Slept well last night. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to keep everything I bought yesterday evening but I probably will. I spent a lot of bucks but I love everything. Everytime I look at my goodies with an eye toward taking something back, I can’t find a single thing that I’m not crazy about except two pairs of pants and they were on clearance for $8.99 so it’s not even worth it. Yesterday was all about me, me me! Today, I’m going to see if I can find anything fabulous for little sister, DIL, or a friend from work who asked me to look for her. Don’t know if I can do that very well. I’m a very flamboyant dresser and she’s very conservative. (sigh) What fun is that? Still, she always loves the stuff I wear and comments on it. She just doesn’t wear it herself. I wonder if she’d even wear something really bright and colorful if I got it for her? If I get her anything, it better be off the clearance rack so she’s not out a bunch of money in case she doesn’t like it. The mall opens at 10:00 and it’s 9:30 so I guess I’d better get my shower and get ready. Don’t know how long DH will be able to stand shopping but I assume we’ll be heading home before noon. I did mention that there was some kind of tool outlet here and that sparked his interest.

3:00 – Got home about thirty minutes ago. What a nice outing! It feels like I’ve had a little mini-vacation and yet I still have most of today and all day tomorrow off. We shopped from 10:00 to around noon and then left Edinburgh. Didn’t find anything for anyone else although I tried. Found some more goodies for ME! Got a pastel pink blouse for $2.99, another pair of pants for $9.99, and a purse. The blouse is not really my style but it’s 100% silk, fits and feels great and was $2.99 for Heaven’s Sakes! Went in Coach and found lots of $400.00 purses for the low, low price of $250.00. No, thank you. There was a woman in there who picked up an $800.00 purse, walked over to an area with some greenery, and had her friend take a picture of her. What’s that all about??? Guess she’s going to tell all her friends it’s a picture of her on vacation at a garden and wait to see if they all say, “OMG! Is that a Coach purse you’re carrying???” Did find some cute “picnic” dishes in Le Gourmet however and bought a big platter that looks like a hot dog, a lazy susan with three bowls and a hot dog base, and salt and pepper shakers that look like hotdogs for the low, low price of $8.00 for the entire set. They’re really cute! Now, if I could just eat hotdogs, I’d have the perfect table setting. I also picked up a set of 4 different combinations of flavoring spices for dipping oil. They had samples. You just add a couple teaspoons of the spices to some olive oil and it makes a great dipping oil for Italian bread. They had little cubes of bread so I could sample it. There aren’t any calories in samples, are there? I know there weren’t any calories in the pretzel sticks and assorted salsas and spreads they had available for dipping them into. Everybody knows a pretzel sample doesn’t have any calories.

On the way home, we stopped at a produce stand and I got a bunch of homegrown tomatoes, green tomatoes, peaches, and red peppers. Got them all cheap! Red peppers are $1.50 each at Kroger right now and I got some nice ones at 2 for $1.00.

Final stop was a Russell Stovers Outlet to look for hard chocolate. STILL didn’t find any. Guess I’m going to have to order it and pay shipping. I am congratulating myself on passing up all those samples and not even buying the chocolates that were fantastic bargains!

9:30 – I’ve been eating all day and yet, I haven’t eaten. Weird! I had about 4 little bread cubes dipped in assorted olive oil dipping sauces at Le Gourmet. Also had about a half dozen pretzels dipped in honey mustard, habanero mango salsa, etc. Got home and I had a homegrown tomato that we picked up at the produce stand. I bought some green tomatoes and did my “fake” fried green tomatoes in the oven with some shredded asiago cheese over them. Snacked on them and then looked up and it’s 9:30! How did that happen? I was just sitting here happily glueing beads and sequins and crap on cheap flip flops and the time got away from me. I ate a package of mini rice cakes earlier while I was working in the yard. No sense in fixing dinner. DH went out and got Mickey D’s for himself and the boys. Wish I’d known he was going. I would have liked to have a yogurt parfait.

Okay…so what do you do with 8 pair of cheap but really cute flip flops?


brseay says 23rd August @ 11:10

Have fun shopping! I bet your hubby will get lost in the tools and you’ll be waiting on HIM! Let us know what you got.

Joy says 23rd August @ 19:00

ahhhh a female with a shopping spirit that matches mine. 😉
You sound like your found some great buys. I am so glad that you had this time to have this mini getaway. You work so hard and deserve it.
NOPE I looked in the calorie counter book under samples and they are NOT there so they must be zero! 😆

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