Return of Flashdance

I ate about 150 calories more than usual yesterday. Increasing exercise evidently increased appetite. Went to bed fairly early (9:30) so that I could get up a little early and try to get 15 minutes of step in before I go to work.

6:15 – Finished 15 minutes of step. Heartrate is at 73% instead of the 42% it was when I started. The scales show 164 this morning. I think that’s the lowest I’ve been. I hit 164.5 a few times but I don’t think I’ve visited 164 for quite a while.

4:00 p.m. – Ready? I got to work fifteen minutes early and there were two teachers at my door with computer issues. I fixed them and another teacher called to see if I could come and work with her kids 1st period. I told her I already had a group 1st period but would come 3rd. Worked with 60 eighth graders 1st period and barely finished when the bell rang. Raced up to the library where I met with my kids and did individual conferences with each of them about their progress on their PowerPoint presentations. Finished just as the bell rang. Raced down to the other teacher’s room and worked with her students all of third period. Raced to the graphics department 4th period to work with the printers on making plates for the school newsletter. Didn’t get finished before I had to be in a “30 minute” meeting at noon. Got to the meeting 5 minutes late and it ran 1 1/2 hours. Ran back upstairs and grabbed my stuff and headed back down to graphics to work with the newsletter. Worked with them until the bell rang at 2:20 and then went back to the library to continue working on formatting the newsletter to fit their program. Put in 45 minutes overtime after school and then brought another two hours of work home with me.

Why am I telling you this? Because I only burned 285 calories over a five hour period and then I got aggravated and didn’t want to see anymore so I turned the monitor off. That’s less than a calorie per minute. No wonder I’m fat!! I’m run ragged but it’s all mental work and I’m confined to a desk or stuck with standing in front of a classroom. I was honestly committed to fitting in a 15 minute workout today but I don’t know when I would have done it. I didn’t have a spare minute all day. I even ate lunch while I worked with the guys in graphics on the newsletter. Poring over paperwork and computer screens and getting exhausted without getting any exercise. Now I’m going to take an hour for myself before I give another couple of hours to the school with junk I brought home with me.

6:00 – Okay, I feel much better now! Went upstairs and did an hour of aerobics and burned 412 calories. Now it’s thirty minutes after I finished and I’ve burned 530 calories. That’s twice as much as I did all day. I’ve looked over your comments, chickies, and you’re right…I have to make time for this. It’s a simple enough thing. Gimme 15 minutes! That’s all I ask!

Sometimes losing weight hurts. I got out a beautiful camel colored suede jacket that I got last December for Christmas. Truly, a thing of beauty. I only wore it three or four times. It still has that wonderful leather smell. It doesn’t even come close to fitting. I wore it this morning anyway and the first person who saw me commented on it. I told her it was for sale for $50.00 and she took it. I should have asked for more. Sob! I LOVE that jacket!

Just ate a bowl of V8 Butternut Squash Soup. Didn’t think I would like it but I do!


Joy says 28th October @ 6:43

That is so great that you are down to 164! I am so happy for you. You are doing better than you think. I think that you are so low in weight that your body is fighting you tooth and nail. You WILL get there! Even with all of the obstacles of work etc….. You are one of the stongest most motivated women on here. You always inspire me. You keep up the great work. Oh and have a wonderful day!

shallweshrink says 28th October @ 10:25

Nice job, chickie! See, all that hard work is paying off 🙂

leighish says 28th October @ 11:01

good job! You’re an inspiration!

brseay says 28th October @ 13:21

I have finally had a chance to catch up on the last few days and your experiement is so interesting! How smart of you to figure out a better way to burn calories, even while resting. I’m sure that’s why you’re seeing such a low number!!

Since I like to steal all of your great ideas, I’m going to file away this one for when my weight loss starts to slow down but for now I’m not willing to give up that extra sleep 🙂
But I am going to ask for a heart rate monitor for Christmas.

brseay says 28th October @ 17:03

It’s me again. I just read your update from the school day. It’s frustrating when things are so busy, but if you really want to do this you need to MAKE time to fit in a 15 minute break. I know that there are days when you really can’t take time for yourself (believe me, I know) but I also know that there are days that we just don’t want to fight the battle of saying “no” or “I’ll do it later.” Like all of the experts say, you need to schedule your workouts like they are an appointment. Maybe strive for a goal of doing this 3 days a week and see if it’s doable. Then you can adjust your goal based on what you have learned. You are just as important as everyone else who is making demands on your time.

leighish says 28th October @ 17:32

Patty! If I can do it, you can do it! Teachers totally deserve to make twice what they make already, by the way!

grabthebull says 29th October @ 15:12

a giant S-I-G-H for your beautiful suede jacket…

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