Of course it’s raining!  I watered all the new plants in yesterday!  Had that poor little sprinkler working like crazy for almost four hours yesterday afternoon.  Woke up at 8:30 and was surprised at how dark the bedroom was.  Came out to find it overcast and gray.  Fixed my coffee and the downpour began.

I’m feeling the end of summer.  It’s crawling around inside my head.  Half the time, I don’t even know what day it is and now, with the start of a new week, I’m starting to think about the things I have looming on the horizon.  School always starts back with a bang and I’ll quickly find myself struggling to find a few free minutes to do what I need to do.  Tomorrow, I’m going back to Humanity to look for perennials.  Humanity Guy says the truck makes its weekly run collecting the donations and gets there about 2:00 p.m.  He said there’s usually a long line of people waiting and they scarf up the perennials and all the best plants.  Lately, however, he says there haven’t been many people there when the truck comes in because it’s so late in the season.  GF and I have made plans to be there at 1:00 tomorrow so she’s coming over here at noon.

Thursday, I’m helping Sistah Pam host an inservice for teachers at my school.  It’ll be the first time I’ve been in this summer and I’ll probably meet the new principal.  DGS’s are supposed to go in and check their schedules to make sure they’re correct before school starts.  If not, it may be weeks before they can get them changed.  Maybe I can do that on Thursday when I have to go in anyway.

Friday, I have my follow-up appointment for my hand.  Hopefully, I can get it wet after that!  I miss jogging in the pool.

Saturday, Rick and Pam are coming to our house for dinner and a swim.

Next Monday – Tuesday, I have to drive to Lexington for our school retreat.  I hate these things.  It’s an hour and a half drive to stay at a hotel with all my co-workers.  I wasn’t real happy with my “roomies” a couple times in the past so, the last couple of years, I’ve just paid the other half so I can have my own room.  With gas, eating out, and paying the other half of the room, it’s going to cost me about $150.  Not a huge amount but I kind of resent paying it for something I don’t want to do anyway.  Several teachers, like me, would like to just get up and go to school to do a full day of inservice, come home, and repeat it the next day but we always seem to get outvoted. 

After the retreat, Wednesday, I’ll probably work at the school getting things unpacked.  Teachers can work one day for an extra day’s pay to set up for the school year and I can either do it Wednesday or Thursday. 

Then, Friday, I’m back to work.

Just weighed myself.  174.5!  Why is it that the minute I quit doing extensive exercise I gain weight?  I planted all those daggone plants yesterday and spent all day digging and crawling around in the flower beds!  Crap!  Guess I’d better try on my new shoes and hit the treadmill.

6:45 – Didn’t feel like blogging for most of the day.  Went upstairs and did the standard 3 more miles workout.  95 minutes 630 calories.  The wife/nana/mom got into a very gray, gray mood.  Sometimes I think it’s better to get in a totally black mood.  I can deal with a black mood.  Black moods get the adrenaline going!  They’re “Get out of my face NOW!” states where I can go into a cleaning frenzy or do some kind of physical exercise to blow off steam.  Gray moods are more difficult.  They tend to hang around and ruin the entire day.

I started to get ready for the treadmill and realized my new shoes are in the RV.  Went out to the RV but DH had locked it.  Came back in the house to get the keys and they weren’t on the thingie on the wall where they should have been.  Finally found them on DH’s side of the dresser and managed to get my shoes.

Headed upstairs and forgot my water.  Came back down, filled my water bottle and headed back up.  Turned on the treadmill and grabbed my MP3 only to see that my headphones weren’t attached.  At this point, I was starting to get fairly cranky.  I came back downstairs to the family room to look for headphones.  They belong in the entertainment cabinet but there weren’t any in there.  I looked all over the family room, checked all the drawers and closet but there weren’t any headphones.  I decided the DGSs must have them in their bedroom.  Went BACK upstairs and opened their bedroom door and was assaulted with their total mess of clothes, games, toys, dishes, etc. all over the place and the unmistakeable smell of CAT PEE!    I woke them up and started ranting about my headphones and the cat and the state of their bedroom and they swore they haven’t let the cat in since I banned it last week and groveled before me with a half dozen sets of headphones.  I left for the treadmill and told them to get their room cleaned up immediately. 

Finally got my act together, shoes, water, MP3, headphones and started on the treadmill.  I was in such a bad mood I felt like just giving up.  I was sluggish and I hated every step and couldn’t get into the music because I was having mental rants about being used and abused.  Finally finished the first set of five minutes and went to raise the incline to 2% and realized it was already on 7%.  Evidently, Steven, who used it last, didn’t reset it.  Kinda made sense about having a hard time getting started when I realized what was going on.

I did my workout but couldn’t shake the bad mood all day.  Everyone has avoided me like I have the plague and that suits me just fine.  I finally started coming around when the two youngest grandkids came over to spend the night.  It’s hard to hang onto a gray mood when Scout’s around.  He’s so funny!


flabbyblue says 28th July @ 11:42

Yay new shoes 😀 And flowers. I just tried my own hand at planting a container garden this year…liking it so far ^^ Good luck grabbing those perennials.

leighish says 28th July @ 19:37

I need to break in my new shoes too. I’m sorry you had such a trying day. At least the grandkids ought to cheer you up!

grabthebull says 29th July @ 8:38

ugh. the dreaded cat pee stench. at least the scale’s lovin you.

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