I’m so bored…I’m boring myself to death.  I’m glad I have a couple of things going on today.  Getting home from vacation has made it difficult to get back into my routine and it seems like all I’ve done is sit around the house and watch TV which is NOT a good thing.  Having something to do today will force me to get out of the house.  I’m supposed to meet Sistah Pam at the gym today for a workout in the pool.  I’m also supposed to be at a meeting of the ROTC Booster Club sometime today.  I sure got rooked into that one but DGS loves ROTC and so I need to be as supportive as I can.  Problem is, I think it’s supposed to be today and I don’t have a clue what time we’re supposed to meet.  We decided to meet on July 17 way back before school was even out at the end of April.  I know they changed the date a couple of times to accommodate me because of vacation but I could swear we set it for today because I was thinking I’d be back from vacation and it would be a day before DH’s birthday so it wouldn’t interfere with our plans.  I called Sarge yesterday and left a message for him to call and let me know what time but I didn’t hear from him.  Wouldn’t it be awful if I didn’t get to go?  😉

Didn’t go to bed until almost 2:00 a.m. because I was staring at the boob tube.  I’ve got to start getting to bed earlier!  Now I’m feeling put-out because I have to run an errand for DIL before 11:00 and I just got out of bed! (grumble, grumble)

4:00 – Met Sistah Pam at the gym for a bit of a workout.  I know she didn’t want to and did it to keep me happy.  Thanks, Pam!  I feel skinnier already!  Came home and DS wants to know how much a membership is and wants me to go for a walk with him this evening.  I want to encourage him but I’m not thrilled about walking around the block in the heat.  Maybe I can talk him into going to the gym with me this evening on a guest pass.

6:00 – DH just told me that he wants to go to Belterra for his birthday tomorrow.  Wants to take Manny and spend the night at the casino.  Now, I like Belterra.  I’m not big on gambling but I like their super luxurious rooms and I like the buffet.  Not sure how much fun I’m going to have by being on a diet and not getting a room.  Still, it’s his birthday.  I’m sure we’ll have fun.


jadelabyrinth says 17th July @ 11:44

You’re lucky you can sleep in if you stayed up late. I usually get up at 6 and my body is so set in its ways, that even when I stay up late I rarely manage to sleep past 6:30. Very frustrating and tiring!

patty says 17th July @ 11:57

I’m the same way all year except during summer break when I start staying up later and later. After a month or two, everything changes. During the school year, I can’t keep my eyes open past 11:00 and I always wake up at 5:00.

findingjoy says 17th July @ 13:09

I am so having one of those days right now. I am bored out of my mind. I cant get on treadmill, I cant clean too much, I took rest of week off from teaching son (part time) because antihistamines make me foggyheaded. So I am BORED!!!!!!!! LOL Who would have thought i miss all of the work? LOL
Have a great time with Pam . I hope the rest of your day is nice, fun, and NOT boring. LOL

findingjoy says 18th July @ 6:41

That is so nice that you can go out of town for a night. This will break up the boredom that you have been going through. Happy birthday to your hubby. I hope that you both have a wonderful time.
Have a great day!

round says 18th July @ 7:40

Adjusting to change is always hard, whether it be going on vacation or coming home – You’re not doing so bad, all things considered.

I do think the TV is dangerous for procrastinators (like me). It’s just WAY too easy to just sit there, passive. I prefer to make myself make active choices – even if it’s just deciding what DVD to watch, at least I’m not just laying back completely.

I like the idea of you accompanying your son. I think the gym could be a really good idea, but please be careful how you talk to him about it – if you make it sound like walking around the block isn’t a good idea (for heat or any other reason) you take away some of his power over his own exercise choices – which is ultimately what he needs to manage his own weight. So while walking in the heat might not be what you’d choose yourself, you might be better off just doing it and say nothing but praise for his good idea to get some environmentally-friendly, can-do-anytime, and free exercise in. (And then take a cool shower and drink a lot of iced tea to beat the heat!)

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