Purgeing (cont.)

Looks like it’s going to be another day of getting rid of crap around here. DH truly does have a problem with this. One of these days, I’m going to have to give the topic a lot of thought and see if I can figure out how to make him stop but, in the meantime, I’m just going to have to keep getting rid of stuff. He has a terrible habit of throwing stuff in drawers, closets, boxes, etc. Of course, when we need something that we haven’t seen for a while, we can never find it because he doesn’t know where he stashed it and we wind up buying another. I probably have a half dozen staplers around here, five or six tape measures, a dozen backpacks…you get the picture. What’s ironic is that I think part of the reason he does this is because I don’t like clutter. He’ll have all this junk accumulating on his dresser and he knows I’m going to start bitching about it so he dumps it all in a box or a drawer and sticks it out of the way somewhere. One of his favorite dumping grounds is the big bowl of glass fruit in the middle of the kitchen table. He’ll toss a bottle of aspirin into it, then a pair of glasses, then a couple of keys and the problem starts. Just before it gets to the point where there isn’t any room for the fruit, he’ll take all the stuff out of it, throw it in a box, and put the box on a shelf in a closet. Repeat as needed…

Enough bitching for one morning…the scales are showing 170. What’s that about? I really haven’t been eating a lot of fruit and veggies lately. Seems like I’ve been eating a protein bar for breakfast, a frozen dinner for lunch, and a sandwich for dinner. Where’s the green stuff? The calorie count is low enough but the exercise and nutrition haven’t been too good. I may have mentioned this before but what’s the deal with these frozen, diet dinners? If I were producing them, I’d put a fair amount of meat in there, skip the rice and pasta, and fill-er-up with veggies. I don’t know why they have a little half cup serving of the veggies. It seems like the carb serving is larger than the good stuff. Maybe I’ll get off my butt today and actually plan dinner instead of throwing a couple pieces of tilapia on the broiler at the last minute and making a fish sandwich.

groan…I’ve been up for a half hour or so and had two cups of coffee. I’m going to be awake here in a few minutes and have to hit the treadmill.

11:30 – The treadmill was miserable today.  It was hot and my ankle was bothering me and I just couldn’t seem to find my “stride”.  A very loud voice in my head kept saying, “This is not going to work today.  Why don’t you just give it up?”  Then it started in with the “Okay, you’ve done 45 minutes.  You can say you worked out.  Just call it a day and quit.”  At the end it was, “What difference is another ten or fifteen minutes going to make?  You don’t have to do anymore.”  Having said that, I’m very pleased with myself for hanging in there for the full 95 minutes and doing 5 miles and 785 calories.  Now, I can quit.


Sunday Menu

Protein Bar (220)

Popcorn (200)

Vietnamese dry pork wrapped in lettuce leaves (300)
Egg drop soup (75)
“Fried” rice (100)

Mini rice cakes (180)
fudgesicle (45)

Total 1.120


Saturday menu

Kashi Go Lean with Soy milk (200)

Frozen Turkey Dinner (350)

two tilapia sandwiches (500)

1 pkg mini rice cakes

“Mrs. R, this is Mary Lou from ____________ . We’re going to be in your neighborhood next week and were wondering if you have any old clothes or shoes you’d like to donate.” Seems like I get that call from the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Cedar Lake Lodge, or Disabled American Vets about once a week. Whoever it is this time is going to hit the jackpot. I’ve got to get the bedroom cleared out today.

I don’t know how DH can sleep so much. Ordinarily, if I can sleep in, I’ll wake up no more than eight hours after I hit the sack. DH can sleep for 12 or 13 hours! He was dead to the world when I got home at 9:30 last night and the boys said he’d been asleep at least an hour. Now it’s 8:30 and he’s still snoozing. I think I’m jealous. There’s no way I could sleep that long. Now that the smell of fresh coffee is meandering through the house, he’ll probably wake up.

