Tennies for Tuesday

5:30 a.m. – Aiming for an over the top, perfect day today. Step one: weight is at 165. That’s okay, I’m happy. I’m starting the 2nd week of c25k this afternoon so I’m planning on wearing tennis shoes to work today. Don’t want any blisters or sore ankles to interfere. Got my lunch packed last night. I am sooo ready to go this morning!

4:15 – Home!  Gonna run upstairs and do a thirty minute aerobic workout and then week 2.  Later!


Joy says 21st October @ 7:01

Good for you planning ahead. Packing your lunch and wearing running shoes is the way to go. You will have a great day!!

brseay says 21st October @ 17:11

Sounds like you’re in a great position to have a perfect day.

Did the Nazi ever re-re-reschedule your evaluation??

leighish says 21st October @ 22:51

you’re a blur today!

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