Just a quick note..It’s Friday afternoon, Rick and Pam are due any minute and we’re off for the weekend!  Enjoy, Chickies!


Acrobat Distiller

5:15 a.m. – Multi tasking here. Trying to get enough coffee inhaled to get me up and running while blogging on the Mac and installling Pagemaker 7.0 on the Tablet PC. It says it needs Acrobat Distiller to run properly so I’m installling that as well. Kind of sounds like something I need to install on me. “Okay, time to work out! Got the Acrobat Distiller ready?”

6:16 – No time to blog but I did get my 16 minute workout in! Scales say 164.5. Come on! Would ya gimme a break???

7:15 p.m. – Taking a break from work.  I’ve got about 30 more minutes to finish up this project and I can stop bringing work home with me for a few days.  Worked non-stop today and didn’t get finished.  I’ve come to the conclusion that one person can not do my job.  Actually, I’m doing what three people were doing up until this year when we lost two of them due to funding.  I didn’t get a break all day.  Worked straight through lunch and an hour after school.  Left school, picked up some flowers and went to see Little Sis.  she looked pretty good.  Tired and a massive headache but she was up and sitting in a chair.  Her hernia is a ventral hernia (whatever that means).  Picked up another Weight Watchers Special dinner at the cafeteria for $5.38 and brought it home with me.  Tonight it was Maple Pork Chops, sweet potatoes, and green beans almondine with a diet coke.  Not as good as last night but, hey, a hot dinner for $5.38 with all the calories already figured?    Can’t beat that!

Okay, if my other laptop is finished dragging its’ ass, I’m going to try to finish and actually have a few minutes to relax.


Thursday’s Menu

Got up early so I could get in my fifteen minutes of jumpin and runnin. Scales show 164 again this morning.

6:15 – Worked out for about 16 minutes. The monitor shows I burned 141 calories which is probably more than I’ll burn the rest of the day. (grumble) I’m determined to get my 15 minutes at school today because I’m not sure if I’ll get to workout this evening. Little Sister is having surgery at 2:00. I’m leaving work a little early to go to the hospital and be with her. Don’t know how long I’ll be there but it’s a safe bet that I won’t get to workout this evening

6:30 – It’s been forty minutes since I started my workout and I’ve burned 235 calories. Now I’m going to restart this thing and watch what happens.

4:15 – Looks like I’m going to be at the hospital for quite a while. Surgery is supposed to take 3 to 5 hours. They started at 2:15. Her son is there and her best friend. I live just ten minutes from the hospital so I decided to run home and change clothes and get in a ten minute workout before heading back. Little Sis is worried about this surgery. She has a massive hernia as a result of a car wreck a few years ago and it’s had to be redone a couple of times already. She tore it up again and they’re going to try a new surgery. Hope it helps her. It’s too large for the more traditional approaches and she had a mesh implanted last time. Now, they’re going to try to use pig skin to repair it. Once she’s out of danger and feeling better, I can start teasing her. I think this time is going to do her in. She’s talking about taking disability. There’s just no way she can continue to work as a respiratory therapist without tearing things up again.

Okay, back to the hospital. Later…

8:00 – Little Sis is out of surgery, everything went well, and she’s totally zonked.  Wish I’d sleep as well as she will tonight.  I got home about an hour ago and ate dinner and then went and soaked in the SPA!  Whoo Hooo!  Up and running again!  Dinner was a surprise.  I went down to the cafeteria in the hospital and they had several weight watchers choices with the calorie count displayed.  I got Steak Chimichurra with jicama salsa, rustic grilled vegetables, and braised mushrooms with a diet coke to go for $5.38!  I should go to the hospital for dinner every night.  It was really good!

I wasn’t able to find 15 minutes to workout at school today but I did squeeze in ten minutes in place of lunch.  I just closed and locked my door and took my phone off the hook and did ten minutes of high intensity aerobics.  It showed that I burned 122 calories but I took the monitor off after I finished so I don’t know how much more I got.

And now, Chickies, I pray the price for leaving work early because I have at least three hours work ahead of me so I’ve gotta get moving.


Return of Flashdance

I ate about 150 calories more than usual yesterday. Increasing exercise evidently increased appetite. Went to bed fairly early (9:30) so that I could get up a little early and try to get 15 minutes of step in before I go to work.

6:15 – Finished 15 minutes of step. Heartrate is at 73% instead of the 42% it was when I started. The scales show 164 this morning. I think that’s the lowest I’ve been. I hit 164.5 a few times but I don’t think I’ve visited 164 for quite a while.