Yes, Leighish, Kroger has beautiful flowers and I’ve gotten them many times. What I meant to say is that this isn’t one of the standard bunches that sit up at the checkout for $9.99. This one has some really unusual flowers and greenery in it. He may very well have gotten it at Kroger but it’s not one of the run of the mill arrangements. You, girlfriend, are well on your way to Employee of the Month!

Anyone know the name of Eryn76’s blog? She’s made nice comments a couple of times and I’d like to answer her but I can’t get her blog to come up.

9:30 – Excuse me while I have a momentary rant…

Dammit! Why is this place so damn disfunctional???? I thought I’d get a treadmill workout while I’m fresh and the upstairs is still cool. I left my MP3 player on the kitchen island a few days ago while the battery recharged. Now it’s nowhere to be found. DH has a VERY bad habit of picking things up and stashing them in totally inappropriate places. It’s probably been thrown in a tool box, or a kitchen drawer, or the hall closet. I periodically go through and clean out drawers and shelves where he stashes EVERYTHING! Instead of putting the nail clippers in the box in the hall closet, he’ll toss them in a drawer in the kitchen. He’ll pick up a pair of pliers and throw them in with the nail clippers. After a few days, I’ll go through the drawer and have to put away spools of thread, pliers, nail clippers, ink pens, safety pins, staplers, combs, aspirin, dental floss, etc. It takes me forever to put everything where it goes and then it starts all over again. I thought he might have taken my MP3 player upstairs to the treadmill where it belongs and discovered he has two new boxes of computer crap stored on my treadmill. Damn! This is one of those I love you “in spite of” things I was telling you about. I’ve been trying to get him to stop doing this for 30 years and it’s not going to happen!

12:00 – Perseverance paid off. I made DH get up and he looked for a few minutes and found my MP3 in the drawer of the sidetable in the family room. I did the 3 more miles workout but really upped the speed. I got up to 3.7 for about 5 minutes and then did a couple minutes at 3.8. Spent a lot of time at 3.6. After it was all done, I managed 5.25 miles and burned 820 calories. I feel really good about getting a workout in this morning. Now I’m going to go on a junk rampage.

5:30 – Okay, I did a closet purge and made DH do one as well.  I really didn’t have a lot to get rid of because I did a purge two or three weeks ago but DH filled TWO garbage bags.  Actually, I think he could fill a third but that would be pushing my luck.  I bought him a really nice jogging suit three years ago and he’s never worn it.  The tags are still on it.  When I gave it to him, I could tell he didn’t like it and I offered to take it back but he swore that he would wear it.  Today, I said, “You need to get rid of that jogging suit.”

“No, I’m not getting rid of it.  It’s brand new!”

“It’s brand new because you’ve never worn it!  You don’t need it.”

“I’m still not giving it to Goodwill.  It’s never been worn!”

“That’s my point!  It’s never going to be worn if it sits in the closet.  Get rid of it!”

He gives me that stubborn look and hangs it back in the closet.  It’s kind of like the 1970 Honda 450 he’s had at the side of the house for 25 years and the organ and amplifier he has upstairs from when he was in a band in 1968.  I don’t get it.

I didn’t dream that it would take this long to clear out the dressers and closet in our bedroom but I’m tired and I’m calling it a day.  Maybe it took so long because I tried on everything in the closet and got rid of it if it didn’t make me happy.  It seems like I’ve been trying on clothes all day.  I did manage to get most of my stuff taken care of but I still have all the shelves in the closet and the storage tubs under the bed.

hmmm…15 minutes before I have to get my shower. Spa or blog? Later, girls!

Okay, I should have blogged. The spa wasn’t that great. It’s incredibly humid outside and the air was heavy and sticky. Not even a hint of a breeze. It’s overcast and I couldn’t see the moon or the stars. What’s on the agenda for the weekend? Pam and I are supposed to drive to Edinburgh after work today. The Outlet Mall is supposed to have a fantastic Labor Day Sale. We should be able to get there around 5:30 or so this afternoon and we can shop for two or three hours and then head home.

