Well alrighty, then!  I’m in control this morning and better use that control to plan out the day.  How many days in a row have I sabotaged dinner?  Can’t do it today.  I haven’t weighed myself yet (dreading it) and I can’t keep letting the day get me so worn out that I collapse and eat whatever’s within reach.

You could probably write my agenda today.  Pretty obvious…clean the house and work in the garden.  Don’t think I’ll have time for anything else.  Still, I’m going to plan dinner before things get away from me.  I’ve got a freezer full of chicken, Pam gave me some wonderful homegrown tomatoes last night and…duh……let me think about this…

Just weighed myself.  Still looking at 173.5 while visions of beer bread, spaghetti, tortilla chips, and sugar-free ice cream run through my head.  What’s really funny is that I’m eating so much better now that I’m aware of how destructive this stuff is.  Not too long ago, I would have considered only a handful of chips and one slab of beer bread and sugar-free ice cream to be a pretty healthy choices.  They still are…if I’m not trying to lose weight.  That stuff is fine for maintenance but I definitely don’t want to maintain the status quo with this bod.

So what’s for dinner?  After giving the matter considerable thought, I’ve come up with Lemon Garlic Chicken simmered in wine, lemon linguini, fresh green beans with cranberries, and sliced tomatoes.  The guys should find the chicken and linguini filling and I can throw them a crusty loaf of french bread to gnaw on.

Response to Comments!  Thanks, Brandie and Joy for the advice on Nu Skin!  Not sure it applies here.  What I’ve got is one of those “well-rubbed” areas on my heel where the skin is just loose enough to move a little bit.  There’s not much water under there.  It’s just a shade shy of being an actual blister.  I’m going to hit the treadmill with a new pair of shoes tomorrow and see what happens.  Leighish, I think you’re right about Habitat Guy.  He wants me.  Women can tell about these things.  Guys see a tight butt like mine and they just lose it.  Hey, wait, where is my butt anyway?  It seems to have fallen down or something…  kt, let’s boogie, girl!  If you’re cleaning the man mess before we party, why don’t you just come over here and save me the trouble?  I have lots of man messes you can clean!  BTW, I’m not sure I remember how to boogie.  Let me go rewind that Jane Fonda tape and go to the boogie part again.

3:15 – Gotta take a break!  I am soooo tired of digging.  Probably got about 100 plants in.  Tore up spring bulbs all over the place.  Not gonna worry about that today…Spring’s a long way down the road.  Do you think Habitat Guy fantasizes about me like this?  Dirty broken nails, sweat dripping down my back and trickling down my butt crack.  The seat of my pants dirty and the scent of eau de peatmoss lingering in the air?  You know he does.

DH is making me crazy!  Would someone please tell me how to make beans?  I swear!  We ate at a Mexican fast food place called Taco Cabana on vacation and they had black beans with the dinner.  Okay, I tasted them.  They were beans.  Not my thing.  DH ate his and mine and has been ranting about them ever since.  “Honey, I sure do wish you could make beans like that.  They had little bits of ham in them and it was almost like a soup but not quite.  The texture was perfect and they may have had a little hint of a beef flavor.”  I know, I know!  I’ve been hearing for 38 years that I don’t know how to cook beans.  I’m a damn good cook, have 5 college degrees, manage to keep a fairly clean house and survive in a world of men but I constantly have to listen to him whine because I don’t know how to cook beans. I don’t like beans!  That’s probably why I can’t cook em!  I’ve tried!  I’ve tried over and over using this recipe and that recipe and they all taste the same to me but he’s never happy.  He wants me to try to cook beans again tomorrow.  Damn it!  Keeps telling me it’s all about the seasoning.  Why doesn’t HE learn to cook beans?

Crap!  I’m going back out to dig and think about how to cook black beans.

5:45 – Calling it quits on the gardening.  Only have about 30 more plants to get in but I said I was quitting at 5:30 to make dinner and I did.  Gotta start rattling those pots and pans.


leighish says 27th July @ 11:01

🙂 that dinner sounds AMAZING. I’m trying to come up with something for tonight. I might just stick with fajitas and use LTF tortillas. The husband thinks i’m not getting enough fiber. Boo.

leighish says 27th July @ 19:17

oooh i love taco cabana. Shoot. I don’t know how to cook anything other than canned beans either. Though, if I’m feeling outrageous, I’ll add a can of ro*tel. 😉

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