Snuggle up!

Don’t have much time this morning. It got down to 58 degrees last night and we slept with the bedroom window open. Felt so good with the cool fresh air and me all snuggled down under the covers. I must have hit the snooze alarm 3 or 4 times this morning. I was pleased with the way yesterday went and I’m going for the gold again today.

7:30 – Damn! Nasty afternoon! I had a busy day at school but I wore one of my new bras today and it was the bestest, most comfortablest bra I’ve ever worn! The straps didn’t even slide down my shoulders which is a major problem for me because I have big boobs and a small frame. It was so nice, I decided to go back to Value City and pick up a couple more before they were gone. I got the bras and they had a buy out on a bunch of shoes. $1.99 a pair! Of course, there were quite a few ugly, dog shoes in the bunch but there were also some halfway decent ones. I tried on all kinds of shoes and bought 8 pair. Some of them are 4 or 5 inch hells (That was a typo but it probably fits…) with really long pointy toes that I’ll probably wear for an hour and be dying but who cares? $1.99! I also got some nice sandals and a pair of red flats.

After I left Value City, I had to go by Aldi’s and pick up some tilapia and DH had asked me to call him when I got there so I reached for my shiny new Blackberry and it was gone. It was in my purse when I dug out my car keys at Value City so I figured it must have fallen out when I was pulling my keys out. I went back to Value City and looked all over the parking lot, went inside, yada, yada, but it was nowhere to be found. Value City let me use their phone to call home and I had DH call me back on my cell but we didn’t hear anything and no one answered it. Crap!

I went to Aldi’s and finished shopping and headed home. As I walked in the door, DH was talking to some lady on the phone who had found my Blackberry. He gave me the phone to get directions to her house and walked out of the room. Turns out, she lives in Park DuValle. THE ghetto, project area of Louisville. A place I have never been to and never want to go to. Drugs, shootings, rapes, all in a night’s work in Park DuValle. I got her address and phone number and went to see DH. I told him he would have to go with me to get my phone because it was in Park DuValle. He proceeded to pitch a little fit about me being careless and how much the phone cost, etc. and it really hit me wrong. For one thing, I never lose stuff! I had my old phone for ten years and never lost it. He’s lost his at least four times and we’ve had to cancel the service and buy another phone twice when it wasn’t recovered. He regularly loses his car keys, his wallet, his glasses, and his coat. I’m the one who’s always trying to backtrack his movements and find them. Therefore, his nasty little lecture did not sit well with me. I interrupted his tirade long enough to ask, “Are you going with me to get my phone or not?” He responds with, “I didn’t lose it! You did!” That was enough, I grabbed my purse and keys and headed for the door with him stumbling around telling me to wait while he’s trying to put his pants on and find his shoes. I grabbed his cell phone off the table and said, “I don’t need you to go with me! All I need is a phone so I can call the police if I need them!” I exited via the front door and took off. Got up the road and pulled off to dig my GPS out of the glove compartment and enter the address. I wanted to go straight to it, get my phone, and get straight out of there. The lady who found my phone told me to call her when I got close and she’d be watching for me. She treated me better than my own hubby. I drove my big white Lincoln through the neighborhood (it was getting dark and I was hoping they would think I was just another pimp) past the boarded up windows and the groups of guys hanging out on the corners, past the women wearing 6 inch skirts and 8 inch heels. I pulled into the parking area of 1905 Russell Lee Blvd. and called the woman who had my phone and she told me to wait, she’d come right down. Nice woman. Big, Black, with a scowl at the guys hanging on the corner and an admonishment to them to “Go home, now! You boys just go on home!” She handed me my phone and I handed her $40.00, thanked her profusely, and got the hell out of Park DuValle. Called DH and told him I was on my way home and I DID NOT want to see him when I got there. Arrived home and he’s in bed. He better keep his ass in bed too. I am not in the mood for apologies.

I just finished eating a tilapia sandwich and I’m going to watch TV. I did good on my diet today. No…I am NOT working out tonight.