4:00 p.m. – Ready? I got to work fifteen minutes early and there were two teachers at my door with computer issues. I fixed them and another teacher called to see if I could come and work with her kids 1st period. I told her I already had a group 1st period but would come 3rd. Worked with 60 eighth graders 1st period and barely finished when the bell rang. Raced up to the library where I met with my kids and did individual conferences with each of them about their progress on their PowerPoint presentations. Finished just as the bell rang. Raced down to the other teacher’s room and worked with her students all of third period. Raced to the graphics department 4th period to work with the printers on making plates for the school newsletter. Didn’t get finished before I had to be in a “30 minute” meeting at noon. Got to the meeting 5 minutes late and it ran 1 1/2 hours. Ran back upstairs and grabbed my stuff and headed back down to graphics to work with the newsletter. Worked with them until the bell rang at 2:20 and then went back to the library to continue working on formatting the newsletter to fit their program. Put in 45 minutes overtime after school and then brought another two hours of work home with me.

Why am I telling you this? Because I only burned 285 calories over a five hour period and then I got aggravated and didn’t want to see anymore so I turned the monitor off. That’s less than a calorie per minute. No wonder I’m fat!! I’m run ragged but it’s all mental work and I’m confined to a desk or stuck with standing in front of a classroom. I was honestly committed to fitting in a 15 minute workout today but I don’t know when I would have done it. I didn’t have a spare minute all day. I even ate lunch while I worked with the guys in graphics on the newsletter. Poring over paperwork and computer screens and getting exhausted without getting any exercise. Now I’m going to take an hour for myself before I give another couple of hours to the school with junk I brought home with me.

6:00 – Okay, I feel much better now! Went upstairs and did an hour of aerobics and burned 412 calories. Now it’s thirty minutes after I finished and I’ve burned 530 calories. That’s twice as much as I did all day. I’ve looked over your comments, chickies, and you’re right…I have to make time for this. It’s a simple enough thing. Gimme 15 minutes! That’s all I ask!

Sometimes losing weight hurts. I got out a beautiful camel colored suede jacket that I got last December for Christmas. Truly, a thing of beauty. I only wore it three or four times. It still has that wonderful leather smell. It doesn’t even come close to fitting. I wore it this morning anyway and the first person who saw me commented on it. I told her it was for sale for $50.00 and she took it. I should have asked for more. Sob! I LOVE that jacket!

Just ate a bowl of V8 Butternut Squash Soup. Didn’t think I would like it but I do!


Tuesday Menu

low fat yogurt (80)

Lean Cuisine (260)

Butternut Squash Soup (140)

Italian Vegetable Soup (400)

Sugar Free Cookies (70)
Kashi Go Lean with Soymilk (200)

Total 1150



Wow! It’s cold in here! Forty degrees outside and it doesn’t feel much warmer in here. Aiming for another perfect day. Scales show 165.5. Awww, come on!

I got up early enough to do a quick workout but I’m sitting here in my warm, fuzzy robe thinking, “You gotta be kidding.” I did put on my heart monitor, however. It shows that I’m burning 1.7 calories a minute. At least that’s better than yesterday. I’m going to get my shower and get ready for work and then I might try to do a quick walk around the block or something.

Forty minutes ago, I did a quick 12 minute workout. Not enough to get sweaty but enough to get things going. Now I’m burning 5.8 calories per minute. Wonder how long it’ll stay up there?

5:20 -Holy Heart Monitor, Batman!

My heart rate stayed up for about an hour and then I got slammed.  Didn’t have time to do much of anything.  Just sat at my desk dealing with paperwork and computer issues.  My students are presenting PowerPoint projects and I sat there during class, watching and grading.  By the time I got a chance to move, my heart rate was slow again and it continued to slow down all afternoon.  After 8 hours, I was down to .6 calories per minute.  Pretty pathetic.  Wish I wasn’t so chained to my desk at work.

Came home and did 30 minutes of aerobics and then week 2 of c25k.  Now it shows that I burned 495 calories in the last hour and 15 minutes so I’m back up to 6.5 calories per minute.  This would work pretty well if I could just take my treadmill or step to work and prop broken computers on the control panel so I could work on them while I jog.

I know I did week 2 of c25k last week but there was a four day gap and I don’t feel ready for week 3 so I’m going to do week 2 again.

