Can’t believe it’s already Friday and the end of July!  Been trying to make plans to get together with the Butt Sistahs for dinner and we wrestled with several dates before settling on Thursday, August 7th.  I have to admit that one shocked me too!  I’ll be back to work by then!

Don’t know what I’m going to wind up doing today.  I’m developing a blister on my heel so I shouldn’t get on the treadmill.  Can’t figure out the blister.  Same shoes I’ve worn on the treadmill for three months now and I got a little “rub” during Wednesday’s workout which escalated to a blister after yesterday’s workout.  Not doing the treadmill gives me almost two hours off!  Can’t get in the pool because of my hand.

Speaking of my hand…I had to change the bandage yesterday and I was shocked and downright mortified to undo all that gauze and see this teeny, tiny, itty-bitty, little incision.  Didn’t take the last little scrap of bandage off but I bet there’s not room for two stiches under there.  Good Lord!  Looks to me like he could have done it just as easily with a little local anesthesia.  I bought gauze pads and gauze wrap to redo it the same way Dr. Salaman did and wound up just putting a bandaid on it.  In fact, I just took the bandaid and the last little scrap off while I’m sitting here and it has two (2) little stitches.  Think I’ve probably gotten all the sympathy mileage I’m gonna get with this thing.  Maybe I should put my arm in a sling and try to get another day or so out of it…

Just had a thought (don’t get them very often, they give me headaches)…I could dig through my DVDs and old workout tapes and find a low impact workout that I could do barefoot on the carpet.  Ow!  I have a headache.

10:00 – Weighed myself.  174…I hate those damn scales.

Feeling very lethargic and unmotivated  (Could it be working my ass off and showing 174 on the scales?????????) so I’m going to make a list of things I’m going to do today and mark them off as I get them taken care of:

Get up
Brush teeth
Plant at least 15 more plants today
Do low-impact workout

Clean bathroom
Clean Kitchen
Clean Bedroom

Get twine for moonflowers
Tie twine around the fence for moonflowers to climb

11:30 – Found an old Jane Fonda VCR tape from way back in the 80s.  All that big hair and the guys wearing ripped T-shirts.  Everybody in shiny leotards with leg warmers.  I should get a lot of credit for hanging in there for an hour till it ended.  It had elevator music and was really, really boring!  Still, my arms are killing me and I did manage to work up a sweat.  What’s that say about my arms?  Gotta do something about that.

1:00 – Cleaned the bathroom.  Not the old windex and scrubbing bubbles but the “once in a blue moon, scrub the grout with an old toothbrush, coordinate all the towels, wash the shower curtain, shine all the chrome” kind of scrubbing.  That way, if DH comes home and says “What have you been doing all day?”  I can say, “Hello!!!  Did you even look at the bathroom?  I spent forever in there scrubbing nasty-ass man messes!  And that’s with my injured hand!”  He won’t have a clue what I mean about nasty-ass man messes but he knows better than to open that door.

Now, what’s next?

2:30 – Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bedroom, ran the vacuum, did a load of laundry, and took out the trash.  Sheesh!  Half this stuff wasn’t even on my list.  Now I’m eating a bowl of soup for lunch.  Don’t know why but I’m craving some homemade beer bread to go with it.  Good thing I don’t have any.  I broke the carafe to the coffeemaker when I was washing it.  Had to go out to the shed and get a new coffee-maker.  Got two coffee-makers, two table carafes, and two thermal coffee mugs not too long ago from Gevalia for $20.00 and they paid the shipping!  I can put a new coffeemaker out cheaper than I can buy a new carafe.  Why do they make those things out of glass, anyway?

DH gets home from work in 30 minutes.  Guess I should try to make a run on the bedroom.

6:00 – Planted and watered 23 more plants and I’m halfway through with running twine and coaxing the moonflowers around it.  Taking a break.  I was getting grossed out.  Sat down on a rug to work with the flowers and it was wet so my shorts are dirty and soggy.  Washed my hand(s) but there’s still dirt under my nails and, since it rained a little this morning, mosquitoes are out.  Can’t wait to finish running this twine and cross off the last thing on my list.

7:00 – Done!  Now I’m going to go to my nice clean soaker tub and try to soak and scrub some of the grossness off my bod.  Everyone around here doesn’t seem to know what to do with “you’re on your own for dinner” and I’m not cooking.  DS says he’ll make diet chicken parmesiana if I’ll tell him how.  Can’t beat that kind of deal!


grabthebull says 25th July @ 9:49

it’s a by-product of the soy cow. you’ve seen the soy milk, right? 😛 but seriously, some normal grocers carry it in the cheese section, in little wrapped singles. at your natural food market, or health food store, you’ll have a better chance of finding it.

your shoes may be wearing out. blisters usually mean new shoes for me. or new socks.

leighish says 25th July @ 10:09

thanks for the offer patty, but I have two cats already.

findingjoy says 25th July @ 13:53

Laughing so hard (tears rolling down cheek)
I KNOW what you mean by nasty-ass-mens mess in a bathroom. I LIVE with 4 men/boys! (5 when eldest son visits) LOL I gave All the boys (except DH) the large bathroom (and THEY have to clean it) I got into that habit when i was pregnant and it make me sick! I declared “I quit! You clean your own disgusting bathroom!” It has been that way ever since (toddler is 2).
July 25th! I knew it was that date however it did not ‘click’ until I read your blog. OMgoodness summer is almost over! In one way I am sad to see it pass so quickly. In another way I will be GLAD when school is back in session for my dear wonderful 16 year old. 🙂
How is your list going?
It looks like it is time for new shoes! Blisters are usually the first time. It does not surprise me in the least. Look at the miles you put on those shoes daily! Good job!
Do not worry about what Ms.Scale says. Ignore her. You will be back down in no time.
Have a great day Patty.

ps; The clothes run a half size bigger than they say at J.Jill

brseay says 25th July @ 17:05

Beyond the Jane Fonda tape, I bet your burned hundreds of calories cleaning. BTW, when your blister pops you can put a product called “Nu Skin” on it. It’s like a liquid bandaid and it lets you get back to regular life (if you want to).

grabthebull says 25th July @ 18:47

dang woman, you’ve been busy!

bet you could get a pretty penny for that jane fonda tape.

will you come over to my house next week and clean my bathroom? we can workout to jane fonda, too. enticing?…

findingjoy says 25th July @ 19:56

brsay is right Nu Skin works , and she is right wait till it busts open. I will warn you though it will burn like Hell-o until it dries. It does work great though!
Now for my comment. Man alive woman who needs a treadmill when you do as much as you do? You must have burned 600 calories! Good job! 🙂
Have a wonderful night.

leighish says 25th July @ 22:14

I’d also love to know how to make diet chicken parm. Best I can figure so far is to skip the parm 😉

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