Tuesday Menu


Fat Cat

I’m sitting here trying to slurp up my morning coffee and that damn cat keeps jumping in my lap. I can’t believe how fat he’s (she’s?) gotten! I tried to check the gender one time and it started peeing on me so I never followed through.

Another Monday to run down. At least this is a short week. Friday is a Professional Development day and I did all my “developing” over the summer so I’ll get to take off and have a long weekend.

Yesterday was a perfect day. Good, healthy food, just under 1,200 calories, and a great workout. I’m optimistic today, as well. I have my lunch ready to go, clothes are laid out, and I’ve promised myself that I’m coming home from work and exercising. Just one quick question…Does a royal blue bra go with an orange top and gold pants?

The scales are slowly creeping up. I show 167 this morning and I’d better get back into a good routine. Aiming for another perfect day in paradise!

4:00 – Home again. Doing well today. I’ve eaten well and I’m going to exercise. Really, it’s 85 degrees and I know the upstairs is hot. Still, I made a commitment and I’m going to follow through. I’m just not ready to do it quite yet. Think I’ll sit here and unwind for a few minutes.

5:30 – Okay, I did an hour of treadmill and intensive aerobics. I’m burning up so I’m going to cool off and then take a shower and get my jammies on. I still have a lot of calories left for dinner but I’ll have to come up with something besides what DH made. He’s off on Mondays and is responsible for dinner but I’m not eating deep fried bratwurst, macaroni salad and french fries. I don’t know why it has to be so difficult to get healthy food around here. I made my lunch yesterday from last night’s leftovers (yellow squash, onion, and zucchini sauteed in olive oil with asiago cheese, broiled fish, and grape tomatoes) and got up this morning to find that someone ate it. I wound up with frozen berries and a frozen South Beach breakfast tortilla that had been down in the freezer for at least a year.

6:30 – OMG! DH just pulled a big bowl of cole slaw out of the fridge that he mixed up earlier today and a casserole of macaroni and cheese from the oven. Really! What is wrong with the man?????

7:30 – Grilled some tilapia with lots of lemon pepper on it, had a sliced tomato and some fruit.  I don’t know why DH fixes that kind of crap.  He’s diabetic and I’m about to put some hurtin on him because I’m almost ready to point out that his belly is definitely expanding!


Monday Menu

Low-fat yogurt (80
South Beach Denver Style Breakfast Tortilla (180)

frozen fruit (75)
1/2 Luna Bar (90)

Ever wonder what happens to those chicks that just stop blogging and disappear? I do. I wonder if they get tired of blogging or give up on the diet and quit trying or go to Sparkspeople or whatever. What happens to them?

It’s rude, too. I really care about you guys. I consider many of you to be friends and I’d be concerned if you just suddenly crossed the road and never came back. But you know, it happens. You chat with someone all the time and then they don’t post for three or four days and then it becomes a month or two and, the next thing you know, their blog disappears due to inactivity. Do me a favor…if any of you guys decide to drop your blog, take a few minutes to post a goodbye message so we don’t wonder if you were abducted by aliens or something. I promise to do the same.

Nuff about that…I’m aiming for a perfect day! Started off on the right foot. I did a super-fantastic workout and truly enjoyed it. As I said before, I’ve noticed that the treadmill just isn’t getting my heart rate where I’d like it to be but I like to use it because it helps me keep track of the time and my heart rate. This morning, I did 95 minutes but I didn’t spend a lot of time on the treadmill. Just kept it running and hopped on it every now and then. I used to be into aerobics and jogging bigtime and then I injured my ankles and couldn’t do it anymore. My ankles are getting better and better and I’m beginning to get some more mobility. Of course, the bones have been fused in the right one and I’m never going to get all of the mobility back but it’s still getting a lot more flexible after working out for six months (Has it really been that long?). I don’t know what my limits are. My surgeon says my jogging days are over but I’m not sure I have to accept that. This morning, I did a nice rotation. A couple of minutes on the treadmill, hop off and do a couple of minutes on my stationary bike with those upper body and arm things, hop off the bike and do a few minutes of aerobics, etc. I was able to keep my heart rate up and I really had fun with it. The thing is…I began to do quite a bit of jumping around with the aerobics and I was able to do some in-place jogging and jumping around. Felt like that sweaty, hard-workin’ girl in Flashdance. Feels real good, chickies!

