Don’t you hate that?  Lying in bed all warm and snuggly and that nagging need to get up and go pee?  Of course, once you get up, it’s all over.  Could have slept another few minutes but now I’m wide awake.  Guess I’ll take my coffee out to the spa…

5:40 – That was kinda nice…a warm breeze stirring the trees and the wind chimes, the sun just starting to lighten the sky.  Not a bad way to start the day and the day ahead of me is going to be busy!  I’ve got lots of things to do at work so I’m keeping it easy today.  Cute new white crops with silver embroidery around the cuffs and that little $2.99 silk blouse I got.  I’m having so much fun wearing all my new clothes!  I know, I’m such a girl!  Still, I’m stuck with all these men around here and it isn’t easy.

6:15 – Oops!  Think I made a boo boo.  Little sister and DS encouraged me to set up a site on Tagged to stay in touch because several members of the family are on there.  I’m not very savvy at this kind of stuff but I’m learning.  Mostly, I’m learning that there are a lot of weirdos out there.  My page says I’m happily married and NOT interested in anyone else, I’m a grandmother, I like to travel, and I like to garden.  All these people keep asking to be “friends”.  I’m learning rather quickly that they don’t read the bio.  Or…they ignore it.  Last night a guy from across the river wanted to be my friend.  I clicked okay.  I thought he was interested in gardening and stuff.  I mean, I can always delete him if he’s a creep but this morning I clicked on my site and there’s all these gifts!  Innocent little things like happy faces, daisies, friendship bracelets, etc.  I accepted them and then I went to send a happy face to little sister and found out they cost real money!  My new “friend” from across the river actually paid for these things.  Crap!  What do I do?  Say “Thanks!  I didn’t know these things actually cost money.  Sorry I wasted yours!  Gonna delete you now.  Bye, Bye!”  Probably should just delete the entire site.

By the way…scales show 169 this morning.  Slowly getting there.  I’m beginning to think 150 by Christmas break may be pushing it. Gotta think about that.

2:15 – Yeah, I’m home early.  DS is sick.  I MADE him go to the doctor this morning and the doctor told him to go to the hospital.  I came home early so he wouldn’t have to drive his truck and he’s sacked out and won’t get up.  Says he’s tired and he’ll go in a little while.  Damn!  Let me tell you a few things about my men:

My men won’t go to the doctor.

My men don’t have a problem with blood like women do.  “EWWWW!!! You’re bleeding!  Get a bandaid before you get it on something.  That’s gross!!”

My men won’t turn on their turn signals and mouth the words, “Can I get over?”  They try to push their way in and then curse because no one wants to let them in.

My men won’t put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder.  Even after I bought a jazzy new one where they only have to slide it on.

My men don’t see a problem with leaving gobs of shaving creme with nasty chin stubble imbedded in it all over the sink.

My men won’t use coasters.

My men can spend five minutes staring into the camera and then take the worst pictures imaginable. No head, no feet, no head or feet…you get the idea.

There are days when I love them because of something and there are days when I love them in spite of something.  Today, I’m giving them a lot of “in spite ofs”.

5:30 – It’s not hubby who’s sick, Susan.  It’s my son.  He finally headed to the emergency room a little while ago.  Stubborn!  Jaker and Scout came over.  Obviously, as you can see from Jake’s expression, Mom is still acting up. 

I’m going to take one more picture of my outfit tomorrow and then I’m quitting.  None of the cute stuff shows up!  You can’t see the beautiful silver embroidery around the cuffs of the pants or the cute little cutouts and sequins, and baubles, and beads!  That’s no fun!

DH killed a ham today.  Put it on to bake at 300 degrees and baked it for 12 hours.  It’s all dried up and black and salty and he’s saying, “Now that’s the way I like a ham!”  You can have it, baby.  All week…I’m not eating it.  Hack off a big ole chunk and choke it down!   I’m going to bake some tilapia.


leighish says 27th August @ 10:08

and I’m beginning to think 199 by thanksgiving is pushing it but that’s still my goal! Come on patty! we’re the little chickies that could! i think i can i think i can i think i can.
Man patty, look at all your admirers! habitat guy, norman, now guy across the river…. you just can’t be stopped!

grabthebull says 27th August @ 10:11

now patty, you know better. you know what they say about that guy that lives in the van down by the river…

grabthebull says 27th August @ 10:12

lucky you, in your cute little silk blouse. you make me gag. he he, j/k. maybe.

grabthebull says 27th August @ 16:20

blood… hair… sounds like a crime scene. or prison. do they have coasters in prison?

leighish says 27th August @ 16:29

psh. men.

susan says 27th August @ 16:47

Yeah, but we love ’em anyway.

Hope your husband is soon back doing all the things that annoy you.

angela says 27th August @ 18:51

yah i ate that when u gotta go pee!!! your men sound like my man! hahahahaha

leighish says 27th August @ 20:42

hahaha! Patty! The other day you were joking about Norman Bates! I was just trying to be hilarious! I guess I failed miserably 🙁

leighish says 27th August @ 22:17

now THATS saying something!

Joy says 28th August @ 6:40

I hope that your DS feels better soon. You are such a great mom coming home early like that to help him.
I really like that blouse you are wearing. It is such a pretty soft color.
LOL I am just laughing so hard about the HAM! That is so funny.
Take care

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