I did notice that I ate a lot more at lunch today than I usually do.  Maybe all the extra exercise is going to be defeated by the urge to eat more.  Guess we’ll see.


Monday Menu

Lite Yogurt (80)

Lean Cuisine (290)
Tabboule (100)
Apple (100)

Italian Vegetable Soup (400)
Beer (120)

1 pouch cookies (100)
Kashi Go Lean with soymilk (200)

Total 1,390



Just ate a pouch of Murray Sugar Free Chocolate Bites.  They were fabulous!  I bought them because they were on sale at Kroger and they have several varieties, all sugar free.  DH is diabetic and I got some chocolate coated sugar wafers for him and the pouches of Chocolate Bites for me.  Only 70 calories a pouch, sugar free/sweetened with Splenda, 0g Trans Fat, and fiber to boot!  They also had chocolate chip and shortbread.  I may have to get some more of these goodies!

A friend served this soup on a snowy February evening and it really hit the spot. I think I’m going to play with it and try to get a calorie count today. Here’s the original recipe. Will let you know how it shapes up after I figure out how many servings this is.

2 T. Olive Oil (240) (I omitted this in the revised recipe and just coated the pan with vegetable spray)
1 Green pepper, diced (25)

1 zucchini, diced (25)

1 carrot, diced (30)

1 can chickpeas (420)

1 can diced tomatoes (50)

1 cup Ragu Traditional spaghetti sauce (140)

1/2 t. dried thyme
3 cans chicken broth (90)

3 cups water
8 oz. spaghetti (840) (I cut this down to 4 oz. in the revised recipe

salt & pepper to taste

2 teaspoons grated Asiago cheese (40) (I used Parmesan in the revised recipe with only 25 calories for 2 teaspoons)

Heat oil. Add green pepper, zucchini, and carrot. Cook a few minutes. Add all ingredients except spaghetti. Bring to a boil. Add spaghetti and simmer 20 minutes. Serve with grated asiago or parmesan cheese. Okay — I’m going to play with this recipe now. Make a few revisions and then measure it and see how many cups it makes.

16 cups Okay here’s the calorie count for the original recipe – 116 calories per cup with an additional 40 calories for the asiago cheese which makes it 156 calories per cup. That’s actually a lot lower than I thought it would be. In the revised recipe using no olive oil and only half as much spaghetti, it dropped down to 75 calories per cup and topping it with parm instead of asiago brought the revised total to 95 calories per cup. I really couldn’t tell any difference in the taste.

Aiming for another perfect day today. All perfect days begin with a weigh in. 166 (sigh)…

I discovered something interesting yesterday. I didn’t think a quick little twenty minute workout would do much but I was really amazed at the results when I wore the heart rate monitor. I had a few minutes yesterday and decided to run upstairs and do a quick 20 minutes. Not a huge deal. I can’t remember precisely but I think it showed that I burned around 120 calories. The amazing thing, however, is that I burned something like 520 calories over the next two hours. Worked so well, I did the same thing a few hours later. Today, I’m on it. Gonna wear this monitor all day and see what happens. DH says I’m going to become that crazy lady from flashdance.

11:18 – Okay, here we go! Been wearing this monitor for the last hour and a half and it shows I’ve burned 66 calories. Damn! No wonder I’m fat! That’s only .75 calories per minute! I’ve been blogging, reading the paper, made the bed, loaded the dishwasher. Common everyday movements. Now I’m going to reset this baby and see what happens when I kick things up a few notches.

12:40 – Did an hour of low impact, high intensity aerobics. According to the HR monitor, I burned 489 calories so that comes out to 7.7 calories per minute. I’m going to reset now and see what happens over the next hour.

btw – Pam called and said she and Rick would love to go with us next weekend. Point made.

1:50 – Been an hour since I worked out and I’ve been sitting on my butt looking for recipes on the internet. I’ve burned 225 calories which works out to 3.4 calories per minute.

5:20 – I went grocery shopping and stopped by the produce stand. The stand is getting dangerous. Samples of all different kinds of crackers with a bunch of different homemade spreads like blue cheese pistachio and jalapeno cheese spread and salmon spread. It’s a good thing they’re so outrageously expensive. We all know samples have no calories but when you buy it and take it home, it gets fattening. They even set a bunch of homemade pies by the counter so you have to stare at them while you’re waiting to check out.

I burned 162 calories in the last 3 hours or .9 calories per minute. It’s dropped way down even though I was running around Kroger and Walmart. Time to do a 20 minute workout and see what happens.