3:30 – Did a little bit of shopping.  DH wanted to go to Aldi’s and I wanted to go to Value City which is right next door.  I needed some bras and sometimes they have some pretty good deals.  I really hate shopping for bras.  I’ve yet to find one in which the straps are not going to be slipping off my shoulders and I don’t like that they cost a small fortune.  I found a pair of red Barbie shoes and three bras.  They’re good, supportive bras that have a nice sexy look and they were only $5.99 each.  Why?  Because one of them is a beautiful royal blue, another is fushia, and the last one is burgundy.  Guess that kind of limits when I can wear them.


Sunday Menu

Lite Yogurt (80)

pimento cheese (100)
whole grain crackers (100)

broiled tilapia (300)
sliced tomatoes (50)
sauteed yellow squash, onions, and zucchini with grated asiago cheese (200)

Lite ice cream sandwich (130)
Luna Lemon Zest Protein Bar (180)

Total 1,140


Demolition Derby

The thing about a Demolition Derby is that you’re hit from all directions and you keep getting banged up but you can’t really whine about it because you put yourself there in the first place. If you don’t want to crash and burn, you better drag your sorry butt out of the way and limp back to safety.

I keep putting myself right back out there. Taking one hit after another. I really blew it yesterday. Ate a ton of junk last night. I worked my butt off and didn’t even take time for breakfast or lunch. I did manage to munch on a cheese stick and a handful of pretzels but I was starving when I finally got away from school at 3:30. I decided to go by the store on the way home which is not a good thing to do when I’m starving. I bought a lot of crap that I shouldn’t eat and then came home and ate junk all evening. Not much of a perfect day. Seems like the past couple of weeks, that’s what I do. I don’t seem to have much control over what’s going on. Even today, I have committments that will put me right back out there on the track. I have to go to Pam’s birthday party and DH won’t be able to go. That means I’ll be wandering around lots of food and drinks and kind of left on my own to socialize. There will be a few people that I know but most of them are strangers to me. Hopefully, I can visit for a couple of hours and leave without totally blowing it.

I also wanted to work out this morning but I have to take Andrew to Balfour to look at designs for his senior ring and they close at 1:00 today so I’ve got to get moving. Looks like I’m in for a bumpy ride today. Hope I can hang on and get away without too many dents.

12:30 – Word of advice about senior rings, ladies. Never try to order from a catalog or website. After looking through the brochures and catalogs over and over and trying to figure out what things look like, what’s included and what’s not, and how much all the different options cost, we finally gave up and headed down to Balfour. What a difference! You can look at all the rings, have them tell you what options are available and what’s included and be done and out the door in nothing flat! The process was really streamlined and Andrew really enjoyed seeing what things actually look like. It made it so much easier to pick the stone and the cut. Andrew could look at all the differnt stones and pick out the exact color he wanted and then look at the stone with all the different cuts and facets. He chose a navy blue sapphire and changed his mind from a fireburst to a more traditional cut when he saw what it actually looked like. I’m really pleased to have this taken care of. Final tally…$747.00! (gasp!) Senior rings ain’t cheap!

8:30 – Had a good time at Pam’s party. She didn’t want any presents except rocks for her “garden to be” so I tied a nice gold wired ribbon around a large chunk of pink granite from the Crazy Horse Memorial and gave it to her. I collect rocks from all the places we travel. I have beautiful red ones from the Arches area. Pink and coral from the area of Bryce Canyon and a lot of other beauties. I actually scrubbed the one I gave her and the flecks of gold, silver, and black sparkled against the pink grain. She likes my gardens and I’m not sure if the idea came from my gardens or her own thoughts but she got quite a few nice specimens.

I came home and sat in the spa for a while. The moonflowers and jasmine are beautiful and I don’t know how much longer I’ll get to enjoy them. There was a cool, gentle breeze dancing through the treetops and a lazy swirl of crisp yellow leaves drifted down to the spa. I was enjoying the sensuality of the experience when it occured to me that I spend a lot of time naked, in the dark, in the water. Almost every night and many mornings, I’m out there. I swim in the pool after dark, I relax in the spa, I even go out occasionally in the rain and stand there with the water pouring down on me.

