’m home.  I made the effort to pee and that’s all I’m doing.  I’m throwing my butt on the couch and someone better make me a sandwich or something cause I’m not moving.  I’m done.  I quit.  Finito!


Joy says 17th February @ 7:24

Last day of this crud for you sister. Hold on and keep looking forward to this weekend when all of this will be a distant memory. Take care

brseay says 17th February @ 21:40

Days like that are so exhausting. Enjoy your couch time and let me know what you want on your sandwich, I’ll bring it over.

Joy says 18th February @ 14:52

I am glad those two days are over with for you.

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