Off to another day. The scales are showing 165 this morning (in spite of pumpkin, white chocolate chunk cookies) . I keep wondering what everyone’s up to but can’t find any time to catch up on blogs. I’ve got six minutes before I have to hit the shower. Maybe I can catch a couple.

6:30 – I’m supposed to be a highly educated woman. I have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, and three master’s degrees. That’s five (count em, FIVE) college degrees. So why do I go into an absolute fugue every year when open enrollment comes up? I worry, I whine, I swear that I will figure out all the different plans and options and get everything submitted well before the deadline. Then, I’m always running around like I’m braindead going, “What did you do? What do you think I should do? Do you understand any of the options? Do you know anyone who does? Can I just roll over what I had last year? Do I have to do something to make that happen or will it automatically happen if I’m staring at the monitor when the clock rolls over to midnight on the deadline?” I hate this. “I’m going to go with plan A. It has a much lower deductible. No, wait, plan B has a higher deductible but lower co-pays. Oh, look, Plan C has higher co-pays and higher deductibles but they give you a Flexible Spending Account that automatically gives you $1,000 that you can use toward deductibles and co-pays and prescriptions.” Forget about disability, cancer insurance, dental insurance, vision plans, and additional life insurance. I’ve got all I can handle just trying to make a decision about health insurance.

I never know what’s continued from one year to the next. Do I still have the additional disability I purchased a couple of years ago? Am I still carrying insurance on all the grandkids? Is it the same plan I purchased a few years ago that will give them a little chunk of change when they turn 25?

I don’t understand why they don’t send a representative to each school to hold a meeting during or before open enrollment to explain all this stuff to us. Including teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians, administrators and clerical staff, there are at least 175 employees in our school alone. Couldn’t you just send one person to talk with us after school one day? You guys know how my schedule has been the last couple of weeks and yet we have eleven days of open enrollment. We were just given the booklets on October 10th and open enrollment runs from the 15th through midnight on the 24th. We don’t have any of the plans we had last year.  They’re all new plans and options and we have to read and look over four different plans just for the health coverage alone.  I haven’t had time to figure out all this stuff! I went on line and enrolled. I don’t know what I got. I think it’s about the same thing I had before. I swear I’m going to organize a group next year to meet after school one day and hash all this out. Surely, if one person knows one thing and another knows something else, we should be able to have a halfway intelligent discussion and figure out what we’re doing.


Joy says 23rd October @ 6:53

I can see by the look of you blog that you have been crazy busy. I hope it slows down for you soon. I have had a super busy week as well. I hope that you havea great day patty. (I posted an answer to your Q on todays blog)
YUMMMO those cookies sounded too good.

Joy says 23rd October @ 19:21

Patty you sound just as bad as me when the insurance plans come up every year (DH’s)
Thank you for sharing that beautiful poem. One word PUBLISH!!! It is that good.

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