Could have sworn I heard a little giggle as Mr. Scale rolled up to 170 this morning. Okay, buddy. My bad. Sometimes the wine just calls your name, you know what I mean?

Let’s see…what else is on the agenda this weekend? Major overhaul on our bedroom. I have clothes stuffed in every drawer, the closet, the big bench at the foot of the bed, and plastic tubs under the bed. Everytime we open the closet, shoes spill out onto the floor and it takes ten minutes to find a match for the one I choose. Should be fun!

9:30 p.m. – Busy day! I just got home from shopping. Found several good buys and a couple of great buys! I got two metal belts that were originally $60.00 each for $7.00 each. One of them is made of 3 strands of silver and amethyst colored beads and the other is gold and silver. I also got a black leather purse, a black travelknit blouse with a metal medallion on the front, a gorgeous black and white jacket, a red jacket, a pair of green jacquard pants and a pair of deep pink jacquard pants, a pair of white sandals, and a really pretty orange necklace made of beading. They had a fabulous black pantsuit for evening wear that was just gorgeous marked down from $169.00 to $9.99. I racked my brain for someone who could wear it but they only had it in small and I couldn’t think of anyone. I have friends that can wear a petite small but not a regular small. It made me sick to walk away from it because the beading was fabulous! I also picked out a black and white travelknit skirt to go with the blouse and I loved it but Pam absolutely would not let me buy it. She said it was too big. I had a hard time walking away from it and I’m still wishing I’d gotten it. I thought it looked good but I bow to the higher authority. Pam said it was too big and I tried to argue the point but got nowhere. Since I’m trying to stop wearing stuff that’s too baggy, I gave in.

I arrived at work this morning to find a card and a beautiful red vase with a gorgeous bouquet of cut flowers on my desk. The flowers are a mixture of roses, lilies, and exotic blossoms. Not the ordinary kind of bouquet you find at the Kroger checkout but a very fragrant and beautiful arrangement. It was a gift from Phyllisann’s son. I’ve been trying to help him through an online geometry course that he had to take and it hasn’t been easy for him. He presevered, however, and passed the final yesterday. It was such a sweet and unexpected gift that I was really touched. It’s the unexpected things in life that bring so much joy and happiness!

Alright chickies, I hear the spa calling! I can soak for a while and then hit the bed and sleep in tomorrow.  Yes, Friday is a very good thing.



Friday Menu


Krazy Kat!

5:30 a.m. – Morning, Chickies!  The cat’s going nuts.  Running from one end of the house to the other like he’s deranged.  Looks like he’s having fun.  Maybe I should try it.  Running, I mean, not being deranged.

Nothing much going on this morning.  Gotta get ready and head to work.  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife and I have monthly training sessions but we can’t both go to them because we have classes this year.  I told him he could go to this one and I’ll teach his classes all day.  Next month, he gets to babysit my kiddies so I can go.  Not a bad deal considering I don’t have to deal with him today!

After work, I’m meeting Pam at the gym to workout.  She can’t make water aerobics today so we’re just going to do some cardio.

Pretty routine day shaping up.  Might as well get to it.

6:10 – Well, helllloooo 168!  Pleasant way to start the day.

12:55 – I have 15 minutes for lunch before the kiddos come in.  I’m getting very annoyed with things at work today.  Because I’m in a resource position, I’m not supposed to be teaching classes.  I’m supposed to work full-time with teachers.  However, we all do what we’ve gotta do to make it work for the kids.  Because I’m not supposed to have kids, I don’t have a classroom.  I have a little cubby hole in a corner of the library.  Now that I have classes, I have to take them to the back of the library and try to teach them without a proper room.

Our librarian doesn’t feel that kids are utilizing the library like they should so she’s begun this “Oh, Boy!  Come to the Library!” campaign.  Kids are running down the aisles, laughing and cutting up, and it’s so noisy I can’t hear myself think!  It was so bad yesterday that I asked the AP to make an announcement at the next faculty meeting for teachers to discuss proper behavior with their students when they’re in the library.  The librarian surprised (shocked?) me when she called out, “Don’t you DARE do anything that would keep classes from coming to the library!  I don’t care how much noise they make.  As long as they’re coming I don’t want anything done that would make teachers feel uncomfortable with bringing their classes here.” 

