Acrobat Distiller

5:15 a.m. – Multi tasking here. Trying to get enough coffee inhaled to get me up and running while blogging on the Mac and installling Pagemaker 7.0 on the Tablet PC. It says it needs Acrobat Distiller to run properly so I’m installling that as well. Kind of sounds like something I need to install on me. “Okay, time to work out! Got the Acrobat Distiller ready?”

6:16 – No time to blog but I did get my 16 minute workout in! Scales say 164.5. Come on! Would ya gimme a break???

7:15 p.m. – Taking a break from work.  I’ve got about 30 more minutes to finish up this project and I can stop bringing work home with me for a few days.  Worked non-stop today and didn’t get finished.  I’ve come to the conclusion that one person can not do my job.  Actually, I’m doing what three people were doing up until this year when we lost two of them due to funding.  I didn’t get a break all day.  Worked straight through lunch and an hour after school.  Left school, picked up some flowers and went to see Little Sis.  she looked pretty good.  Tired and a massive headache but she was up and sitting in a chair.  Her hernia is a ventral hernia (whatever that means).  Picked up another Weight Watchers Special dinner at the cafeteria for $5.38 and brought it home with me.  Tonight it was Maple Pork Chops, sweet potatoes, and green beans almondine with a diet coke.  Not as good as last night but, hey, a hot dinner for $5.38 with all the calories already figured?    Can’t beat that!

Okay, if my other laptop is finished dragging its’ ass, I’m going to try to finish and actually have a few minutes to relax.


Joy says 30th October @ 19:30

Sistah Pat,
I am so glad that your sister came through the operation okay and is doing well. This is a blessing.
I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time at work. I just dont see how they can expect you to do this much work. I feel for you. I hope that you get a break and soon. You take care

Joy says 31st October @ 13:09

You doing okay sistah Pat? I know that you have a ton of work. I hope today is the last day of it for you and you can rest on the weekend. You take care.

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