Snuggle up!

Don’t have much time this morning. It got down to 58 degrees last night and we slept with the bedroom window open. Felt so good with the cool fresh air and me all snuggled down under the covers. I must have hit the snooze alarm 3 or 4 times this morning. I was pleased with the way yesterday went and I’m going for the gold again today.

7:30 – Damn! Nasty afternoon! I had a busy day at school but I wore one of my new bras today and it was the bestest, most comfortablest bra I’ve ever worn! The straps didn’t even slide down my shoulders which is a major problem for me because I have big boobs and a small frame. It was so nice, I decided to go back to Value City and pick up a couple more before they were gone. I got the bras and they had a buy out on a bunch of shoes. $1.99 a pair! Of course, there were quite a few ugly, dog shoes in the bunch but there were also some halfway decent ones. I tried on all kinds of shoes and bought 8 pair. Some of them are 4 or 5 inch hells (That was a typo but it probably fits…) with really long pointy toes that I’ll probably wear for an hour and be dying but who cares? $1.99! I also got some nice sandals and a pair of red flats.

After I left Value City, I had to go by Aldi’s and pick up some tilapia and DH had asked me to call him when I got there so I reached for my shiny new Blackberry and it was gone. It was in my purse when I dug out my car keys at Value City so I figured it must have fallen out when I was pulling my keys out. I went back to Value City and looked all over the parking lot, went inside, yada, yada, but it was nowhere to be found. Value City let me use their phone to call home and I had DH call me back on my cell but we didn’t hear anything and no one answered it. Crap!

I went to Aldi’s and finished shopping and headed home. As I walked in the door, DH was talking to some lady on the phone who had found my Blackberry. He gave me the phone to get directions to her house and walked out of the room. Turns out, she lives in Park DuValle. THE ghetto, project area of Louisville. A place I have never been to and never want to go to. Drugs, shootings, rapes, all in a night’s work in Park DuValle. I got her address and phone number and went to see DH. I told him he would have to go with me to get my phone because it was in Park DuValle. He proceeded to pitch a little fit about me being careless and how much the phone cost, etc. and it really hit me wrong. For one thing, I never lose stuff! I had my old phone for ten years and never lost it. He’s lost his at least four times and we’ve had to cancel the service and buy another phone twice when it wasn’t recovered. He regularly loses his car keys, his wallet, his glasses, and his coat. I’m the one who’s always trying to backtrack his movements and find them. Therefore, his nasty little lecture did not sit well with me. I interrupted his tirade long enough to ask, “Are you going with me to get my phone or not?” He responds with, “I didn’t lose it! You did!” That was enough, I grabbed my purse and keys and headed for the door with him stumbling around telling me to wait while he’s trying to put his pants on and find his shoes. I grabbed his cell phone off the table and said, “I don’t need you to go with me! All I need is a phone so I can call the police if I need them!” I exited via the front door and took off. Got up the road and pulled off to dig my GPS out of the glove compartment and enter the address. I wanted to go straight to it, get my phone, and get straight out of there. The lady who found my phone told me to call her when I got close and she’d be watching for me. She treated me better than my own hubby. I drove my big white Lincoln through the neighborhood (it was getting dark and I was hoping they would think I was just another pimp) past the boarded up windows and the groups of guys hanging out on the corners, past the women wearing 6 inch skirts and 8 inch heels. I pulled into the parking area of 1905 Russell Lee Blvd. and called the woman who had my phone and she told me to wait, she’d come right down. Nice woman. Big, Black, with a scowl at the guys hanging on the corner and an admonishment to them to “Go home, now! You boys just go on home!” She handed me my phone and I handed her $40.00, thanked her profusely, and got the hell out of Park DuValle. Called DH and told him I was on my way home and I DID NOT want to see him when I got there. Arrived home and he’s in bed. He better keep his ass in bed too. I am not in the mood for apologies.

I just finished eating a tilapia sandwich and I’m going to watch TV. I did good on my diet today. No…I am NOT working out tonight.


eryn76 says 30th September @ 6:58

Jealous!! It’s still so hot down here. I can’t wait until we are in the house and can sleep with the windows open because we will be off the main road and it won’t be so loud.

brseay says 30th September @ 13:22

This is the best time of year for sleep. I stayed home yesterday and took a nap during the day and it was heavenly.

Joy says 30th September @ 18:10

I love these cool nights! I also love to snuggle down under the covers when it is cold.
How did your day go at school?

susan says 30th September @ 21:45

Oh crap Patty!

This reminds me of a quote I heard…

“To the powerful women I know – Keep the faith!!!
Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit
the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says…
‘Oh s**t….she’s awake!!”

feathers says 1st October @ 2:50

Aren’t those first few cool nights of autumn the best? Finally, after a summer of hot and bleary, sleepless nights, you get to really appreciate the comfort of your bed.

I’m sending lots of positive vibes to the lovely lady who rescued your Blackberry for your, and a virtual kick in the backside to you husband for being such an arse to you. I have a friend whose husband does the same sort of thing. Sometimes they really just don’t get it.

eryn76 says 1st October @ 6:59

OH NO!! That totally sucks. And such a male response as well. At least the lady who found it was honest and returned it to you. I hope he wakes up today, realizes what an ass he was and does something totally unexpected and nice for you to make up for it.

soclose says 1st October @ 11:58

What a Shi**y way for him to treat you!! I would be furious and if my dh did that I’d be doin’ the “get even” dance so long he’d think he died and went to h*ll!

What a wonderful woman. I really like Susan’s quote; gotta remember that.

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