Well, Hell!  Why don’t we just let em order pizza, turn on the stereo and dance in the stacks?  Honestly, I think she’s angry that Paul and I have to hold classes in the library and she’s trying to make a point by making sure the library is NOT conductive to learning.  Having said that…it doesn’t help me with the situation.

5:40 – What an awful day!  By the time it was over, I was ready to scream!  Things got worse and worse until I was ready to just give up by the last period and say, “Hey!  You guys don’t have to do anything.  Just run around, throw paperwads, and make all kinds of noise like the rest of the people in here!”  I couldn’t wait until 2:20 and then the principal comes on the intercom to remind us all that we have a faculty meeting in the library after school.  Crap!  Faculty meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month but I forgot that she scheduled one for this afternoon because next Tuesday is Open House and we’re all expected to be at the school from 5:30 to 8:00 after having already worked all day.  This is one of those days when retirement looks REAL good.  The faculty meeting ran from 2:30 to 4:00 and I just got home about an hour ago.  I emailed the principal and told her we would have to find another location for my classes because the library is “not an appropriate environment and not conductive to learning”. 

One of my students was admiring my new phone this morning before school started (“Oooohhh!  One of the new Blackberries!, Cool!”) and I told her I didn’t know how to do anything with it.  She asked what I wanted to do and I told her I’d like to take a picture.  She said, “Smile!” and a bunch of my kids ran up to get in the picture.  I’ll tell you what…she takes a better picture than any of the guys around here!  She showed me how to take pictures and e-mail them to my AOL account. Maybe I can be in her class next semester!  By the way…how come little Dominick is taller than me and I’m wearing Barbie shoes? 

Pam cancelled out on the workout this evening so I’m in for the night.  Maybe I should just have a glass of wine!

8:45 – Oops!  Who drank the whole bottle and how did I forget to eat dinner?  I’m going to sit in the spa and then hit the bed early.


Thursday Menu

Light Yogurt (80)

Popcorn (100)

Frozen Marie Callendar’s Turkey dinner (350)

Don’t you hate that?  Lying in bed all warm and snuggly and that nagging need to get up and go pee?  Of course, once you get up, it’s all over.  Could have slept another few minutes but now I’m wide awake.  Guess I’ll take my coffee out to the spa…

5:40 – That was kinda nice…a warm breeze stirring the trees and the wind chimes, the sun just starting to lighten the sky.  Not a bad way to start the day and the day ahead of me is going to be busy!  I’ve got lots of things to do at work so I’m keeping it easy today.  Cute new white crops with silver embroidery around the cuffs and that little $2.99 silk blouse I got.  I’m having so much fun wearing all my new clothes!  I know, I’m such a girl!  Still, I’m stuck with all these men around here and it isn’t easy.

6:15 – Oops!  Think I made a boo boo.  Little sister and DS encouraged me to set up a site on Tagged to stay in touch because several members of the family are on there.  I’m not very savvy at this kind of stuff but I’m learning.  Mostly, I’m learning that there are a lot of weirdos out there.  My page says I’m happily married and NOT interested in anyone else, I’m a grandmother, I like to travel, and I like to garden.  All these people keep asking to be “friends”.  I’m learning rather quickly that they don’t read the bio.  Or…they ignore it.  Last night a guy from across the river wanted to be my friend.  I clicked okay.  I thought he was interested in gardening and stuff.  I mean, I can always delete him if he’s a creep but this morning I clicked on my site and there’s all these gifts!  Innocent little things like happy faces, daisies, friendship bracelets, etc.  I accepted them and then I went to send a happy face to little sister and found out they cost real money!  My new “friend” from across the river actually paid for these things.  Crap!  What do I do?  Say “Thanks!  I didn’t know these things actually cost money.  Sorry I wasted yours!  Gonna delete you now.  Bye, Bye!”  Probably should just delete the entire site.

