Sleepin In!

5:45 – If you want to call it that. Getting up at 5:30 instead of 5:00. I’m out of the building today for meetings and training. Don’t have to be there until 8:00 so I get to slow down a tad. Andrew and Steven are getting ready for school and DS is taking them. I’m in meetings until 3:00 but DIL is picking up Steven after school at 2:20 and then I’ll run over to the school after my meeting and pick up Andrew after chess club at 4:00. Sure do wish we didn’t live so far from the school.

Brandie, in answer to your question, Nazi did my consultation on the observation last Friday and wrote it up for me to sign yesterday. She gave me a great review. It was a nice surprise. I’d heard so much about her observations, I was shocked. I was like, “Okay, where do I sign? See ya in a couple of years!”

I had a rough time yesterday afternoon. Went upstairs and did 30 minutes of aerobics to limber up my ankle and then discovered that the podcast from week 2 on c25k wouldn’t play. I ran downstairs and tried to download it again and it still wouldn’t play. I don’t know why I had so much trouble with it. I kept downloading it and getting an error. I finally got it in mp3 format on my player and a neighbor dropped by for about 20 minutes. I really wanted to call it quits because it was almost an hour between when I warmed up for 30 minutes and finally got back upstairs to do week 2. I persevered however, and got it done. I had a bit of trouble with it. I’d already cooled off, I’d already put in a full work day, I’d been up 13 hours and I was getting tired. My ankle bothered me some and it seemed like it took a lot out of me but I felt good about staying the course and getting it done.

As soon as I finished c25k, I fixed a taco salad for dinner. I simmered a diced chicken breast in taco seasoning for me and then did ground beef for the guys. They got chips and cheese and I got lettuce, tomato, diced chicken, fat-free cheddar, fat-free sour cream, and salsa. I crumbled 5 chips over my salad and it was okay. By the time I finished dinner, I still had my heart-rate monitor on and it said I burned 900 calories in the 3 hours I’d been wearing it. Wouldn’t it be great if that happened all day long? At 300 calories an hour, I’d burn 7,200 a day.

Before dinner ended, DS and DIL came by with the little ones. Jake and Scout. They’re so cute! I love all my grandkids but they’re always the cutest when they’re little. I meant to get back to my blog but they stayed until bedtime. They brought a fresh peach pie. I have to admit, I succumbed to a rather hefty slice. It was so good! That means I really need to be careful now but I have to dodge bullets and arrows for the next couple of days. I’m not sure what’s going to happen at lunch today but we usually go to Jason’s Deli. You know…the one with the fabulous salad bar and wonderful, icy cold, frozen soft serve? Tomorrow is our potluck club luncheon. We moved it to Thursdays because, last time, we had a lot of stuff left after the luncheon on Friday and it hit the trash. We decided to change it to Thursdays so we could eat on Thursday and have any leftovers on Friday. Treacherous territory ahead. Jason’s today, potluck tomorrow, and potluck leftovers on Friday. Wouldn’t it be simpler if we could just huddle here in our own little kitchens where it’s safe and warm??? Anyway…I’m making a wonderful low-cal, low-fat, Cooking Light recipe of vegetable barley soup for the potluck. Maybe I can stay on track if I fill up on that and avoid Phyllisann’s pork chop casserole, Sharon’s pumpkin bread, the principal’s chocolate cake, Barbara’s Italian Cream Cake, and Amy’s baked apples. Sheesh!

I keep running around like crazy. If I squeeze in some time for working out, I can’t get the time to get caught up on everyone’s blog. Hopefully, I can find some time in the next couple of days to catch up with everyone. Anyway, thanks for all the encouraging comments. Doesn’t look like I’ll have any free time this evening because I brought work home with me and I’ll have to pick up Andrew after the meeting, try to find a few minutes to work-out, do a lot of slicing and dicing for the soup, and try to do some of the paperwork I won’t get done today because I’ll be in a meeting all day. Doesn’t sound like an evening for catching up on blogs…

5:00 p.m. – Just got home. Finished work, ran by the school (on the other end of town!) to pick up Andrew after chess club, stopped off at the store and got the stuff I need to make soup and now I’m going to take a 20 minute breather before I start cooking. I have to make beef stroganoff, too. The principal was saying she wasn’t going to get to participate this time because she didn’t have time to make anything tonight so Phyllisann and I offered to pick up something for her because we had to go to the store anyway. (Yeah, I know…we’re such suck-ups) I had planned on running by GFS and just picking up a big sheet cake and she was going to write me a check. Phyllisann emailed me today and said we needed entrees because everyone is signing up to bring desserts. We only have her pork chop casserole and my soup. Everything else is bread, a side dish, or desserts. So….I decided to make a real quick and easy batch of beef stroganoff for Vicki to bring (see??? I may be a suck-up but I get to call the principal by her first name.) I really don’t want to fix it but it’s so easy that I might as well. This is so simple and everyone always loves it and wants my “recipe”. I just saute a diced onion, add 2 cans of roast beef, a large jar of sliced mushrooms and a carton of sour cream. Fix a package of noodles and you have stroganoff! The trick is in the roast beef. It has to be the nice lean cubes that you find from Brazil. Aldi’s has it. Some Walmarts have it. I bought some cans of “sliced roast beef with gravy” a couple of times and that stuff was gross! Has to be the nice lean cubes. Actually, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad calorie wise if you used fat-free sour cream and didn’t go overboard on the noodles.

Didn’t go to Jason’s Deli today. Lunch was catered. Actually, it was pretty healthy. Turkey roll ups in tortillas, raw veggies, and fruit. I ate a couple of pretzels and passed on the cookies and chips. Felt pretty good about it until someone told me I HAD to try the pumpkin white chocolate chunk cookies from Kroger. I did…and then I did again! Two big fat cookies! Still, not a total disaster. I didn’t get breakfast, ate a healthy lunch and it was only two cookies. One for each cheek.

Okay, time to start slicing and dicing and sauteing. Guess it goes without saying that I’m not going to exercise tonight.


brseay says 22nd October @ 6:23

Woohoo to you for finishing the C25K workout. And the peach pie sounds fabulous, hope you enjoyed every delicious bite.

As far as food for the next couple of days, just decide ahead of time what you are going to do and then (like you always say) just do it. It could be that you choose to indulge in the pork chop casserole, chocolate pie, soft serve…whatever. But just make sure that if you do that it’s something you chose to do instead of an out of control feeding frenzy. I plan on doing the same thing in a couple of weeks when we have our chili cookoff and dessert contest. A desert contest, really??? I’m not even going to pretend that I’m going to avoid that one. Plus, I generally always win it so it wouldn’t look very good for me to avoid my own desserts!!

Glad the Nazi gave you a good review (wait, let me rephrase that, glad she recognized that she’s lucky to have you a teacher and wrote the good review that you deserved).

Have a great day at your meeting!

susan says 22nd October @ 8:04

Sheesh, Patty! WE all knew you would ace the Nazi review. Congrats!
Maybe you can park Manny in the school parking lot during the week and grab an extra hour of sleep in the morning. 😉
Hats off to you for persevering on your work-out!

soclose says 22nd October @ 9:03

“Sure do wish we didn’t live so far from the school.” DITTO!!!! I’ve got a solid half hour each way.

Your exercise is awesome, as usual. Taco salad sounds delish.

brseay says 22nd October @ 18:20

Just do a bunch of dancing around while you’re cooking and I bet you’ll burn off at least 1 of those cookies!

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