A long time ago, I read an article about the sensitivity of a dolphin’s skin. They have an extraordinary number of nerve endings in their skin and the article said they spend their lives exhilarating in the feel of the water gliding over their bodies. I wonder if I have a little dolphin blood mixed in. I love feeling the water and the wind on my body. It’s not that I’m an exhibitionist. I have a nice, tall privacy fence in the backyard and a heavy canopy of leaves overhead. I’m not out there to be seen but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if I were. What are they going to see? An overweight, middle-aged woman with the same parts as any other woman. (Even though some of the parts may have shifted and dropped a little)

I think that’s one reason I love our place in Florida so much. Ten acres surrounded by dense woods.  All that privacy…no neighbors anywhere and my big old clawfoot tub out there in the flower garden under the moon and the stars. I love it when it rains at night. I just shed my clothes and run out in the meadow and enjoy the warm, Florida rain. I might startle a deer or a rabbit but there’s not much else out there.

The thing is…I don’t know anyone else who does this. Am I a bit strange or is it just that I have more opportunities to enjoy such experiences? I don’t guess it matters. I love the wind, and the water, and the rain, and the dark, and the moon, and the stars.

Fess up, ladies. Anyone else running around naked out there?

9:15 – Oops! Joy reminded me…I got so caught up in the spa experience I didn’t say much about the party. I did okay…had a beer and a glass of white wine. Ate a few appetizers and a slice of a concord grape pie. Had to try that! It was really good! I tried to stick to finger foods. I rationalized that there aren’t as many calories in them if you don’t break down and use a plate. Met a few new people with fun, appealing personalities. Actually had a very good time.


Saturday Menu

Lite Yogurt (80)


It’s all downhill…

Easy ride today.  If ya gotta work, at least it’s Friday and there’s relief in sight.  I’m aiming for a perfect day.  Had a nice, restful sleep and I’m heading for the shower.


Friday Menu


I am a rock

At least, I slept like one. Eight and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep. My back feels great and I’m completely refreshed. I took two Tylenol PMs and hit the sack around 9:30 and didn’t get up until 6:30. How come I’m getting to sleep in? I have a full day of training today at another location so DS is taking the boys to school. I usually leave the house around 6:45 but I don’t have to be at the training site till 8:00 and it’s only 10 minutes from home so I get an extra hour this morning. Of course, I have to work until 3:00 today but I never get out of school before 3:00 anyway so it’s still going to be a shorter day.

We changed the water in the spa yesterday and it’s all fresh and doesn’t smell like chlorine so I went out there and had a nice soak when I woke up. It’s cloudy so I couldn’t see the stars but the moonflowers were definitely “in scent” and it still smells like summer even though the leaves are beginning to fall pretty quickly and the mornings are getting a lot cooler. I’d probably still be out there but I drained my coffee cup and had to come in for a refill.

Better get moving and take my shower. Have a good one, Ladies!

8:00 p.m. – Just finished washing both cars.  I have a white Lincoln and DH has a black Lincoln.  Hard to say which one shows more dirt.  I drove DGS to CAP earlier and my car was so dirty I was embarrassed to be seen  in it.  We haven’t had much rain this summer and everything is so dry and dusty.  Of course, Ike really helped stir up the dirt and dust.  I got home from delivering Steven and decided to wash my car.  DH hit me with “Are you crazy?  It’s almost dark.”  After a few seconds to reflect, he added, “Want to wash mine, too?”  What’s the difference?  Once you set up the bucket and the rags and drag the hose all the way down the drive, you might just as well do two cars instead of one.

Today went well.  Got to see some friends that I haven’t seen since school let out in the spring.  Teachers from other schools and techies that work at Computer Education.  Nice to have a chance to say Hello.  We had a good meeting, too.  Intellectually stimulating conversation about digital citizenship, training, and a prize…a Flip video camera to use at our schools to put together podcasts.