By the way…scales show 169 this morning.  Slowly getting there.  I’m beginning to think 150 by Christmas break may be pushing it. Gotta think about that.

2:15 – Yeah, I’m home early.  DS is sick.  I MADE him go to the doctor this morning and the doctor told him to go to the hospital.  I came home early so he wouldn’t have to drive his truck and he’s sacked out and won’t get up.  Says he’s tired and he’ll go in a little while.  Damn!  Let me tell you a few things about my men:

My men won’t go to the doctor.

My men don’t have a problem with blood like women do.  “EWWWW!!! You’re bleeding!  Get a bandaid before you get it on something.  That’s gross!!”

My men won’t turn on their turn signals and mouth the words, “Can I get over?”  They try to push their way in and then curse because no one wants to let them in.

My men won’t put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder.  Even after I bought a jazzy new one where they only have to slide it on.

My men don’t see a problem with leaving gobs of shaving creme with nasty chin stubble imbedded in it all over the sink.

My men won’t use coasters.

My men can spend five minutes staring into the camera and then take the worst pictures imaginable. No head, no feet, no head or feet…you get the idea.

There are days when I love them because of something and there are days when I love them in spite of something.  Today, I’m giving them a lot of “in spite ofs”.

5:30 – It’s not hubby who’s sick, Susan.  It’s my son.  He finally headed to the emergency room a little while ago.  Stubborn!  Jaker and Scout came over.  Obviously, as you can see from Jake’s expression, Mom is still acting up. 

I’m going to take one more picture of my outfit tomorrow and then I’m quitting.  None of the cute stuff shows up!  You can’t see the beautiful silver embroidery around the cuffs of the pants or the cute little cutouts and sequins, and baubles, and beads!  That’s no fun!

DH killed a ham today.  Put it on to bake at 300 degrees and baked it for 12 hours.  It’s all dried up and black and salty and he’s saying, “Now that’s the way I like a ham!”  You can have it, baby.  All week…I’m not eating it.  Hack off a big ole chunk and choke it down!   I’m going to bake some tilapia.


Wednesday Menu

Special K Protein Bar (180)

Lean Cuisine (210)

2 Tilapia Sandwiches (500)
sliced tomatoes (50)

3 cups popcorn (100)
fudgesicle (45)

Total 1,095


Gimme an eight!

Weighed 168.5 this morning! That’s 16EIGHT.5. That’s a nice start for what’s otherwise looking like a pretty lame day. Don’t know why I’m feeling so blah. Let’s see..let’s just do “stream of conciousness” here for a couple of minutes…



don’t know what to wear…gonna get dirty…
my neck and face look old..
gotta meet Pam at the gym this afternoon for water aerobics…
slight headache…
DS is going to need to pick up the boys after school…
don’t have the lesson ready for my students yet…
gotta gas up the car on the way to work…
I look like my Mom…(sigh)

I don’t know why I’m in a funk. Phyllisanne and I are cutting school this afternoon. The new principal wants to spruce up the flower beds around the school and Phyllisanne is supposed to find some cheap plants. I told her about Habitat so we’re cutting last period and driving over there. New plants come in on Tuesday afternoons so they ought to have something decent. I know I might get dirty dealing with the plants so I don’t get to wear one of the nice outfits today. Let me see what I can find…

6:30 a.m. – Okay, I figured it out. I’m going to wear a nice outfit but the pants are orange so they shouldn’t really get dirty and I’m taking an orange tee shirt so I can throw it on before we head to Habitat. Phyllisanne is so damn cute! Hope she doesn’t steal Habitat Guy from me.

5:30 – Finally got home.  Didn’t get to cut school today.  Phyllisanne couldn’t get away so we had to go after school was out.  I drove home, dropped the boys off and then we headed over to Habitat.  Got some great plants for a good price.  Not a great price (the old lady was there) but a good price.

