I’m sitting out here in the RV drinking some really gross coffee.  What the heck is this stuff anyway???  It’s called Beaumont Classic Roast.  Must be something we picked up on vacation somewhere.

Jake and Scout spent the night and wanted to sleep out in the RV so here we are.  Didn’t get to bed till after 2:00.  How can these kids do that???  I figured since they were spending the night, I’d let them stay up as long as they wanted.  I was beginning to think they had pink bunny energizer batteries.  They just kept going and going and going.

Pam will be here around noon for lunch and then we’re going to see Humanity Guy in search of perennials.  Pam has beautiful flowers and swarms of hummingbirds every year.  Of course, she also has full sunshine on her garden and is always envious of my shade.  Envy all you want, girlfriend!  I’d trade shade for sunshine any day.  I have to really work to coax my flowers along.  Watering constantly because the trees suck all the moisture out of the ground, fertilizing, dead-heading, weeding – just to get a bunch of hostas, coleous, ferns, and (if I’m lucky) a few plants that will bloom.  She, on the other hand, has glorious flowers and a rainbow of color and fragrance around her place.  She also gets homegrown tomatoes and that makes ME envious. 

I’m not at all happy with my diet for this month.  I just looked back and realized I’m about the same as I was at the beginning of July.  Maybe I won’t weigh myself today.  Don’t want to get that grey mood stirred up again. 

Right now, I need to throw out this yucky coffee and head in the house for a shower.  I hate to throw out the whole pot.  Maybe I can use it to tie dye a T shirt or something.  I sure can’t drink it.

11:30 – Went in the house and brewed some Gevalia (because I’m worth it!).  Decided to go ahead and weigh myself.  It’s a daily thing like brushing my teeth and taking a shower.  Mr. Scale is tossing me crumbs by showing me 173.  I’ve been bouncing around between 172 and 174 for a month now and it’s getting pretty monotonous.

Pam called.  Poor baby!  She was crying because she just got out of the vet’s office where she had to have one of her dogs euthanized.  Rick and Pam are, without a doubt, the most dedicated animal lovers I’ve ever seen.  Any pooch or kitty that winds up on their doorstep has found nirvana.  Not just pooches and kitties, raccoons, bunnies, birds, etc.  They currently have 4 dogs and 10 cats and another dog that belongs to a neighbor but never goes home.  Pam volunteers at the zoo and helps care for other critters that most of us never even see.  Her 12 acres is definitely “animal friendly”.  They’ve had “Jack” for 18 years and he wasn’t around when DH and I visited on Saturday.  He still hadn’t shown up on Sunday so they went looking for him and found that he had collapsed in the woods.  They took him to the vet but his kidney’s had failed and there just wasn’t anything that could be done to help him.  I feel so bad for them.  They’re unique in that their home never “smells” like animals, doesn’t have fur floating around and covering everything, and all their critters are friendly and loving to everyone.  Jack was a huge mixed breed that must have weighed at least 90 pounds.  Pam fixed his “dinner” of a special recipe that the vet recommended to address the needs of his ancient system a couple of years ago and she prepared his dinner every night with the kind of attention one would give to preparing a meal for the family.  I told Pam I’d come over but she said Rick is on his way home and I’m sure he can help her more than I can. 

So, no lunch with girlfriend.  Trying to decide if I want to go to Habitat by myself or if I just want to skip it.  Maybe DIL will want to go when she shows up to pick up the kids.

9:00 p.m. – Well, crap!  Lost my whole entry when I clicked “Save”.  Don’t cha just hate when that happens.