Let’s don’t talk about food today.  We had lunch at Jason’s Deli and I had the salad bar but we all know a good salad bar isn’t exactly diet fare.  Especially that ice cold soft serve ice cream.

I’m really looking forward to hitting the bed.  I’m going to take a Tylenol PM again and cross my fingers that I sleep as well as I did last night.

In the great green room

There was a telephone

And a red balloon

And a picture of_

A cow jumping over the moon.

Goodnight, moon.


Thursday Menu


Sleepless in Louisville

Another night of tossing and turning and very little sleep. What’s the deal? Tonight’s plan: buy and use over the counter sleep aid, take long, hot soak before bed, set thermostat at a cool 68 degrees, turn mattress, hit the sack at 9:00 p.m. I’m so tired and don’t know why I’m not sleeping well. If tonight’s plan doesn’t work, I’ll try another plan for Thursday: take any prescription meds in the house that are labeled “may cause drowsiness”, get drunk, go to hotel room, sleep naked on 800 thread count sheets, have sex from 6:00 to 9:00, find partner who can last through sex from 6:00 to 9:00. Not sure DH is up (pun intended) to it.

10:00 a.m. – I am BORED OUT OF MY MIND. These poor kids needed about 30 minutes to finish their ILPs today and we have to stay in here for 2 hours and 15 minutes because that’s what they need for the 11th and 12th graders so they can finish their testing. Half the kids are comatose and the other half are playing games on their laptops. I’m just going to sit here and play See No Evil, Hear No Evil. How can we expect them to sit in this hot, stuffy room for more than two hours with nothing to do? Some of them are actually working on their ILPs. (Those that were absent yesterday) so we have to sit quietly. Not a good thing for them and not a good thing for me.

5:15 – Okay, putting my plan into action. I stopped by the pharmacy and bought an over the counter sleep aid and some Tylenol PM. Don’t know if all the tossing and turning is making my back hurt or if my back bothering me is causing the tossing and turning. DH is going to flip the mattress and I’m going to try the Tylenol PM tonight. DH didn’t give me any trouble about flipping and turning the mattress because he really wants me to get a good night’s sleep. I think the pressure of the Thursday night plan may be getting to him. I already had dinner, a veggie burger from Subway, but I’m a little short of calories for the day. I’ll see how it goes. I may wind up eating the other half this evening instead of saving it for lunch tomorrow but I’m full at the moment. I was going to workout but DH got a tad bit upset because he thinks it’s contributing to the backache. Isn’t it pitiful that I have to work so hard just to get some sleep?

In answer to your question, Joy…Yes, I’m under a lot of stress at work but I don’t think it’s any more than usual.


Wednesday Menu

McDonald’s Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (160)

Frozen turkey dinner (350)
watermelon (30)

Subway Veggie Burger on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, and jalapenos (390)


Tossin and Turnin

I hit the bed just after 9:30 last night. Fully intended to get a long, restful sleep. Guess it wasn’t to be. I was so tired, I fell asleep immediately but woke up at 11:30 burning up. Forgot to turn the air conditioning down. Fell asleep again and DH woke me up at 1:00 because the electricity was out. It came back on about 30 minutes later (just after we’d given up and found the battery operated alarms and gotten them set). Woke up at 3:30 because DH was getting ready for work and was making a racket. He and I both were worried about oversleeping to the point where we didn’t get much sleep at all. I finally dozed off again and the damn battery operated alarm he’d set as a backup started screeching at 4:00 and he was in the shower. I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off and had to get up, turn on the lights, and get my glasses before I could get it to shut up. Of course, I get up at 5:00 anyway. Not what I would call a restful night. I don’t know why the electricity went out. I’m getting tired of resetting the microwave, the coffeemaker, and all the clocks and alarms.

I took my coffee out to the spa and had a soak. Things are transitioning. The trees are a little spare, the patio was crunchy with fallen leaves, and it was a little cool. Still not fall but it’s in the air.

I shouldn’t have worried about making my calories yesterday. I went over by about 300. Will do better today.

Have a good one, girls!

