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No kitty cats in sight this morning!  Little Calico hung around the back yard yesterday but I noticed that he left several times and was gone for quite a while (home?).  He continued to come and go and I told the boys they could play with him outside but he is NOT coming back in the house.

Still at 172.5 this morning which makes me happy!  Usually, when I drop weight, it bounces around for a few days so I’m happy that I’m still here.

So…what’s on today’s agenda?  Of course, I need to hit the treadmill.  Once that’s behind me, I need to go in search of the perfect white blouse.  You know that perfect little black dress?  I never have any trouble with that one, it’s the white blouses that give me trouble.  I wear lots of colorful jackets to work and I always need perfect white blouses/tops to go under them.  A couple black ones wouldn’t hurt, either.

I also want to go to Habitat for Humanity this morning and see if they have any perennials I can salvage.  Then, since I’ll be in the area, I’m going to go by Pam’s shop and try to figure out why they don’t want to come to our house but always insist we go to their’s. 

Considering that it’s almost 10:00 and I haven’t done much of anything except make the bed (sans matières fécales!), I better get moving!

10:20 – grrrrr, grumble, snarl…Did 15 minutes on the treadmill and the battery died in my MP3.  There is no way I can do another hour and a half without some kind of distraction so I had to run downstairs and throw the  battery in the 15 minute recharger.  I thought, for a fleeting moment (okay, for several moments) about it being karma and I should just cancel the workout or wait till later on today (like that’s gonna happen), but I decided on the high road so I’m going to start over as soon as my battery is charged.

12:30 – Killer workout on the treadmill.  5.2 miles and 960 calories.  When I went back upstairs, I decided to skip redoing the lower levels and just went ahead and started at an incline of 5% and did 10 minutes at each level all the way up and then back down to 5%.  Took 100 minutes.  The treadmill showed that I had already done .8 miles and 100 calories before I had to restart and I’m takin em!  They’re mine and they get counted!  So, I went 6 miles and burned 1,060 calories.  Didn’t have much fun and don’t think I’m going to do this very often! 

Think I earned a little shopping! 

4:00 – Didn’t get to go shopping.  Ran out of time.  Spent it all visiting Pam and flirting with the Habitat guy.

As for the Habitat guy…I noticed that he was being “specially attentive” to me the last time I went.  This time, I’m sure of it.  Someone would say, “How much is this?” and he’d say “$2.50”  Then I’d wander over a couple minutes later and say, “How much is this?” and he’d say “$1.00”.  I’d start to walk away and he’d say, “Awwww, I’ll just give it to you.” or “You can just have the whole flat for $1.00.”  Everytime I went to pick something up, he was right at my elbow, getting it for me.  He carried everything to my car and put it all in the trunk and backseat.  When he totalled everything up, it came to $21.00 and I KNOW that ain’t right.  I couldn’t fit one more thing in my car.  It was totally loaded down!  Don’t know why I got special treatment but I definitely did.  I saw what everyone else was paying and he didn’t carry anyone else’s plants for them, either.  (Sigh…) Maybe I still have a little bit of something left but I guarantee you, it ain’t that obvious.  When I left, I said, “Now, I’ve just gotta go home and get them all planted.”  and he said, “I can do that for you.”  I was kind of floored for a minute and then smiled and said, “I’d make you crazy moving them all around!  Thanks, anyway!”  Funny thing is, I don’t doubt for a minute that he probably would!  I’m going to go to Hell for leading the Habitat guy on.

Went by Pam’s gallery and spent a few minutes with her.  The resulting conversation told me that we haven’t been spending enough time together.  She said I haven’t seen her new dogs, or her finished basement, or her new kiln, or her flowers.  All true.  I told her she hasn’t seen my new bathroom, or my flowers, or my new living room set.  The end result is that she was embarrassed when she realized how one-sided things have been and apologized.  She said they do so much driving during the work week, they hate to even go to the store on weekends.  We’re fine now.  We’re going to their place Saturday and they’re coming to ours Sunday. 

Now, I have to start digging and planting.

7:45 – OMG, I am SO tired!  I can’t move!  My ankles hurt, my back hurts, and my hand hurts.  I think I overdid it today.  Don’t know if it was the extra hard workout, planting all those flowers, or flirting with the Habitat guy but I am SHOT!  Had to drink a Java Monster just to get enough energy to fix a pot of soup for dinner.  Now, I’m going to prop myself up in front of the Big Screen Monster and do NOTHING.


findingjoy says 24th July @ 13:27

whoooweee! You go! That is one great treadmill workout! You earned your shopping trip for sure.
Have a great day, I hope that you get to the bottom of what is going on with Pam. You take care and have a wonderful day.

jadelabyrinth says 24th July @ 18:08

omgosh I’ts been forever since someone has flirted with me. What a compliment!!

Thanks for the comment, I ate twice the breakfast I usually do and I was still hungry way before lunch. But it really didn’t hurt my point count much.

Sistah P says 24th July @ 19:11

Hey lady, you are married! You need to take your single Sistah Pam with you the next time!

Glad you talked things out with the ‘other’ Pam! Usually works out that way doesn’t it, just clearing the air kind of thing.

Congrats on your continued success by the way, I’m proud of you!

susan says 24th July @ 19:32

If you bring that Habitat guy home, he might take a dump in your bed. Just saying.

brseay says 24th July @ 20:46

Holy crap, what an awesome workout! And a little flirting is harmless, but it was probably wise to leave him at the store. Enjoy your time in front of the tv and I hope you aren’t too sore tomorrow.

leighish says 24th July @ 20:57

It was probably the flirting. I always hurt myself when I’m trying to flirt. Oh..Hi there…how are *smack* oh dear*thud*……..

grabthebull says 25th July @ 8:58

dang girl – 960 cals?! i feel like i could eat 960 cals for brefkuh.

i hate undershirt shopping. hope it turns out well.


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