Pam cancelled the gym for this evening.  The doctors may have finally figured out what’s going on with her.  It’s beginning to look like her gall bladder is the culprit.  She still has to have a few more appointments to try to figure out the best approach for dealing with it.  I was actually glad that she cancelled.  DS called and it looks like DIL is getting ready to go off the deep end again.  That’s got me upset at the moment and I really didn’t feel like going to the gym when she’s acting up again.  She’s definitely manic and has been for several days.  I told him he’d better line up a babysitter and find a car because she’s probably getting ready to take off again.  He wanted me to call and try to talk to her.  I’ve had pretty good results when I’ve done that in the past but I’m so tired of it.  After she took off and left him and the kids for two years and he finally got full custody and then let her come back, I told him I wouldn’t get caught in the middle anymore.  I’m trying really hard to keep that committment.  It’s too emotionally draining to deal with her when she’s like this and I really don’t want to get dragged into it.  It’s sad, really, but he needs to accept that this is the way she is and he either has to deal with it himself, or take the kids and walk away.

On a brighter note, here’s today’s outfit.  I love these orange pants!  Actually, I love the jacket, too.  The other picture (without the jacket) is there because DH took it when I wasn’t ready and I was cutting up and it actually looks like me.  I can’t figure out the pictures I’ve taken lately.  They don’t look like me.  This one does and that’s why it’s there. 


Tuesday Menu

Special K Protein Bar (180)

Lean Cuisine (260)
sliced tomato (50)

5:15 – The last five minutes I’ve been taking off the nail polish I put on last night.  The more I look at it, the more I hate it.  It’s one of those dark red/purple/brownish colors.  I never would have bought this shade but a friend gave it to me with the remark, “This color is way too dark for me but it would look great on you.”  Not!

169.5 is visiting this morning.  “Nice to see ya, Buddy, but could ya clear out and make room for some of the other 60s?” Okay, off to the showers.

8:00 – Things are not looking good.  The air conditioning is out in our building and we have very few windows in the building.  (Of course, this is our new look for schools these days.  If there aren’t any windows, the kids can’t throw bricks through em.)  They’re saying it’s because the electric went out during last night’s storm.  What storm????  There wasn’t any storm at my house and everything in my refrigerator is spoiled.  It would not have spoiled and gotten warm in a few hours.  This power must have gone out Friday or Saturday.  I’m tossing an unopened half gallon of soy milk, 5 Lean Cuisines, 5 cartons of yogurt, and a sloppy mess of melted fudgesicles.  Our on-line grading and attendance program is down and e-mail is down.  My pain-in-the-ass co-worker, PAUL (Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck, Lowlife), is on my nerves BIG TIME.  Jerk!  Doesn’t look good, cookies!

3:45 – Couldn’t wait to get out of the building and away from Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife!  He was driving me crazy today.  Some of you may remember him from last year.  Yeah, he’s still there.  Me?  I just try to do my job.  I don’t run to the administration every time I do something good and say, “Look!  It’s Me, ME, ME!”  He’s truly perfecting the art of avoiding any kind of work that doesn’t have any glory attached to it and then grabbing every bit of the credit for the glamourous stuff.  I like to think that everyone knows he’s not a team player but it still irritates the Hell out of me.  I try to word things with “We did this” or “We decided to do this” or “We’re thinking this might be the solution to the problem.”  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife is good at taking all the credit for things that many of us worked on.  I suppose I could run around behind him and say, “You know, he didn’t really do that.  I did!”  but it goes against the grain.  Today, he took the credit for something I’ve been working on for two weeks and ran to the new principal to tell her that “I got this finished!  It’s all taken care of.  If you need anything else from me, just let me know!”  I think Toby Keith wrote a song for this guy.

Okay, enough bitching.  I’m home now.  Andrew still can’t take a decent picture.  Maybe it’s the subject.  He spent a good twenty minutes trying to take a picture of my outfit.  He got my feet, he got my head, he got my torso without a head or feet, he got me leaning sideways, etc.  By the time he got this picture, I was getting pretty cranky.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll just take a picture of the clothes on the hanger!