4:30 – Another hectic day. Last week, we were testing grades 6-12 on Wednesday and Thursday. I was supposed to test a group of 9th graders. Not really a test…freshmen are required to complete an Individual Learning Plan which is on line and takes about 4 hours. They do this while other grades are testing. Since we missed school all last week, they rescheduled testing and emailed me to tell me it would be today and tomorrow. I had to leave my room and go to another room to meet with the kids at the alloted time. The teacher in charge of managing the ILPs was supposed to have met with all of them and made sure they knew their usernames and passwords. As we began testing, I discovered that several of my students were not able to log on using their usernames and passwords. I’m one of only a few individuals in our school district who has the rights to go on-line and change usernames and passwords so it wasn’t a problem for my kids. It was, however, a problem for all the other teachers trying to work with freshmen on ILPs. Pretty soon my phone was ringing off the hook with teachers trying to get me to reset usernames and passwords. It rang so much that I finally had to take it off the hook so I could work with the kids assigned to me. I’m not kidding, it was ringing about every three minutes. As soon as I took it off the hook, teachers started sending kids to the room where I was testing to have me reset their usernames and passwords. I spend the entire time with a line of kids outside the door that went all the way down the hall letting them in the room one at a time so they wouldn’t disturb my students and then sending them back to their testing sites.  To top it all off, the AP comes down to my room about an hour into testing and says, “Pat, all your students are in your room.  There’s no one with them.”  I said, “Why aren’t they in testing?” and he tells me that middle school is going to test on Thursday and Friday and this particular group of my students happen to be 8th graders.  How the Hell am I supposed to know that?  I work with the high school and have this one little group of middle schoolers that I teach.  He apologized and they sent someone to cover my class.  It’s really not anyone’s fault.  After being out of school all last week, everything had to be reorganized (?) very quickly and there were a lot of snags and miscommunications.  Because I’m technically a high school teacher, no one informed me of the changes to the testing schedule for the middle schoolers.  Hopefully, tomorrow will go better.  This is the first time I’ve tested kids because they usually need me to be available to trouble shoot.  I told them I was afraid we’d run into problems and I wouldn’t be available if I was testing a group of kids.  Now we know…I can’t teach a class, troubleshoot for the entire school, and test a group of kids all at the same time.  Only two hands and half a head, folks.  Make up your minds about what you want me to do.

DH surprised me by picking up some baked chicken from Kroger so I can have that for dinner along with some steamed cabbage.  Sounds good and I’m goin for it!


Tuesday Menu

McDonald’s Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (160)

chili with fritos (350)

All ready for work and glad to be back at it. Now we have to make up an entire week during summer break.

I’m all dressed up in new clothes, got my lunch packed, waiting on the boys to finish getting ready. Mr. Scale says 165.5 this morning and that makes me very happy.

8:20 – I’m sooooo confused! I can’t find the stuff I need and I’m totally disorganized! I feel like I’ve been off a month instead of a week.

4:15 – Sheesh! What a day! I had a really difficult time keeping things straight today. I arrived to find the two techie kings ready to do my bidding. Always wonderful to work with these guys but I wasn’t expecting them and wasn’t ready for them. Testing, which was to have taken place last week, was rescheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday and I was trying to get ready for that. Pathetic, arrogant, upchuck lowlife was absent today so I was trying to do his job and mine. Add to that, cleaning out my little fridge of all the gross stuff (power was out at the school for 5 days), and a whole bunch of paperwork on my desk that got nothing from me but a blank stare, and it turned out to be a challenging and hectic day. I felt particularly bad when the two techie kings had to wait on me because I just couldn’t keep up with them with all I had to do. They’re so wonderful and so much in demand that I felt bad to have them cooling their heels so much today.

Food went well today. I took my lunch and ate it while working. Don’t even remember it but it wasn’t all that memorable anyway (a simple salad). I got home a while ago and fixed a Lean Cuisine. I know I don’t always eat enough and I figured it up and found that I’d only eaten about 300 calories so far so I felt like I needed to eat something else. When I’m really busy, I actually don’t have time to eat and I can find myself staring at a total of six or seven hundred calories at the end of the day if I’m not careful. I’m trying to make sure I eat around 1200 each day. Fortunately (?), I don’t have that problem most days. I’m exhausted and plan on taking it easy this evening. It was really hard to roll out of bed at 5:00 this morning and I’m too tired to work out.  I’ll definitely hit the bed early tonight.


