Got up early so I could get in my fifteen minutes of jumpin and runnin. Scales show 164 again this morning.

6:15 – Worked out for about 16 minutes. The monitor shows I burned 141 calories which is probably more than I’ll burn the rest of the day. (grumble) I’m determined to get my 15 minutes at school today because I’m not sure if I’ll get to workout this evening. Little Sister is having surgery at 2:00. I’m leaving work a little early to go to the hospital and be with her. Don’t know how long I’ll be there but it’s a safe bet that I won’t get to workout this evening

6:30 – It’s been forty minutes since I started my workout and I’ve burned 235 calories. Now I’m going to restart this thing and watch what happens.

4:15 – Looks like I’m going to be at the hospital for quite a while. Surgery is supposed to take 3 to 5 hours. They started at 2:15. Her son is there and her best friend. I live just ten minutes from the hospital so I decided to run home and change clothes and get in a ten minute workout before heading back. Little Sis is worried about this surgery. She has a massive hernia as a result of a car wreck a few years ago and it’s had to be redone a couple of times already. She tore it up again and they’re going to try a new surgery. Hope it helps her. It’s too large for the more traditional approaches and she had a mesh implanted last time. Now, they’re going to try to use pig skin to repair it. Once she’s out of danger and feeling better, I can start teasing her. I think this time is going to do her in. She’s talking about taking disability. There’s just no way she can continue to work as a respiratory therapist without tearing things up again.

Okay, back to the hospital. Later…

8:00 – Little Sis is out of surgery, everything went well, and she’s totally zonked.  Wish I’d sleep as well as she will tonight.  I got home about an hour ago and ate dinner and then went and soaked in the SPA!  Whoo Hooo!  Up and running again!  Dinner was a surprise.  I went down to the cafeteria in the hospital and they had several weight watchers choices with the calorie count displayed.  I got Steak Chimichurra with jicama salsa, rustic grilled vegetables, and braised mushrooms with a diet coke to go for $5.38!  I should go to the hospital for dinner every night.  It was really good!

I wasn’t able to find 15 minutes to workout at school today but I did squeeze in ten minutes in place of lunch.  I just closed and locked my door and took my phone off the hook and did ten minutes of high intensity aerobics.  It showed that I burned 122 calories but I took the monitor off after I finished so I don’t know how much more I got.

And now, Chickies, I pray the price for leaving work early because I have at least three hours work ahead of me so I’ve gotta get moving.


Joy says 29th October @ 6:53

This must be so frustrating for you. You are one of the best teachers that I know and they really take advantage of you. Make sure you take your lunch and maybe walk the halls or out side .
I hope the operation goes well for your sister.
Take care and have a great day!

brseay says 29th October @ 13:18

I hope that everything goes well today at the hospital. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news.

grabthebull says 29th October @ 15:12

how did the surgery go?

grabthebull says 29th October @ 16:40

oh, your poor sister. sending positive vibes your way…

shallweshrink says 29th October @ 18:58

I am so proud of you for sticking with it and getting in your workout bursts even with your sister. I hope everything goes ok!

RubyJean says 29th October @ 21:10

I always see your name here on the blogs – good on you, dear lady, for continuing to exercise even though so much was going on in your day, in your life. Hope your sister is okay…..good vibes from me to you…Rubyjean

susan says 29th October @ 22:56

Yey! Glad Sis sailed through!

Let the pig skin jokes begin!

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