Monday Menu

Special K Protein Bar (180)

Lean Cuisine (250)
Pretzels (100)

2 fish sandwiches on whole wheat buns (540
watermelon (50)

Total 1,210

1 pkg mini rice cakes (90)


Mundane Sunday

I really need to take care of some boring, mundane stuff today. Need to clean the house, do the laundry, fertilize the flowers, blah, blah, blah…

DIL called last night and asked me to watch Jake and Scout for a couple of hours today so she could attend a funeral. I checked the pool yesterday and the temp was up to 80 degrees. Maybe they’ll want to take an end of the season swim. Pam said she wants to meet at the gym today but she didn’t say what time. I’ll call her in a little bit and see what she wants to do. No sense in writing anymore at the moment because there’s nothing exciting to write about…(unless you’d call marinating a pork loin exciting and I don’t think that qualifies)

6:30 – Yep! It’s been a pretty boring day. The most exciting thing was watching the pork loin marinate. You’re right, Susan, it’s pretty hot stuff! Let’s see, aside from that…I met Pam at the gym for an hour of water aerobics and then a few minutes in the sauna. Stopped by K-Mart on the way home to pick up a prescription and a new shower curtain liner. Oh, I also picked up Reynolds Wrap. Came home and fertilized the flowers in the front yard, washed dishes, washed clothes, set the oven to clean, folder clothes, wiped out the oven. Put the pork loin on to roast and here we are. (yawn) I’d say today has been pretty uneventful.

10:30 – I’ve gotta stop working in the flower beds every weekend.  Every Sunday night I have to do my nails because they’re all gross and broken and dirty.  I don’t like wearing colored nail polish either.  I have pretty nice nails and can usually get away with clear polish because it looks pretty good.  With the weekend gardening, I can never get them completely clean and I have to wear colored polish and then sit here and look at the walls while I’m waiting for it to dry.  I think it’s dry enough for me to hit the bed now.

Have a good Monday, chickadees!


Sunday Menu

Lean Cuisine (240)

roasted pork loin (300)
green beans (100)
baked apples (100)
sliced tomatoes (30)

1 package mini chocolate mint rice cakes (90)

Total 860

Slept well last night. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to keep everything I bought yesterday evening but I probably will. I spent a lot of bucks but I love everything. Everytime I look at my goodies with an eye toward taking something back, I can’t find a single thing that I’m not crazy about except two pairs of pants and they were on clearance for $8.99 so it’s not even worth it. Yesterday was all about me, me me! Today, I’m going to see if I can find anything fabulous for little sister, DIL, or a friend from work who asked me to look for her. Don’t know if I can do that very well. I’m a very flamboyant dresser and she’s very conservative. (sigh) What fun is that? Still, she always loves the stuff I wear and comments on it. She just doesn’t wear it herself. I wonder if she’d even wear something really bright and colorful if I got it for her? If I get her anything, it better be off the clearance rack so she’s not out a bunch of money in case she doesn’t like it. The mall opens at 10:00 and it’s 9:30 so I guess I’d better get my shower and get ready. Don’t know how long DH will be able to stand shopping but I assume we’ll be heading home before noon. I did mention that there was some kind of tool outlet here and that sparked his interest.