Monday Menu

McDonald’s Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (160)

Salad (100)
String Cheese (80)

Early afternoon:
Lean Cuisine Lemongrass chicken (240)

2 Tilapia Sandwiches (600)
Watermelon (100)

Sugar Free Fat Free fudgesicle (45)
Popcorn (200)

Total 1,525


Change is Gonna Come

Finally broke down and weighed myself. 166.5. Lucky me, with all the crap I’ve been eating lately. Today is going to have to include some real thinking and planning. I’m not sure why I’m eating in the evenings lately but I’ve got to stop. Not really eating in the evenings…more like bingeing. I did great yesterday and then DH decided to fix spring rolls for dinner. This is a recipe I’ve had for more than 30 years that was given to me by a Phillipino friend when we lived in Okinawa. It’s made with ground beef, homemade wrappers consisting of flour, egg, and water, and then deep-fried. I don’t make them anymore because they’re a lot of work, a lot of mess, and a lot of fat and calories. The entire house will smell like garlic, onions, and grease for the next two days. Of course, DH is not concerned. “You don’t have to do anything. I’ll make them and I’ll clean up the mess. You can eat a Lean Cuisine for dinner.” That’s true…I could have eaten a lean cuisine but how’s that going to happen when those juicy little rolls are piling up on the platter and the entire house smells like spring rolls? So I had to eat one. Just one…and then just one more…until I ate 5 of them and didn’t have any calories left for anything else. So then, I’m in a pickle. They didn’t fill me up but I have no calories left for the day. So…I finished off the watermelon and went to bed. Didn’t get much sleep because I had reflux all night until I finally got sick about 4:00 a.m. When will I learn that I can’t eat that kind of greasy crap? When will he learn to stop cooking and eating that kind of greasy crap? Ahhh…today’s another day…

Finally found a picture from yet another trip to Hawaii in 1999. I used to keep a journal and I found the picture inside it. In the journal, I’m talking about how I’ve torn all these ligaments and tendons in my ankles and am having so much pain but am trying to put off the surgery as long as I can. The picture is definitely showing a much more “robust” Sistah Pat. The dress is loose and billowy but there’s definitely a big butt under there. I think I’m slimmer now. It’s hard to tell. I know I put on a lot more weight after the picture was taken. Wonder if little sister realizes how much turmoil she caused by asking me to go through all these pictures this week? I guess I could call this week The Journey from Fit to Fat and the Road Back. I’m on the road…still have a long way to go. At least my hair is back 😉

12:00 – I found the Jane Fonda Complete Workout tape. I spent the last hour and a half watching it. Does that count as a workout? No? Sheesh… You guys are tough. I don’t see any reason that I can’t do it. I’m getting concerned about the constant backache and think the strength building exercises will help with that but I sure do see a lot of aches and pains in the near future. I remember hopping around all over the family room doing this workout years ago. I never paid any attention to the fact that half the group on the tape were doing a lower impact version. I should be able to do that. Maybe I can do the low impact side and gradually add some of the movements in high impact. I noticed that there are a lot of quick turns and moves on the ankles. Don’t know if I can do that but I won’t know till I try. Maybe in a few minutes. Not sure I want to know how bad it is…

9:45 – Yeah, it was bad. The upper body workout was okay but I can’t use my 3 and 5 pound weights for it. I’m going to have to get some 2 pound weights and do it with 2 and 3 pound weights for a while. I noticed that my neck and shoulders felt the strain. Really need to work on it.

The aerobics were a different story. I had a hard time following it, even doing low impact, because it’s so fast paced. Some of it was familiar but I’ll have to do it a few more times to get it right. Anyway…I did it.


Sunday Menu

Kashi Go Lean with lite vanilla soymilk (200)

Special K Protein Bar (180)

Salad with broiled chicken breasts (500)

Popcorn (150)

Total 1,030