Owwww!  My arm hurts!  I slept with an ace bandage and heating pad on it and it still hurts.  What I’d give to be able to call in sick today.  Can’t though…Way too much going on.  The party is tomorrow and I’ve got a million things to do.  Gotta get my grinches today and make sure they understand their roles, have to find tablecloths and dishes and get decorations in order.  Oh yeah, gotta teach a few kids a thing or two.

One thing’s for sure.  I’m dressing for comfort.  Tennies, jeans, and a denim jacket.  I’d wear my jammies if I could.


Joy says 8th December @ 7:45

Patty, sorry that your arm is hurting you. I hope that it feels better very soon.
How is your Christmas party planning coming along?
Man alive no rest for you on Sunday. You cleaned up a storm! That is a workout in itself! have a great day!

shallweshrink says 8th December @ 8:38

Awwww I hope your arm feels better soon! You and I live the smae life, I swear! I have the SAME white rug in my cold tiled bathroom and I have the SAME fight!! AGHHH How many days til your cruise?! 😉

brseay says 8th December @ 17:46

So sorry to hear that you have an owie. Glad you went for comfort. I have missed a few days, if we have a snow day tomorrow I’ll spend some time catching up.

susan says 8th December @ 19:55

Your party is gonna be GREAT! What a way to get into the mood. (um, the Christmas mood, that is.)

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