Run, Forrest, Run!

Ugh!  I’m so sick this morning.  Went to bed at 9:00 last night because I was sick and I’m still sick this morning.  Nothing left but dry heaves.  Wish I could take off today but I’ve got too much to do.  Seems like I’m running and running but can’t get caught up.

6:30 – Gave it up.  Had to jump out of the shower and hang over the porcelain throne.  I called in sick and I’m going back to bed.


susan says 13th February @ 7:52

Oh man! You weren’t eating any peanut butter were you?
I think you did the right thing, Patty. Give yourself the weekend to get back on your feet. Just think how much you will be appreciated and missed at school today for all the things you do.

Gawd ~ I hate throwing up…

Joy says 13th February @ 8:00

Feel better soon!

Joy says 13th February @ 8:01

PS I am with susan! I would rather break my toe again than throw up! Feel better

grabthebull says 13th February @ 12:14

Feel better Patty!!!

I just read over your DIL posts. What a wench. Go breathe on her.


inkheartmeg says 14th February @ 3:19

wow hope you feel better soon 🙁

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