Sure didn’t see this coming.  If I had, I would have tried to get some plants in last night.  Woke up and it was dark at 9:30 a.m.  It’s been pouring since then.  The paper says we’re getting the remnants of Dolly today and tonight.

I’m absolutely sure the neighbors think I’m crazy but I might try to get out there and get some plants in the ground between the showers.  Why not reinforce the crazies?

Today is my youngest grandson’s birthday!  Scoutman will be seven years old today.  They were going to come over here this evening for a cookout, swim, and birthday party but we’ll probably have to do some adjusting to the party plans.

I’ve been eating horribly lately.  Never eat breakfast, sometimes skip lunch, and then eat dinner and hit the snacks.  Calorie wise, I’ve been okay although on the high end but nutrition wise, I’m sure it’s a disaster.  This is a difficult time for me.  The last few days before I go back to work and I’m resisting any kind of routine.  Didn’t exercise at all yesterday although I sweated buckets waiting out in the sun for two hours on an asphalt parking lot for the Habitat truck to arrive.  Don’t think we can count ten minutes in the pool last night.  Alright, let’s quit talking about it and deal with it.  Right this minute, I’m making a “perfect day” commitment.  For starters, I guess I should go weigh myself…173.  I’ll try again after I take off my bandage and shave my legs and underarms.  For now, I’m going to hit the treadmill.

1:30 – Did the 3 more miles workout – 95 minutes, 685 calories, 3.1 all the way up and 3.0 all the way back down.  Gotta return a bunch of phone calls that came in while I was working out.

2:45 – One of the phone calls was from DS.  Seems Stacy is getting “freaky” again.  I guess they won’t be coming over for Scout’s birthday this evening.  I wish he wouldn’t use me as a sounding board.  I know he’s only venting but he doesn’t realize how it affects me when he tells me about the crap she pulls and then he forgives her but I can’t.  “Why would she do that, Mom?”  Because she’s got problems!!!  She always will.  She’ll always do irrational, crazy things and you’ll always forgive her and take her back.  I know he needs the sounding board.  I know he needs to tell me about it.  Still, I wish I could just say, “I don’t want to hear it.  Don’t throw this burden on me and get me to where I can’t stand the sight of her and then pretend like it never happened when you make up!  Either deal with it once and for all or shut-up about it!”  She’s bi-polar for God’s sake!  Of course she does horrible things!  Why does he look for rationale when there isn’t any?

5:30 – I’m sure you’ve read it somewhere…When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.  So I did.  Finally found a good, basic, crew neck shirt like I wanted to go under my jackets.  Got two white ones, one black, one lime green, one dull green, one peach, one orange, one yellow, one pink, and one red.  Bought three belts – one silver chain, one silver leather, and one pink.  My new jackets arrived the day before yesterday so I’m all set!  Maybe I’ll have Sistah Pam take a picture tomorrow when we’re teaching this inservice.  Yeah, that’s right, I have to work from 7:30 to 3:30 tomorrow.  It’ll probably kill me.

7:15 – Got 10 more plants in the ground.  About 5 of them were biggies.  Had to finally give up.  After this morning’s rain, the mosquitoes were out in force.  Damn things nearly ate me alive!  So…I went out and cleaned the RV.  Made the bed and did the dishes from the grandkiddies sleep over.  I cleaned it pretty good after we got back from vacation but I never did clean the carpet and upholstery.  I need to get that done.  I have a steam cleaner but prefer the big units that you can rent so I guess I’ll rent one when I get a chance and plan on shampooing the carpets in the house at the same time.  Ugghhh…


findingjoy says 30th July @ 13:28

I know what you mean about needing to get into a routine. Summertime is wonderful however the freedom of it can make eating healthy and exercising more difficult. I will start full time teaching again the day AFTER DS (16) goes back to school. I am actually looking forward to being ‘in’ a more structured life. When do the students come back? If you do not mind a nosy Q? Do you prep the entire year of curr. ahead or do you plan by week or month?
Have a wonderful day!

PS: Just think in August you will be so busy the weight will fly off!

leighish says 30th July @ 13:29

we got a few storms when dolly roared past us on it’s way to brownsville. I remember going for a walk the next day and counting 4 downed trees in the neighborhood.

patty says 30th July @ 14:10

Hey, Joy, I’m in a fairly unique situation right now. Four schools in our district decided to participate in a project which issued a laptop computer to every student and every teacher for four years. I came out of the classroom to manage the project at our school. For four years, I’ve been resourcing in our school, teaching students and teachers how to use technology. I usually have teachers ask me how to use websites or the computers to teach a particular concept. I help them develop the lesson, go in and model it by teaching one of their classes and then they do the rest. I’m a TRT (Technology Resource Teacher). I thought I’d go back in the classroom this year, teaching math, because the four year project ended. However, we got to keep the computers and the principal decided to keep me in this role for this school year. When I did classes full time, I usually had lessons planned for about a month at a time.

susan says 30th July @ 16:55

I’m sorry for your DS’s relationship, and real sorry for the boys. It must be awfully tough for you to have to stand back and watch, yet be there to jump in for your son and grandbabies.

You inspire me with your treadmill victories! If I had a treadmill, I would probably have to call it a “tread-nil”. Tomorrow, I WILL GO TO GYM.

leighish says 30th July @ 19:24

kudos on your dedication to your plants. Maybe it’s because I’m young but I have a hard time keeping cacti alive 😉

leighish says 30th July @ 20:24

also, my hubs told me that we for sure would go skinny dipping if you handed over the keys to your place in Fla. 😉

brseay says 30th July @ 20:31

Man, I’m dreading going back to school on August 19th but you’re starting already tomorrow. Don’t get too down on yourself for treading water these last few days, once you get into a routine I know you will get that scale moving again. Also, I had to laugh when you were going to re-weigh yourself after you removed your bandage and shaved. Every ounce counts, doesn’t it???

soclose says 30th July @ 22:31

WOW, now I know why ya’ll got out so darn early in the spring ( I was SOOOOO jealous!!! )…..we don’t go back till after Labor Day.

Good on you for the plants and even getting some in the ground; every time I called Habit. they only had almost dead and dying left. Still planning on getting over there some day.

Awful sorry to hear your dil is being a pip again. I did the shopping thing a bit myself today.

findingjoy says 31st July @ 6:46

ahhhhhh shopping therapy, I love shoppping therapy. However my DH hates it. LOL
Wow ! You go back on Friday? Now i know why you got out so early.
Sorry to hear about DIL. That has got to be very stressful having to be his sounding board. I hope that he realizes that he needs to not drop these little bombs on you soon.
Take care

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