Hello, Dolly!

Ugghhh…5:15 a.m.  It’s pouring rain outside.  I hit the snooze alarm at least 4 or 5 times but I’m up now.  Sitting in the kitchen and it’s 6:15 so I have 45 minutes till I’ve got to head over to school.  Today is definitely going to be a “no frills” day.  In fact, with all this rain and humidity, I’m not even going to do my hair.  It’ll just curl up and get frizzy anyway.

I did good yesterday.  Got my workout in and the calorie count was below 900.  That’s lower than I would have liked but it’s still acceptable.  The question is, how am I going to do today around all the goodies and can I fit my workout into the day?  Weight is at 172.5 (Well, Hello!  Haven’t we met before?)  Although I’ve got lots of training and meetings this next week, I don’t “officially” start back till next Friday.  Can I get below 170 by then?  Guess we’ll find out.

4:00 – Well I won’t get below 170 at this rate!  I managed to do well at breakfast–a mini bagel with cream cheese and fresh fruit (200 calories) but at ordered chinese for lunch.  I’m not sure but I’m betting there’s about 800 calories there.  I ate half for lunch and I’ll have the other half for dinner.  I could have played it safe and had Subway but, as soon as we walked in the food court, I spotted the chinese!  On the good side, I skipped all the doughnuts and cake.  The chinese is probably loaded with sodium.  I feel fat and bloated.  Probably show a gain on the scales tomorrow. 

I really need to work out tonight but don’t know if I can swing it.  I have to take the boys over to school to register for their classes between 5 and 8 tonight.  That kind of gripes me.  They registered for this year’s classes at the end of last year and then I found out today that they still have to come in and check their classes, pay their fees, and get their lockers and tonight is the last night to do it.  They sent letters home telling this to parents  but the letter went to their mother and they live with us so I never heard about it.  If they don’t register by tonight, they’re not guaranteed to get the classes they signed up for.  Kind of makes you wonder why they did all this in the spring before school was out.  Also, a pain in the butt for me because I’m going to have to turn around and drive all the way back to school and fight the rush hour traffic.

Today was a mixture of good and bad.  Of course, there are always the annoying irritants at work but there’s also the friends and colleagues to make it more palatable.  I met our new principal briefly but just introduced myself and said hello.  Didn’t want to tie up her time today because I’m sure she’s swamped.

Okay…here’s the deal…I’ll take the boys to registration at 5:00 and I should be home by 6:00 and have enough energy for some time on the treadmill.  Doubt if I can manage the 3 more miles workout but at least I’ll do something.

5:00 – ARGGHHH!!! Teenage boys!!!  I had hoped to be there by now paying fees and getting their classes verified.  Instead, I’m still running around trying to get them ready to go over to the school.  God forbid they should see someone they know and not be all prepped!  I had hoped that we could get there a few minutes before 5:00 and beat the crowd.  Guess that’s not going to happen!  In fact, with this being the last night, it’ll probably take forever.  So I’m just sitting here, feeling the MSG from lunch expand my waist and make my pants tight and I want to get undressed and relax.  I called their mom and asked her if she got a letter about this and she said, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  I’ll take them next week.”  I told her tonight is the last night and she said she can’t do it because she has to work.  %%??###!!!

7:30 – Damn!  I’m getting tired and it’s a lot later than I wanted it to be.  I’m determined to get some time on the treadmill.  Don’t know how much I’ll do but I’m heading upstairs.  As far as having the other half of the chinese for dinner…forget it!  I feel like I’ve got a beach ball in my belly!

9:45 – Thanks for all the encouraging words!  What would I do without you guys?  I can vent and rant and rave and you’re always there with an encouraging word or a little tidbit to make me smile!  Sorry I got a little (a lot?) stressed there for a while.  I think I’m going to have a hard time giving up my freedom again.  Anyway, I went to school and the crowd was unbelievable!  I was lucky because a couple of my friends pulled me from the line and took care of things on the side so it didn’t take as long as it could have.  The payback was when they said, “Thank God you’re here, Pat!  Ruth got sick and had to go home.  Can you help Brice with assigning lockers for a few minutes?”  So…I had to help out for about 45 minutes.