6:00 – Did a high intensity workout with the step for 20 minutes. Burned 65 calories which boosts me up to 3 calories per minute again. Will let you know how long it lasts.

7:00 – Okay, I’m averaging 5.8 calories per minute since my workout. Shutting off the monitor, resetting it and seeing what happens for the next hour or so. (I feel like I’m in some kind of science experiment. Hey, Susan! This one doesn’t use any eggs!)

8:00 – Okay, this is it.  Last count of the day.  I burned 217 calories in the last hour while sitting on my butt eating dinner and blogging.  That comes out to 3.6 calories per hour.

Point made!  I feel like those two guys on Mythbusters.  So what have I discovered today?  I’ve discovered that even a 20 minute workout boosts my metabolism to burn more than three times as many calories for at least a couple of hours afterward.  No small amount!  If I were to get up a few minutes early and get in a 20 minute workout, it would keep me pumped until lunch.  Then, if I were to tell everyone to take a hike and actually take my 20 minute lunch break to get some exercise, I could boost it again for a couple of hours.  When I come home and do my long workout, that ought to keep me pumped till bedtime or close to it.  That could make a major difference in the amount of weight I can lose.

I’m actually shocked that I was burning only .75 calories per minute this morning from the time I got up until I worked out.  Geez!  Is that normal?  Seems awfully low!


Sunday Menu

low-fat yogurt (80)

Italian Vegetable Soup (348)
Tabouleh (or something like it…I’m not sure what I made but it’s pretty healthy – couscous, lemon juice, sliced green onions, pepper, cucumber, cilantro, sliced grape tomatoes, tad of olive oil) (150)

TWO pouches Murray Sugarfree Chocolate Bites (140)


Vegetable Barley Soup

This is a hearty, winter vegetable soup that’s a favorite with my friends and family.  It’s also a favorite with me because it has a measly 70 calories per cup.   Unfortunately, it’s one of those recipes I’ve used for years and it’s become a kind of “taste as you go” recipe where I’ve adapted it to suit my taste.  I’m giving the basic recipe but I always use a lot more of the spices and I use more beef base.  We like cabbage so I always use more than the recipe calls for and I add it at the beginning instead of the end because my family likes it cooked a little longer.  I also add the barley at the very end because I usually use the quick cooking variety.   Anyway, here’s the basic recipe as it appeared in Cooking Light 1988.

1 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 clove crushed garlic
7 cups of water
1 28 oz. can tomato bits
1 cup thinly sliced carrots
1/2 cup barley
2 Tablespoons beef soup base
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
1/4 teaspoon dried basil
1/4 teaspoon curry powder
1 bay leaf
1 cup thinly sliced leeks
1 cup shredded cabbage
1/2 cup peeled, diced turnip

Coat a large Dutch oven with Pam;  place over medium heat until hot.  Add onion, celery, and garlic.  Saute until vegetables are tender.

Add water and next ten ingredients.  Stir well and bring to a boil.  Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 20 minutes.  Stir in leeks, cabbage, and turnip.  Cover and simmer an additional 15 minutes.  Remove and discard bay leaf before serving.

Yield:  12 cups (71 calories per 1-cup serving)



It’s so quiet this morning. I went to bed at 10:00 which is early for a Friday night and woke up at 6:30. Couldn’t go back to sleep. My house is not quiet very often but it is right now. It’s chilly and dark and I’d be sitting in the spa any other time enjoying my morning coffee and watching the sunrise but the new motor for the spa still hasn’t arrived. Checked the tracking number and it’s still sitting somewhere in California. Checked my email – personal and work – and took care of it so now I can just blog for a while.

I’m aiming for a perfect day. Guess I should start with a weigh-in…166.5 (sigh)…Still stuck in this rut but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Two potluck dinners in one week. Everyone loved the soup, by the way. I think I’ll go ahead and post it on here because it’s an oldie but a goodie from Cooking Light 1988 and someone is always asking for the recipe so I might as well write it up. I’m aiming for a strong workout today, healthy eating, and a major housecleaning.

Mom called yesterday and says she definitely wants to go with us to Florida over Thanksgiving. I’m glad. I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like and she enjoys traveling in Manny. I was really surprised when she said she’d go last year and even more surprised when she loved it. She doesn’t get out much anymore, it’s hard on her, but she can travel in Manny and be just as comfortable as she is sitting in her own living room.

