The winds came and there are 37,000 here in Louisville without power this morning.  Again.  I know underground utilities are really, really expensive but still….  Three major outages this year.  The utility company says we’ll have extra charges added to our monthly bills for the next FIVE years to pay for the outages of the last six months.

DS is having it hard.  I expect him to fold.  He had to get the kids to school yesterday, go to work, get permission to leave work yesterday to pick the kids up after school, bring them over here, go back to work and then pick them up after he finished.  In the meantime, DIL is crying and begging and swearing she’ll do better.  Anybody got a xerox?  Sigh…I know he’s going to give in.  I can tell by the way he was talking about her yesterday.  Making excuses and trying to minimize what she does.


firefly says 12th February @ 17:22

(((Hugs))) – until he’s ready, there’s not much you can do except be there for him and the boys. It’s a sucky situation. And only he can fix it. I’m so sorry for all of you! Take care of yourself especially!!

susan says 12th February @ 20:58

Sometimes it’s hard to love with your head and not with your heart.

Sorry you are the one left to sweep up the messes it creates.

Ditto firefly with the (((hugs)))

Joy says 13th February @ 7:59

I am so sorry that your DS is so stuck in the enabling mode. I hope things get better soon. Those poor grandkids have been through the wringer. They are so blessed to have you.
Take care

brseay says 13th February @ 19:02

I just got caught up on the last few days. I was so excited when I read that DS kicked out the DIL. It will definitely be hard to do things on his own but hopefully he inherited even a tiny bit of your strength and determination. I don’t have the answers, just a supportive note. Hang in there, and I hope you’re feeling better soon.

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