Up Before the Sun

I’m an early riser.  Woke up coughing and hacking about 5:00 and couldn’t go back to sleep.  The bed was super comfy which is unusual for a hotel room.  Doubled sheeted with a down comforter between the sheets.  I snuggled down for a few minutes but finally gave it up.  Made one of those teeny pots of coffee and sorted the lugguage.  Decided that the Florida clothes don’t need to go on the cruise.  I bagged them up and put them in the trunk so we have more room in the luggage.

DH and Steven are still asleep but Andrew got up a few minutes ago.  Wonder if I can con him into going to the lobby to get a couple BIG cups of coffee?  I read a book on the way down yesterday.  First one I’ve had time to read since Thanksgiving.  Don’t want to start another until we’re on the ship so I guess I’ll check up on some blogs.


inkheartmeg says 20th December @ 12:29

Sorry to hear about the nasty weather and cold you’ve been ahving. Hope your enjoy your cruise. I’ve never done that before but sound slike something exciting. Have a great Christmas holiday and get better soon. That bed sounds fabulous!

anngirl says 25th December @ 1:45

Hiya Ms. Patty –

You have a wonderful Christmas on your awesome cruise…

Ahhhh…. life is good 🙂

inkheartmeg says 26th December @ 3:45

Hoping all is well, checking in on you.

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