I’m dealing with some friend issues again. Remember Rick and Pam? The animal lovers from Spencer county who have been our friends for more than 30 years? The ones who always want us to make the one hour drive to their place and never want to come to ours? To refresh your memory…the last few times we’ve invited them to our place they’ve either made excuses or not shown up but they want us to get together at their place all the time. That’s a one hour drive to get there and another hour to drive home. I thought I’d addressed the issue when I had a talk with Pam and she apologized and said it wasn’t intentional. They just like to relax on the weekends and don’t like making the long drive. Well, so do we. She said if we came to their place that weekend, they’d come to ours the next weekend. We did and they didn’t. She didn’t even call to cancel. They just didn’t show up.

Well, she emailed me and invited us to a pumpkin carving party tonight with some mutual friends and asked us to come out Sunday for dinner. I don’t know what to do about it. It’s hurtful to think that they want us to be friends on their terms. I really miss getting together with them but DH is standing firm. He says to tell them we already have plans this weekend but we’re going up to Brown County, IN next weekend to enjoy the scenery, visit a winery or two, and shop and they’re invited to go with us. I’m torn between really missing them and wanting to get together and standing my ground that they should make the effort to get together on our terms once in a while.

Other friend issues…Sistah Pam, of the infamous BUTT Sistahs, seems to be in a bad place. We haven’t gotten together for quite a while and I mentioned it when I saw her at the meeting I attended Wednesday. She said she felt like she was always having to take the lead and got tired of doing it. I didn’t really feel like there was any true leader in the group but I decided to just go ahead and take the initiative to get things rolling again. I sent out an email suggesting we get together at a restaurant and Jana agreed but Pam emailed and said we could just come to her house and she’d fix dinner and we could bring a dish. I really didn’t want her to have to feel like she had to do that so I sent another email out and said it would be easier if we just met at a restaurant and joked that they weren’t going to get out of paying me my money for being the biggest loser since the last time we met. Pam responded and said we needed to face it that we hadn’t gotten together since mid September and we hadn’t stuck to the plan and we were just three friends getting together for dinner. She said she’d pay me the money.

I was definitely taken aback. And hurt…. I didn’t respond. I’m not sure what she’s thinking. It wasn’t about the money. It never was. True, we weren’t able to meet in September but everyone was swamped. Pam and I were supposed to meet at the gym every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for water aerobics but she was the one who quit going. I reminded her several times but she had other commitments and I finally quit asking her to go with me because I figured she didn’t want to. I’ve been dieting. I’ve been blogging. I’ve been working out. I thought I stuck to the plan. I don’t know what’s going on with her. I’m not even sure that she meant for it to sound the way it did. Anyway, it left me feeling like I’d done something wrong and I’m not sure what it was.

Finally, a third friend…Her daughter is a spoiled brat. She’s always in trouble for one thing or another and yet her mom can only see her side of it. Daughter walked out of her class at school after telling her teacher she was a B*tch because her teacher wouldn’t let her take a call on her cell phone during class. The call was from her boyfriend and they were argueing and Mom felt like the teacher should have respected her daughter’s “emotional state” and let her go out in the hall to talk to boyfriend. I pointed out several inappropriate things daughter had done and totally supported the teacher who was only enforcing school policy and Mom got upset with me and told me that was what was wrong with schools today. That we teachers are way too concerned with “rules” and not concerned with the “emotional needs” of the kids. What a load of crap!  This one is a casual friend, not close.  I don’t have a problem with losing her.  “Bye, Bye, B!”

So…I’m kind of feeling like friends are weighing me down today. Maybe that’s why the scales are showing a gain………Nah…it’s the potluck.

11:30 – Okay, did my workout. 40 minutes of aerobics followed by week 2 of c25k. My left foot bothered me quite a bit. That was aggravating. I have to figure out some way to deal with that. It was frustrating to be breathing well, legs feeling good, fused ankle doing great, and have problems with the other one. Anyway, heart monitor says I burned 625 calories. Guess I can have breakfast.

3:00 – There’s a reason I don’t sew anymore. Actually, there are several reasons I don’t sew anymore. DIL brought Holly over and hands me a bag with about 3 yards of black stretch fabric and a spool of black thread and a picture of a darling little witches costume and says, “Can you stitch this up for Holly? I told her I didn’t think you would mind. I’ve got to go to work and she has a Halloween party tonight. I know I don’t sew but it looks pretty easy.” You see…that’s the key right there…“I don’t sew but it looks pretty easy.” Of course it looks easy to you because you don’t sew!