3:00 – Got home about thirty minutes ago. What a nice outing! It feels like I’ve had a little mini-vacation and yet I still have most of today and all day tomorrow off. We shopped from 10:00 to around noon and then left Edinburgh. Didn’t find anything for anyone else although I tried. Found some more goodies for ME! Got a pastel pink blouse for $2.99, another pair of pants for $9.99, and a purse. The blouse is not really my style but it’s 100% silk, fits and feels great and was $2.99 for Heaven’s Sakes! Went in Coach and found lots of $400.00 purses for the low, low price of $250.00. No, thank you. There was a woman in there who picked up an $800.00 purse, walked over to an area with some greenery, and had her friend take a picture of her. What’s that all about??? Guess she’s going to tell all her friends it’s a picture of her on vacation at a garden and wait to see if they all say, “OMG! Is that a Coach purse you’re carrying???” Did find some cute “picnic” dishes in Le Gourmet however and bought a big platter that looks like a hot dog, a lazy susan with three bowls and a hot dog base, and salt and pepper shakers that look like hotdogs for the low, low price of $8.00 for the entire set. They’re really cute! Now, if I could just eat hotdogs, I’d have the perfect table setting. I also picked up a set of 4 different combinations of flavoring spices for dipping oil. They had samples. You just add a couple teaspoons of the spices to some olive oil and it makes a great dipping oil for Italian bread. They had little cubes of bread so I could sample it. There aren’t any calories in samples, are there? I know there weren’t any calories in the pretzel sticks and assorted salsas and spreads they had available for dipping them into. Everybody knows a pretzel sample doesn’t have any calories.

On the way home, we stopped at a produce stand and I got a bunch of homegrown tomatoes, green tomatoes, peaches, and red peppers. Got them all cheap! Red peppers are $1.50 each at Kroger right now and I got some nice ones at 2 for $1.00.

Final stop was a Russell Stovers Outlet to look for hard chocolate. STILL didn’t find any. Guess I’m going to have to order it and pay shipping. I am congratulating myself on passing up all those samples and not even buying the chocolates that were fantastic bargains!

9:30 – I’ve been eating all day and yet, I haven’t eaten. Weird! I had about 4 little bread cubes dipped in assorted olive oil dipping sauces at Le Gourmet. Also had about a half dozen pretzels dipped in honey mustard, habanero mango salsa, etc. Got home and I had a homegrown tomato that we picked up at the produce stand. I bought some green tomatoes and did my “fake” fried green tomatoes in the oven with some shredded asiago cheese over them. Snacked on them and then looked up and it’s 9:30! How did that happen? I was just sitting here happily glueing beads and sequins and crap on cheap flip flops and the time got away from me. I ate a package of mini rice cakes earlier while I was working in the yard. No sense in fixing dinner. DH went out and got Mickey D’s for himself and the boys. Wish I’d known he was going. I would have liked to have a yogurt parfait.

Okay…so what do you do with 8 pair of cheap but really cute flip flops?


Saturday Menu

Weird morning…it’s really quiet and feels kind of spooky.  Must have had a nightmare or something last night and don’t remember it.  I’m sitting at the kitchen table and it feels like something’s not right.  Ever get that feeling?  I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way in my own kitchen while slurping down my morning coffee.  Guess I’d better get my shower and get moving but I’ve got a picture of “Psycho” in my mind.  🙁

6:00 a.m. – Whoo Hooo!  All the spookiness is gone.  Hopped on the scales and they showed 169.5.  Norman Bates walked in and I gave him a big hug and said, “Look, Norman, look what the scales say!  Whadda ya think of that!”  He just shook his head and walked out the door.  Poor guy, he’s got issues.

9:45 – I love Coldwater Creek!  I love being back in petite sizes!  I do have to admit, however, that I’d love to find that skinny, anorexic little bitch that wears all the petite xs.  She’s ruining it for the rest of us!  The woman has tons of stuff to choose from while those of us wearing the larger sizes have to do all kinds of digging to find what we want!  It’s really not fair.  The reason they have all those petite extra smalls is because she doesn’t even shop in the women’s department.  She won’t spend that kind of money when she can buy outfits for $8.99 in the Toddler’s department.

Nevertheless, I managed to find some gorgeous outfits!  I’ll take pictures of what I wear the next few days.  I really think we all ought to meet up here in Edinburgh, Indiana and have a shopping party!  We can rent a hotel room or stay in the RV.  There’s a nice little winery up here and a food court at the mall.  We can all get makeovers at the mall and try on clothes!    RSVP to Sistah Pat c/o Coldwater Creek Outlet, Edinburgh, Indiana.


Friday Menu

Special K protein bar (180)

4 summer rolls (200)

Large Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich (550)

Total 930