Okay, so I went to Habitat today and got:
one 7′ palm
three 5′ palms
four 3′ dieffenbachias
two 4′ rubber trees
five gorgeous 18″ coleus
one 5′ topiary lantana
four hanging baskets (Swedish Ivy, Bacopa, and 2 ferns)
two water lilies
two more pond plants
one flat (24) asparagus ferns
one 5′ long needle white pine
and another ten or so assorted pretties

and all for the low, low price of $27.50!!!!  I got worried because Habitat Guy drove the truck in about 3:00 and started unloading and then they called him inside to do something.  Another guy came out and I didn’t know him.  He was pretty nice but I didn’t know what everything was going to cost.  He just kept saying, “Get what you want and we’ll negotiate the price.”  I was really happy with the final tab!  He’s as nice as my usual Habitat Guy!  I’m so relieved!! I was afraid I might have to start sleeping with Habitat Guy to keep getting these fantastic prices on plants.  Oh, wait…maybe I’m going to have to sleep with both of them….at the same time….crap….

I tried to cook beans for DH yesterday.  I seasoned them with ham, onion, and garlic.  They tasted like beans.   DH pronounced them “Okay” but I went out to the RV with the grandkiddies and, when I came in this morning, I noticed that he didn’t put them in the fridge so I wound up throwing them out.  Tonight, he fixed his own beans, seasoned them with ham, onion, and garlic, and pronounced them “Really good!”  Tasted like beans to me.  I did notice, however, that he wrapped em up all neat and tidy in a bowl and put them away in the fridge.  I ate 4 summer rolls for dinner with lettuce, a little sliver of grilled chicken, cilantro, cucumber, red peppers, and carrots.  He stuffed his face with a huge bowl of beans and two burgers that he grilled and topped with cheese, lettuce, mayo, onion, and tomato, all on a couple of huge sesame seed buns.  Once he polished that off, he fixed a huge bowl of MY sugar-free, fat-free frozen yogurt.  Hope those beans catch up with him.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I should sleep in the RV again tonight.

10:00 – Went out to sit in the spa and it’s so hot and humid outside it didn’t actually hold a lot of appeal.  Decided a skinny-dip was in order so I ripped the bandage off my hand, jumped in the pool and swam a few laps.  It felt wonderful!  Cool and dark and private.  Got dressed, came in, washed my hand in anti-bacterial soap, dried it real good and re-bandaged it.  The good Dr. Salaman will never know!  Ah, Sistah Pat, you are such a wicked woman!


leighish says 29th July @ 13:04

That’s the beauty of grandchildren. You get to hand them back to their mother when they’re acting up! I’m sorry to hear about your, well, sticky situation with the pancakes. Kudos to pam and her husband for being such caring animal owners. We need more people like that in the world. I’m sorry to hear for their loss.

brseay says 29th July @ 13:21

Don’t beat yourself up for not having a tremendous weight loss for July…you had a kick-ass vacation and didn’t come back gaining 10 pounds. It’s like making it through Christmas and maintaining, think of all the weight that you didn’t gain. Now that life is more back to normal you can get that scale moving again. And w/school starting soon, life can get a bit more predicatable and I know a schedule always helps things for me.

findingjoy says 29th July @ 19:45

Poor Pam. I am so sorry that she is going through a loss. I hope she feels better soon. What a wonderful thing to have people such as Pam and her hubby taking on animals like this and giving them such care and love.
I am glad that you spent time with your grandchildren. They are so blessed to have you as their grandmother.
Well sister in this journey August is almost here and it will be a fresh new month and a fresh new start. 🙂

We will do WONDERFUL!
Have a wonderful night!

anngirl says 29th July @ 22:55

Hey Sistah Pat –
Good to know ya! Your skinny dip sounds AWESOME 🙂

That’s RIGHT up my alley 🙂

leighish says 29th July @ 23:46

You and the habitat guys. Honestly. I wish I had the nerve to skinny dip. Even in my own pool when there is no possible way anyone but my hubs could see me. We don’t have a pool. So I guess it’s not an issue.

feathers says 30th July @ 1:55

Hee hee your story about DH and the beans made me giggle. And there must be something going on with you and the Habitat Guy(s). Wow. $27.50! I can understand you wanting a garden with hummingbirds in it. We don’t get them here, but I read and read about them and I have pictures of them and even a tattoo. They are magic.

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