I get to drag the old sewing machine out of the trunk at the foot of my bed and set it up in the kitchen and start looking for a pair of scissors that might be able to hack and saw through some fabric. I took the fabric out of the bag and it’s cheap, stretchy knit that doesn’t look much more substantial than a pair of panty hose. That’s gonna be a thrill to work with. I decided my best bet was to just do a basic sheath with raglan sleeves. How tough could it be? Of course, between this crappy fabric and my dull scissors, it took forever to cut it. Then I realized that I cut one of the sleeves backward. It looked like a V instead of a point. I tossed it out and hacked away again to get another piece. I tried to thread the sewing machine until I finally gave up because I can’t even see the eye of the needle and had DH thread it for me. My machine didn’t like the crappy fabric and kept jamming up and breaking the thread as I tried to stitch up the seams. I attached one sleeve and then realized I put it in with the underarm seam facing up. Crap! The fabric wouldn’t come close to holding up to the removal of a seam so I decided to do them both with the seam facing up. It’s a costume, right? I stitched up the other side and, when I finished, I realized I’d sewed the sleeve in with the seam inside out. Sh&t!!! I hacked another piece of fabric and just cut the whole sleeve off instead of trying to rip out the seam and attached another sleeve. I called Holly in to try it on and she looked like a fat little sausage! She was squished into it and it looked like holy crap. I finally decided to take safety pins and drape the remaining material around the sheath but the neck looked terrible so I’m loaning her a black and gold scarf of mine that has beautiful gold beading all through it. I paid $50.00 for it and I’ll probably never see it again. BTW, she thinks she looks beautiful!

7:30 – I am da bomb today!  Decided to see what would happen if I ran upstairs for a quick 20 minute workout.  Whoo, Hooo!  Quick and easy and it showed that I burned 600 calories in the next 2 1/2 hours so…I did it again a little while ago.  Think I’m going to make this a habit.

Perfect day, glad it’s done…Later!


Saturday Menu

Low fat yogurt (80)

four glorious sea scallops! (100)
tilapia sandwich (400)
salad (100)

banana (125)
bowl of oatmeal with soy milk (200)

Total (1005)

If I believed in omens, I’d call in sick and go back to bed. Woke up to a downpour, came in to blog and my computer was shut off and took forever to boot up, forgot to push the auto button on the coffeemaker and had to wait forever for Joe, and DS left the huge pot of soup I made for potluck sitting out all night. Hope it’s still good. We were going to eat leftovers today and I brought it home to add to the stock and add a few more veggies. He was dishing up a bowl when I went to bed and I told him to be sure and put it in the refrigerator when he finished. I think it’s okay. I hope it’s okay. Hate to poison everyone. Went to check my email for work and district e-mail is down so my phone is going to be ringing off the hook today. “Your e-mail is down? Sorry, I can’t fix that.” Now I don’t have any more time to blog.

4:30 – I get tired of working on relationships.  I get tired of watching what I say and how I say it.  I think I’m a pretty nice person.  I try to be.  I try not to hurt people and to recognize their vulnerabilites and respect them.  Sometimes I just feel like being a bitch but I can’t.  I just don’t work that way.  I can be firm with my students and with salespeople and strangers but I’m very careful about hurting the people I care about.  There have only been two people in my life that I can honestly say I hated.  And I wound up forgiving both of them.  Right now, I have three friends whom I care about very deeply and I’m either disappointed or angry with all three of them for different things and I’m trying to figure out the best way to deal with each of them.  Sometimes, I’d just like to say, “I’m super pissed at you.  You can think about what you did, said, whatever, and get back to me when you’re ready to do something to make it right and earn my forgiveness.”  Unfortunately, you just can’t do that with people you care about.  At least, I can’t.  I try to think about the right way to say it and the right thing to do.  “I think we need to talk.  I’m feeling hurt/angry/resentful (insert appropriate adverb) and I think we should talk about it.  I want you to understand how I feel but I also need to understand what’s going on with you that would make you do/say (insert appropriate verb) what you did.”  I’m the one who’s been injured but I’m always trying to figure out the best way to deal with it to protect my friends and loved ones because I don’t want to hurt them but I’m not going to let it ride.  Sometimes, I’d just like to say, “F*ck you and the horse you rode in on!”  DH is the only one who can take that.  Maybe that’s why we’ve been together for almost 40 years.

