You Cruise in 11 Days!
We can’t wait to welcome you aboard your “Fun Ship”:

and the weather in Cozumel?

High today of 84 and a low tonight of 75. I’m lovin it.

That’s the good news. The bad news is reflected in the headlines of today’s paper:

Jefferson County School’s Budget Crunch: Commissioner: “4% cut may devastate schools” I don’t know how they can cut much more. Guess that’s why the principal is trying to give a holiday celebration for 175 people with $400.00. Looks like lots of jobs will be cut in our school system. The paper says they’re going to ban private microwaves, refrigerators, and personal computers and electronics. Well, Hey!, Why not do away with the whole damn lunch break. It’s only 20 minutes anyway. tsk tsk…don’t get me started.

Anyway, it’s going to be a busy day for me. I’ve got to get through today and then I’ll probably take a sick day tomorrow. My arm is really hurting. I’m going to make an appointment for tomorrow. Probably nothing they can do anyway. Just have to wait it out. Right now, I’m headed to the showers.

12:52 – I am soooo busy I can’t even find time to go to the bathroom and yet, here I am, babysitting another teacher’s classroom while she’s being interviewed by the scholastic audit team. I got pulled at the last minute and didn’t have time to grab the stuff I was working on so I’m sitting here on the computer while her kids are doing math problems. It’s a quiz, too, so I can’t even help them with it. Another 15 minutes or so and I should be able to go. It’s frustrating to be so busy and then get grabbed for something like this. The party is in a couple of hours and I have a lot to do to finish getting ready. I know the kids come first but I don’t think anyone realizes how much work is involved it putting together a celebration for a couple hundred staff members. It may not seem important but the principal wants everything just right and I’ll be one of the culprits if it isn’t. (sigh) (twiddling my thumbs and resting my buns….)

7:00 pm – Whew! Party’s over. Everything was crazy (crazier than I expected) but we got it done. I wound up being stuck in another teacher’s classroom until 1:15 and the party started at 2:30. Ran upstairs in panic mode and found that DS had things pretty much under control but he needed to leave to go pick up the chicken wings. I think he did pretty well with the budget he had. He prepared 500 finger sandwiches (if you consider a finger sandwich to be on a 3 x 3 bun) of ham and turkey. Had two large cheese platters with american slices, cheddar, pepper jack, swiss, and cojack. There were 400 meatballs in sweet and savory sauce. We had 400 chicken wings and sauces to go with them. There were two large veggie platters with dip, brownies, cake, peanut butter cookies, lemon squares, magic cookie bars, and six punch bowls full of punch. Oh yeah, coffee, too. That’s what ya get for $400.00 for almost 200 people.

Anyway, DS left to get the chicken wings and Phyllisann and I were running around trying to set up. She realizes that she didn’t get tablecloths.(sp?) Someone was supposed to bring white linen tableclothes and the communication got mixed up and we didn’t have any. I had six of those big white plastic disposable clothes so we used them. Then Phyllisann runs across the hall and puts on her elf costume, complete with ugly little elf boots made of felt, runs back to the library, stubs her little toe and breaks it. Sharon ran to the office for surgical tape and we got her to sit down (she was crying, partly in pain but mostly because she’s been training for a big run that’s coming up) and I shoved her toe back the best that I could and taped it. It looked just like mine did when I broke it last spring. Sticking right out the side at a 90 degree angle. Ouch! So…Poor little Phyllisann is making the best of it hobbling around and I’m trying to take up the slack and get everything going. DS gets back with the wings and I go down to the cafeteria to get the sherbet for the punch and find it all locked up. Not a huge disaster but it took a few minutes (that we didn’t have) to find a custodian and get the cafeteria open. By now, the bell is ringing and we’re trying to mush up frozen sherbet with a plastic utensil and it’s frozen like a brick. We manage to get one bowl of punch made, take it out to the main room and I’m shocked to see tons of people dishing up and socializing. One tray of chicken wings was already empty and I grabbed it and went back to where DS was and refilled it. Ran back out with it and they asked if we had any more punch because the entire punchbowl is already empty. DS is trying to chip away at the damn sherbet and I’m pouring ginger ale and crushed pineapple over it and we got another bowl made and I ran it out. By then, we needed refills on meatballs and another tray of sandwiches. I’m running like crazy and one of the APs is ready to read my poem. Of course, we put together a little skit to go with the poem and I’m trying to gather all my little grinches (12 of them) and get them out in the hall for our grand entrance. We all have grinch hats and strange attire. I had a red long sleeved Christmas tee shirt with garland all over it, white capris with silver bands on the hemline, red and white striped socks that have Christmas trees on the ankles that are sound activated and light up and blink, and black Mary Janes. Of course, I also had my grinch hat. We run in the library acting up and butt butting each other and causing all kinds of mischief until the poem is over. Santa runs in and people are laughing and socializing and sitting on Santa’s lap and having a grand old time. We had a fun version of musical chairs, a grinch quiz, karaoke, and Christmas speed wrap. Everything was just a blur to me. I was running empty platters to the back, filling them up and bringing more out. Spent a lot of time chipping away at sherbet and judging games and picking up as we went along. I never did get to sit down and eat or socialize. Things wound down around 4:00 and we’re looking around the library and going , “Oh, Sh*t! The middle school has open house at 6:00!” Essentially, Phyllisann (broken toe and all), DS, and I were left to clean up after everyone. I didn’t wash all the platters and dishes. Rinsed them all out and stacked them on the counter in the back room. There are about 20 dirty platters, 6 punchbowls, serving ware out the wha hoo, 3 cruddy uddy crock pots, and a huge stack of serving bowls waiting for me in the morning. At least, we got everything picked up and restored some semblance of order to the library before we left just before 5:30. I had to run DS home because his car is acting up so I said I would take him home. I finally got home just a few minutes ago. Phyllisann called and said she just left the immediate care center and the doctor said I did a good job taping up her toe. Guess my experience last spring came in handy.

I’m exhausted. All I want to do is crawl up on the couch and watch some mindless TV. Ahhhh…ten more days and someone is going to be taking care of ME!


Joy says 9th December @ 7:49

11 days
you will be basking in the warm sun, being pampered and having so much fun!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful time!
4% overall cut is a biggy. Yikes!
Well i hope you can get to the bottom of why your arm is hurting BEFORE you leave.
Take care

brseay says 9th December @ 8:15

Our district went through this last year and let’s just say it isn’t fun. Sadly, we’re probably looking at more cuts this year and this time they’re actually going to have to cut administrators (heaven forbid). They seemed to escape the chopping block last year when 60+ teachers didn’t come back. Like you said, don’t get me started.

Anyway, on a more positive note, keep looking forward to the cruise. And baby that arm, you don’t want a tan line from where your sling.

round says 9th December @ 15:08

A cruise, how exciting!!! Sounds like a big contrast between fun sunny vacation and the yucky budget nightmares.

grabthebull says 9th December @ 17:35

No you can not have a countdown. I’m way too jealous for that. Harumph.

shallweshrink says 9th December @ 20:40

What a FUN party! And although it was a lot of work, it was a dieter’s dream cause you consumed nothing and burned lots! 😉

Joy says 10th December @ 7:36

HOLY cow !! You had one heck of a day! I am glad that is over for you.

susan says 10th December @ 8:22

Whew! I’m exhausted for you!

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