Anyway, I got an hour on the treadmill.  Went all the way up the incline and then dropped it from 10% to 1% for a 5 minutes cool down.  Burned 342 calories and that’s all she’s gonna get tonight!  I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow.  Fixed a Lean Cuisine and a piece of Blueberry cherry clafoutis for dinner.  Gave the chinese to DS.

G’night, little chicklets!


Thursday Menu

fresh fruit (100)
mini bagel with cream cheese (100)

Chinese (800)
1 hershey kiss (15)

Sure didn’t see this coming.  If I had, I would have tried to get some plants in last night.  Woke up and it was dark at 9:30 a.m.  It’s been pouring since then.  The paper says we’re getting the remnants of Dolly today and tonight.

I’m absolutely sure the neighbors think I’m crazy but I might try to get out there and get some plants in the ground between the showers.  Why not reinforce the crazies?

Today is my youngest grandson’s birthday!  Scoutman will be seven years old today.  They were going to come over here this evening for a cookout, swim, and birthday party but we’ll probably have to do some adjusting to the party plans.

I’ve been eating horribly lately.  Never eat breakfast, sometimes skip lunch, and then eat dinner and hit the snacks.  Calorie wise, I’ve been okay although on the high end but nutrition wise, I’m sure it’s a disaster.  This is a difficult time for me.  The last few days before I go back to work and I’m resisting any kind of routine.  Didn’t exercise at all yesterday although I sweated buckets waiting out in the sun for two hours on an asphalt parking lot for the Habitat truck to arrive.  Don’t think we can count ten minutes in the pool last night.  Alright, let’s quit talking about it and deal with it.  Right this minute, I’m making a “perfect day” commitment.  For starters, I guess I should go weigh myself…173.  I’ll try again after I take off my bandage and shave my legs and underarms.  For now, I’m going to hit the treadmill.

1:30 – Did the 3 more miles workout – 95 minutes, 685 calories, 3.1 all the way up and 3.0 all the way back down.  Gotta return a bunch of phone calls that came in while I was working out.

2:45 – One of the phone calls was from DS.  Seems Stacy is getting “freaky” again.  I guess they won’t be coming over for Scout’s birthday this evening.  I wish he wouldn’t use me as a sounding board.  I know he’s only venting but he doesn’t realize how it affects me when he tells me about the crap she pulls and then he forgives her but I can’t.  “Why would she do that, Mom?”  Because she’s got problems!!!  She always will.  She’ll always do irrational, crazy things and you’ll always forgive her and take her back.  I know he needs the sounding board.  I know he needs to tell me about it.  Still, I wish I could just say, “I don’t want to hear it.  Don’t throw this burden on me and get me to where I can’t stand the sight of her and then pretend like it never happened when you make up!  Either deal with it once and for all or shut-up about it!”  She’s bi-polar for God’s sake!  Of course she does horrible things!  Why does he look for rationale when there isn’t any?

5:30 – I’m sure you’ve read it somewhere…When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.  So I did.  Finally found a good, basic, crew neck shirt like I wanted to go under my jackets.  Got two white ones, one black, one lime green, one dull green, one peach, one orange, one yellow, one pink, and one red.  Bought three belts – one silver chain, one silver leather, and one pink.  My new jackets arrived the day before yesterday so I’m all set!  Maybe I’ll have Sistah Pam take a picture tomorrow when we’re teaching this inservice.  Yeah, that’s right, I have to work from 7:30 to 3:30 tomorrow.  It’ll probably kill me.