Off to another day. The scales are showing 165 this morning (in spite of pumpkin, white chocolate chunk cookies) . I keep wondering what everyone’s up to but can’t find any time to catch up on blogs. I’ve got six minutes before I have to hit the shower. Maybe I can catch a couple.

6:30 – I’m supposed to be a highly educated woman. I have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, and three master’s degrees. That’s five (count em, FIVE) college degrees. So why do I go into an absolute fugue every year when open enrollment comes up? I worry, I whine, I swear that I will figure out all the different plans and options and get everything submitted well before the deadline. Then, I’m always running around like I’m braindead going, “What did you do? What do you think I should do? Do you understand any of the options? Do you know anyone who does? Can I just roll over what I had last year? Do I have to do something to make that happen or will it automatically happen if I’m staring at the monitor when the clock rolls over to midnight on the deadline?” I hate this. “I’m going to go with plan A. It has a much lower deductible. No, wait, plan B has a higher deductible but lower co-pays. Oh, look, Plan C has higher co-pays and higher deductibles but they give you a Flexible Spending Account that automatically gives you $1,000 that you can use toward deductibles and co-pays and prescriptions.” Forget about disability, cancer insurance, dental insurance, vision plans, and additional life insurance. I’ve got all I can handle just trying to make a decision about health insurance.

I never know what’s continued from one year to the next. Do I still have the additional disability I purchased a couple of years ago? Am I still carrying insurance on all the grandkids? Is it the same plan I purchased a few years ago that will give them a little chunk of change when they turn 25?

I don’t understand why they don’t send a representative to each school to hold a meeting during or before open enrollment to explain all this stuff to us. Including teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians, administrators and clerical staff, there are at least 175 employees in our school alone. Couldn’t you just send one person to talk with us after school one day? You guys know how my schedule has been the last couple of weeks and yet we have eleven days of open enrollment. We were just given the booklets on October 10th and open enrollment runs from the 15th through midnight on the 24th. We don’t have any of the plans we had last year.  They’re all new plans and options and we have to read and look over four different plans just for the health coverage alone.  I haven’t had time to figure out all this stuff! I went on line and enrolled. I don’t know what I got. I think it’s about the same thing I had before. I swear I’m going to organize a group next year to meet after school one day and hash all this out. Surely, if one person knows one thing and another knows something else, we should be able to have a halfway intelligent discussion and figure out what we’re doing.


Sleepin In!

5:45 – If you want to call it that. Getting up at 5:30 instead of 5:00. I’m out of the building today for meetings and training. Don’t have to be there until 8:00 so I get to slow down a tad. Andrew and Steven are getting ready for school and DS is taking them. I’m in meetings until 3:00 but DIL is picking up Steven after school at 2:20 and then I’ll run over to the school after my meeting and pick up Andrew after chess club at 4:00. Sure do wish we didn’t live so far from the school.

Brandie, in answer to your question, Nazi did my consultation on the observation last Friday and wrote it up for me to sign yesterday. She gave me a great review. It was a nice surprise. I’d heard so much about her observations, I was shocked. I was like, “Okay, where do I sign? See ya in a couple of years!”

I had a rough time yesterday afternoon. Went upstairs and did 30 minutes of aerobics to limber up my ankle and then discovered that the podcast from week 2 on c25k wouldn’t play. I ran downstairs and tried to download it again and it still wouldn’t play. I don’t know why I had so much trouble with it. I kept downloading it and getting an error. I finally got it in mp3 format on my player and a neighbor dropped by for about 20 minutes. I really wanted to call it quits because it was almost an hour between when I warmed up for 30 minutes and finally got back upstairs to do week 2. I persevered however, and got it done. I had a bit of trouble with it. I’d already cooled off, I’d already put in a full work day, I’d been up 13 hours and I was getting tired. My ankle bothered me some and it seemed like it took a lot out of me but I felt good about staying the course and getting it done.

As soon as I finished c25k, I fixed a taco salad for dinner. I simmered a diced chicken breast in taco seasoning for me and then did ground beef for the guys. They got chips and cheese and I got lettuce, tomato, diced chicken, fat-free cheddar, fat-free sour cream, and salsa. I crumbled 5 chips over my salad and it was okay. By the time I finished dinner, I still had my heart-rate monitor on and it said I burned 900 calories in the 3 hours I’d been wearing it. Wouldn’t it be great if that happened all day long? At 300 calories an hour, I’d burn 7,200 a day.

