garden1.JPGflowers3.JPGIn my search for diet and exercise perfection the last few days, I have to wonder…What makes a perfect morning?  Is it waking up to find that the cat that doesn’t live here threw up again on the kitchen floor?  Is it that little sneaking suspicion that it was there when DH got up for work and that he tippy-toed around it and left it for me to deal with?  Could it be opening the front door to get the paper and finding that it’s a soggy mess from being rained on?  No, little chicklets, as much fun as all that is, that’s not what makes a perfect morning.  A perfect morning happens when Mr. Scale greets me with 172.5 again!  I’m so mean to him sometimes and yet he can be so sweet and forgiving when he wants to be.  So now I’m back where I was two weeks ago before I started loosening the reins and playing around the buffet tables.  It makes the goal of being in the 160s by the time I go back to work seem downright reachable and reinforces the idea that this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.  I can fall off the wagon occasionally but, as long as I dust myself off and hop back on, I’ll get where I want to go and stay there.

And so, this perfect day has begun…

9:30 (hands over my ears and chanting “la,la,la,la, la,la,la”)  The cat took a dump on my BED!  Threw his butt out the front door and will strangle anyone who lets him back in!  “Oh, what a beautiful mooooorrrrning, Oh, What a beautiful day, Everything’s comin up roses, everything’s goin my way!”

12:00 – Went upstairs and put my headphones on, cranked up the volume and my dance card was full, mostly thanks to my Blue Men, Enrique, and Rob Thomas.  Stayed in my perfect little world for 95 minutes and did the 3 more miles plus workout.  Kept the speed at 3.2 or 3.3 most of the time but never let it get below 3.1.  Funny, the numbers came out to exactly 5.1 miles and 800 calories.  Can’t help remembering just a few months ago when I was pretty much doing the Polar Bear workout.  Don’t know what’s going to happen when I go back to work and can’t find two full hours just for myself.  Guess I’ll deal with that when I have to.  Right now, I’ve gotta figure out how to take a shower without getting my hand wet.

2:00 – Yes! Yes! Yes!  Started taking clothing inventory for going back to work and discovered that my clothes don’t fit!  I do, however, have several things in Petite Large and Petite XL that do!  They’ve been hanging in the back of the closet in dry cleaning bags for a couple of years now.  Nobody makes clothes for short, fat, women!  I’ve been rolling up sleeves and wearing jackets in Misses and Women’s that have shoulders down to my elbows for a couple of years now and I can finally fit back into Petites!  The shoulders are where they’re supposed to be!  The hem is where it’s supposed to be!  The waist is where it’s supposed to be!  Whoo Hooo!  Coldwater Creek sent me an email that they have up to 70% off on summer clearance and I’m goin shoppin!  Time to get some new jackets! watch out!  Here I come!

Ohhhhhhhh what a beautiful moooooornin!, Ohhhh what a beautiful daaaaaayyyy!

4:00 – Washed the sheets and blanket 3 times and had an extra rinse cycle on each one.  Still feel a little grossed out!  Went to Coldwater Creek and got these jackets:


I tried on 4 PL and 2PXL jackets from my closet and they all fit.  The PL actually fit better than the PXL so I think I’m okay on these.  I LOVE bright jackets!

5:45 – Wish I could work in the garden and plant the new flowers I bought the other day but I can’t get my hand dirty so it’s going to have to wait.  All I can do is walk around and look at the birds and take pictures of the flowers.  They’re looking so much better after a few days of water and Miracle Grow. 


susan says 23rd July @ 9:51

Oh I’m crackin’ up–have tears in eyes!!!

Do you think that cat is working his way down the street and keeps being tossed out?

Yey on Mr. Scale. That goes a long way towards a good day, although I don’t know if it cancels out cat poo.

jadelabyrinth says 23rd July @ 12:22

I think I would kill that cat! Puking every where then a dump in your bed?!? You must be a saint to just let it out without any bodily harm.

Congrats on the scale report!

grabthebull says 23rd July @ 12:35

dang woman, i’m jealous (172.5). i headed that way though… watch out!


findingjoy says 23rd July @ 13:21

Wooohooo! Way to go Patty! I am so proud of you! Great job on getting back down in weight.

YUCK! I would so kick that cat out as well. Double yuck!

Wow can you believe school is going to start in about a month here? When do you go back? Maybe you can get together with some fellow teachers or friends and take in a class a few times a week in addition to the treadmill?
How is your hand feeling?

patty says 23rd July @ 13:58

Kids go back in 3 weeks but we’re pretty much back to work in two. My hand feels great! Just a little bit sore but it’s a pain keeping it dry. Thank goodness my three fav sistahs are all teachers! We’ll work out something!

leighish says 23rd July @ 16:03

Oooh I really love that second outfit. I pretty much stick to a neutral palette when it comes to my clothes. Probably comes from wanting to fade into the background as much as possible in high school.

susan says 23rd July @ 16:15

Love Coldwater Creek! And a SALE to boot… I almost bought that 4th jacket pictured. Gee, its probably ON SALE too. (Come on, Patty, this is where you’re supposed to chime in and say, “Why YES! It IS on sale.”

What grade do you teach?

Have you thought about popping a large rubber glove (you know, the one you use to clean up cat poo with) over your hand? Duct tape the top tight.

Heal, girl, heal!

jluvaul says 23rd July @ 16:21

Thank you Patty for your words of wisdom! My name is Jessica and that is okay, I have never really introduced myself to anyone on here yet. I just came on yesterday to vent at myself. I really needed someone to listen without listening though! If you know what I mean.
Hey the cat needs to go by the way. I had a cat do that b/c it was mad at me for kicking it outside, so when he got in he would poop on my side of the bed!!! YUCK!! I could not handle it. I gave it to one of my friends. LOL. Congratulations on the scale. I just keep thinking to myself about Mr. Scale that is another guy to keep me on the right track or ruin my entire day. Have a good one.

patty says 23rd July @ 16:36

Why, yes, Susan! Coldwater Creek is having a sale. You need to go shopping! They’re going fast! Managed to take a shower by keeping my left hand firmly planted on the towel rack and it stayed dry. Don’t want to reuse anything even remotely connected with cat poo!

I teach math and technology – grades 9 to 12. The last four years, I’ve managed(?) a program at our school where every teacher and every student has a laptop issued to them for the year. It’s been quite an experience.

findingjoy says 23rd July @ 19:12

That is so wonderful that your old clothes are too loose! What a wonderful reason to go shopping. Those are all so cute but the 3rd is my favorite. Wow only two weeks. My 16 year old does not go back until the last week of August. have a wonderful night.

findingjoy says 23rd July @ 19:22

Here is a website for a wonderful, very simple clothing line. It is alot like Coldwatercreek. It is called Jjill and has a petite line (I use their womens sizes) here is the http

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