7:15 – Got 10 more plants in the ground.  About 5 of them were biggies.  Had to finally give up.  After this morning’s rain, the mosquitoes were out in force.  Damn things nearly ate me alive!  So…I went out and cleaned the RV.  Made the bed and did the dishes from the grandkiddies sleep over.  I cleaned it pretty good after we got back from vacation but I never did clean the carpet and upholstery.  I need to get that done.  I have a steam cleaner but prefer the big units that you can rent so I guess I’ll rent one when I get a chance and plan on shampooing the carpets in the house at the same time.  Ugghhh…


Wednesday Menu

Lean Cuisine Entree (180)

4 slices Whole Wheat Lite Bread (140)
tuna salad (260)
Cherry blueberry Clafoutis (300)

Total 880


Tuesday Menu

Kashi Go Lean Crunch with fresh blueberries (200)
Light Soy Milk (50)

4 Summer rolls with cilantro, lettuce, carrots, grilled chicken, cucumber, and red pepper (100)
small bowl of beans (I was ordered to try them by DH, does that mean they don’t count?  No?? Ok)  (100)

Shwann’s fudgesicle (45)
York 100 calories mint bar (100)

Late, Late
Lean Cuisine 260
Sugar-free, fat-free frozen yogurt (300)

Total (1,155)

I’m sitting out here in the RV drinking some really gross coffee.  What the heck is this stuff anyway???  It’s called Beaumont Classic Roast.  Must be something we picked up on vacation somewhere.

Jake and Scout spent the night and wanted to sleep out in the RV so here we are.  Didn’t get to bed till after 2:00.  How can these kids do that???  I figured since they were spending the night, I’d let them stay up as long as they wanted.  I was beginning to think they had pink bunny energizer batteries.  They just kept going and going and going.

Pam will be here around noon for lunch and then we’re going to see Humanity Guy in search of perennials.  Pam has beautiful flowers and swarms of hummingbirds every year.  Of course, she also has full sunshine on her garden and is always envious of my shade.  Envy all you want, girlfriend!  I’d trade shade for sunshine any day.  I have to really work to coax my flowers along.  Watering constantly because the trees suck all the moisture out of the ground, fertilizing, dead-heading, weeding – just to get a bunch of hostas, coleous, ferns, and (if I’m lucky) a few plants that will bloom.  She, on the other hand, has glorious flowers and a rainbow of color and fragrance around her place.  She also gets homegrown tomatoes and that makes ME envious. 

I’m not at all happy with my diet for this month.  I just looked back and realized I’m about the same as I was at the beginning of July.  Maybe I won’t weigh myself today.  Don’t want to get that grey mood stirred up again. 

Right now, I need to throw out this yucky coffee and head in the house for a shower.  I hate to throw out the whole pot.  Maybe I can use it to tie dye a T shirt or something.  I sure can’t drink it.

11:30 – Went in the house and brewed some Gevalia (because I’m worth it!).  Decided to go ahead and weigh myself.  It’s a daily thing like brushing my teeth and taking a shower.  Mr. Scale is tossing me crumbs by showing me 173.  I’ve been bouncing around between 172 and 174 for a month now and it’s getting pretty monotonous.

Pam called.  Poor baby!  She was crying because she just got out of the vet’s office where she had to have one of her dogs euthanized.  Rick and Pam are, without a doubt, the most dedicated animal lovers I’ve ever seen.  Any pooch or kitty that winds up on their doorstep has found nirvana.  Not just pooches and kitties, raccoons, bunnies, birds, etc.  They currently have 4 dogs and 10 cats and another dog that belongs to a neighbor but never goes home.  Pam volunteers at the zoo and helps care for other critters that most of us never even see.  Her 12 acres is definitely “animal friendly”.  They’ve had “Jack” for 18 years and he wasn’t around when DH and I visited on Saturday.  He still hadn’t shown up on Sunday so they went looking for him and found that he had collapsed in the woods.  They took him to the vet but his kidney’s had failed and there just wasn’t anything that could be done to help him.  I feel so bad for them.  They’re unique in that their home never “smells” like animals, doesn’t have fur floating around and covering everything, and all their critters are friendly and loving to everyone.  Jack was a huge mixed breed that must have weighed at least 90 pounds.  Pam fixed his “dinner” of a special recipe that the vet recommended to address the needs of his ancient system a couple of years ago and she prepared his dinner every night with the kind of attention one would give to preparing a meal for the family.  I told Pam I’d come over but she said Rick is on his way home and I’m sure he can help her more than I can. 

