Coffee Cake Session

Today is one of my infamous Coffee Cake Sessions. I thought of this a couple of years ago. I make a bunch of homemade coffee cakes, cookies, some coffee, cocoa, and mulled cider, and invite teachers down all day to look at some new technology. They’re invited to come down to the library on their lunch, planning, whatever, to munch on goodies while I do a quick demo of some new techie stuff. Today, it’s the flip camera and teleconferencing system. I’ll be showing them these items but a lot of times it just becomes a round table discussion where they take the opportunity to sit down and do some troubleshooting or ask questions about other technology that they’re using. These sessions are very popular and my new principal is anxious to see them. I usually do one per month but I’ve been so busy this year, this is the first one.  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife jumped on the wagon last year when he saw how popular the sessions are.  Probably a good thing since I have classes this year.  He’ll be able to do it while I’m working with my students.  Of course, that will probably be when the principal comes by the check it out and he’ll rattle on and on with her about his coffee cake session and I won’t even be there.

Running a little late this morning. If I don’t cut it off here, I won’t get my little workout.

6:10 – Exercise is done, shower is done, hair is done.  Nothing left but clothes and makeup and that doesn’t take long so I have a few more minutes while the boys get ready.

Phyllisann asked me to make no bake cookies for the session today and I did.  They didn’t set very well.  How can you mess up no bake cookies?  I mean, really!  So, DS made another batch and they didn’t set up either.  Weird…now I have about four dozen soft, gooey, no bake cookies.  Oh well, teachers will eat anything.  These sessions don’t really bother me.  After fixing all this crap and staring at it all day, I get sick of it and I’m not even tempted to eat it.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

Gotta run now.  No Barbie shoes today!  Nice Liz Claiborne jeans, a yellow sweater with a striped shirt under it and tennis shoes.  Yay!  Toes are very happy this morning!