Oops!  Should have taken measurements about 4 days ago.  Anyway, here they are:


And here’s my totally unprofessional analysis:

Nice loss on the bust, hips, thighs, and midway (which is halfway between the waist and hips) but why aren’t I losing in the waist?  Also, not much going on in the arms which means I’m going to have to start doing some weights or something for them.  Guess that can be my goal for the next month.  Work on waist and arms.  Eleven inches for the month, which I’m thrilled about and 18.75 inches overall!  I’m thinking that left calf must be a mistake.  I must have measured wrong the first time because, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.  Next month, I’ll correct that number.


soclose says 23rd July @ 19:53

You are shrinking!!! Trying to get caught up a little after being off. Plant pics beautiful. Good luck with the hand.

realcdn says 23rd July @ 21:26

You never can control where the inches come off. At some point though you’ll find everything ends up lower, and that’s a good thing. 🙂

susan says 24th July @ 8:37

Welp. You’ve confirmed what we all suspected: The boobs are the first to go!

18.75 inches! (we are all standing at our computers, applauding)

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