Good to see some lost chicks coming back to the blog. Missed you!

Had kt’s Mexican chicken last night. It was so good! Had it over brown rice with fat free sour cream and fat free cheese. Yummy! Made a double batch since DS is here and I had 4 hungry men (not one of them under six feet) for dinner. Even though I doubled it, there’s not a whole lot left.

Babied my arm yesterday. Kept it in one of those icy hot sleeves, soaked in the spa, and put a heating pad on it last night. It’s much better this morning.

Speaking of the spa…I was sitting out there yesterday afternoon and looked up to see a red cardinal waaaaay up there. The setting sun was hitting it just right and I was thinking, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red bird flying so high.” About that time, I saw about 30 more coming into my view. Really strange to see all those red birds flocking. I’ve never seen them do that before. I got out of the spa to watch them when the house cut off the view and they just kept coming. There must have been a couple hundred. Flashy red birds against the blue sky. I watched them until I noticed the roofers on my neighbor’s house staring at me. Probably wondering why I was standing out on the patio in a wet bathing suit with steam rolling off my body when it was 30 degrees. “Well, why are you up there on the roof when it’s 30 degrees and a Sunday?”

School should be interesting today. Remember the newsletter I wrote to recognize outstanding students that the principal was so excited about? I turned it over to our graphics department almost a month ago. They told the principal it would take two weeks to get it printed. She’s been getting very perturbed as they made one excuse after another and finally demanded that it be done no later than Friday morning. We’ve already completed the second six weeks grading period and the newsletter from the first six weeks still hasn’t gone out. They finally sent them to her Friday afternoon and they were not good. They only did 1,200 when she ordered 2,000. The printing was very light and hard to read. The pictures are so dark you can barely make them out, there are smudges, and the headlines are pixilated. She was pissed! She told me she was meeting with all of them at 11:30 today and I was welcome to attend if I wanted. At least it’s not me she’s angry with. She sent an email to the staff Friday afternoon letting them know that the newsletters would be distributed last period and thanking me for all my hard work in putting it together. Not a word of thanks to the graphics department. I guess I should attend the meeting. She and I both know my part was well done and timely but I guess it would be smart to attend and cover myself. Don’t want to be blamed for anything they did wrong. It’ll be interesting to observe her and see how she handles them.

Went to bed early and woke up early but I’ve still gotta get off here if I’m going to get my 15 minute wakeup aerobic session in.

7:15 p.m. – Not much time. I’m trying to get packed to head out tomorrow after work. I took a personal day for Monday so we won’t be back till then. I’ll be incommunicato for a few days.

The meeting went well today. I talked with the principal before the meeting and told her I’d like to keep the newsletter in school. It doesn’t speak well for us that we’re a graphic program and send out our printing. She agreed but held a hard line with the teachers in graphics and the end result was their committment to get the newsletter published and looking good within 7 school days of when I give it to them. I think the guys learned a few things about how tough she can be. She draws a hard line. The kids may be doing most of the work but they should be supervised and nothing should go out to the public until it’s perfect.

8:30 – I can’t seem to get anything done.  My sister called and I talked with her.  Mom called and I talked with her.  DS came by with the grandkiddies to kiss us goodbye and wish us Happy Thanksgiving and DGS needs help with his homework.  It looks like I’m going to be doing some packing tomorrow morning and I’ll still need to do some things after I get off work cause it’s getting late and I can’t seem to get anything done.  I’ll probably blog for a few minutes tomorrow.  Maybe a little during work if I get a few minutes.  If not, Happy Thanksgiving, little chickies!  Safe journeys, good food, lots of love, and hugs galore!


susan says 24th November @ 7:48

A flock of cardinals! I’ve never seen such a thing ~ very cool, Patty. Of course, the roofers were looking at a different type of bird…

How disappointing about your newsletter. Is it a student-run graphics department? Maybe this meeting will result in a better job next time.

brseay says 24th November @ 20:31

I would have been mesmerized by the flock of red. What a beautiful image.

Probably a smart idea to attend the meeting and cover your ever-shrinking ass but it sounds like your principal realizes that you put out quality work. It will be interesting to see how things change in the future.

Enjoy your break and have a safe trip.

susan says 24th November @ 20:35

Patty, sending you warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of wilderness tub soaks, strolls with Mom and many good memories to be made.

anngirl says 24th November @ 22:37

Love your nature moment and that kiss from that beautiful bird. 😉 Makes your heart sing don’t it?

Also not to mention the newsletter really taking shape with the proper guidance and attention – finally no?

You enjoy your holiday missy 🙂

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