Before dinner ended, DS and DIL came by with the little ones. Jake and Scout. They’re so cute! I love all my grandkids but they’re always the cutest when they’re little. I meant to get back to my blog but they stayed until bedtime. They brought a fresh peach pie. I have to admit, I succumbed to a rather hefty slice. It was so good! That means I really need to be careful now but I have to dodge bullets and arrows for the next couple of days. I’m not sure what’s going to happen at lunch today but we usually go to Jason’s Deli. You know…the one with the fabulous salad bar and wonderful, icy cold, frozen soft serve? Tomorrow is our potluck club luncheon. We moved it to Thursdays because, last time, we had a lot of stuff left after the luncheon on Friday and it hit the trash. We decided to change it to Thursdays so we could eat on Thursday and have any leftovers on Friday. Treacherous territory ahead. Jason’s today, potluck tomorrow, and potluck leftovers on Friday. Wouldn’t it be simpler if we could just huddle here in our own little kitchens where it’s safe and warm??? Anyway…I’m making a wonderful low-cal, low-fat, Cooking Light recipe of vegetable barley soup for the potluck. Maybe I can stay on track if I fill up on that and avoid Phyllisann’s pork chop casserole, Sharon’s pumpkin bread, the principal’s chocolate cake, Barbara’s Italian Cream Cake, and Amy’s baked apples. Sheesh!

I keep running around like crazy. If I squeeze in some time for working out, I can’t get the time to get caught up on everyone’s blog. Hopefully, I can find some time in the next couple of days to catch up with everyone. Anyway, thanks for all the encouraging comments. Doesn’t look like I’ll have any free time this evening because I brought work home with me and I’ll have to pick up Andrew after the meeting, try to find a few minutes to work-out, do a lot of slicing and dicing for the soup, and try to do some of the paperwork I won’t get done today because I’ll be in a meeting all day. Doesn’t sound like an evening for catching up on blogs…

5:00 p.m. – Just got home. Finished work, ran by the school (on the other end of town!) to pick up Andrew after chess club, stopped off at the store and got the stuff I need to make soup and now I’m going to take a 20 minute breather before I start cooking. I have to make beef stroganoff, too. The principal was saying she wasn’t going to get to participate this time because she didn’t have time to make anything tonight so Phyllisann and I offered to pick up something for her because we had to go to the store anyway. (Yeah, I know…we’re such suck-ups) I had planned on running by GFS and just picking up a big sheet cake and she was going to write me a check. Phyllisann emailed me today and said we needed entrees because everyone is signing up to bring desserts. We only have her pork chop casserole and my soup. Everything else is bread, a side dish, or desserts. So….I decided to make a real quick and easy batch of beef stroganoff for Vicki to bring (see??? I may be a suck-up but I get to call the principal by her first name.) I really don’t want to fix it but it’s so easy that I might as well. This is so simple and everyone always loves it and wants my “recipe”. I just saute a diced onion, add 2 cans of roast beef, a large jar of sliced mushrooms and a carton of sour cream. Fix a package of noodles and you have stroganoff! The trick is in the roast beef. It has to be the nice lean cubes that you find from Brazil. Aldi’s has it. Some Walmarts have it. I bought some cans of “sliced roast beef with gravy” a couple of times and that stuff was gross! Has to be the nice lean cubes. Actually, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad calorie wise if you used fat-free sour cream and didn’t go overboard on the noodles.

Didn’t go to Jason’s Deli today. Lunch was catered. Actually, it was pretty healthy. Turkey roll ups in tortillas, raw veggies, and fruit. I ate a couple of pretzels and passed on the cookies and chips. Felt pretty good about it until someone told me I HAD to try the pumpkin white chocolate chunk cookies from Kroger. I did…and then I did again! Two big fat cookies! Still, not a total disaster. I didn’t get breakfast, ate a healthy lunch and it was only two cookies. One for each cheek.

Okay, time to start slicing and dicing and sauteing. Guess it goes without saying that I’m not going to exercise tonight.


Tennies for Tuesday

5:30 a.m. – Aiming for an over the top, perfect day today. Step one: weight is at 165. That’s okay, I’m happy. I’m starting the 2nd week of c25k this afternoon so I’m planning on wearing tennis shoes to work today. Don’t want any blisters or sore ankles to interfere. Got my lunch packed last night. I am sooo ready to go this morning!

4:15 – Home!  Gonna run upstairs and do a thirty minute aerobic workout and then week 2.  Later!


Tuesday Menu

Lite Yogurt (80)

Lettuce, tomato, red pepper, string cheese, salsa (120)