So, no lunch with girlfriend.  Trying to decide if I want to go to Habitat by myself or if I just want to skip it.  Maybe DIL will want to go when she shows up to pick up the kids.

9:00 p.m. – Well, crap!  Lost my whole entry when I clicked “Save”.  Don’t cha just hate when that happens.

Okay, so I went to Habitat today and got:
one 7′ palm
three 5′ palms
four 3′ dieffenbachias
two 4′ rubber trees
five gorgeous 18″ coleus
one 5′ topiary lantana
four hanging baskets (Swedish Ivy, Bacopa, and 2 ferns)
two water lilies
two more pond plants
one flat (24) asparagus ferns
one 5′ long needle white pine
and another ten or so assorted pretties

and all for the low, low price of $27.50!!!!  I got worried because Habitat Guy drove the truck in about 3:00 and started unloading and then they called him inside to do something.  Another guy came out and I didn’t know him.  He was pretty nice but I didn’t know what everything was going to cost.  He just kept saying, “Get what you want and we’ll negotiate the price.”  I was really happy with the final tab!  He’s as nice as my usual Habitat Guy!  I’m so relieved!! I was afraid I might have to start sleeping with Habitat Guy to keep getting these fantastic prices on plants.  Oh, wait…maybe I’m going to have to sleep with both of them….at the same time….crap….

I tried to cook beans for DH yesterday.  I seasoned them with ham, onion, and garlic.  They tasted like beans.   DH pronounced them “Okay” but I went out to the RV with the grandkiddies and, when I came in this morning, I noticed that he didn’t put them in the fridge so I wound up throwing them out.  Tonight, he fixed his own beans, seasoned them with ham, onion, and garlic, and pronounced them “Really good!”  Tasted like beans to me.  I did notice, however, that he wrapped em up all neat and tidy in a bowl and put them away in the fridge.  I ate 4 summer rolls for dinner with lettuce, a little sliver of grilled chicken, cilantro, cucumber, red peppers, and carrots.  He stuffed his face with a huge bowl of beans and two burgers that he grilled and topped with cheese, lettuce, mayo, onion, and tomato, all on a couple of huge sesame seed buns.  Once he polished that off, he fixed a huge bowl of MY sugar-free, fat-free frozen yogurt.  Hope those beans catch up with him.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I should sleep in the RV again tonight.

10:00 – Went out to sit in the spa and it’s so hot and humid outside it didn’t actually hold a lot of appeal.  Decided a skinny-dip was in order so I ripped the bandage off my hand, jumped in the pool and swam a few laps.  It felt wonderful!  Cool and dark and private.  Got dressed, came in, washed my hand in anti-bacterial soap, dried it real good and re-bandaged it.  The good Dr. Salaman will never know!  Ah, Sistah Pat, you are such a wicked woman!

Of course it’s raining!  I watered all the new plants in yesterday!  Had that poor little sprinkler working like crazy for almost four hours yesterday afternoon.  Woke up at 8:30 and was surprised at how dark the bedroom was.  Came out to find it overcast and gray.  Fixed my coffee and the downpour began.

I’m feeling the end of summer.  It’s crawling around inside my head.  Half the time, I don’t even know what day it is and now, with the start of a new week, I’m starting to think about the things I have looming on the horizon.  School always starts back with a bang and I’ll quickly find myself struggling to find a few free minutes to do what I need to do.  Tomorrow, I’m going back to Humanity to look for perennials.  Humanity Guy says the truck makes its weekly run collecting the donations and gets there about 2:00 p.m.  He said there’s usually a long line of people waiting and they scarf up the perennials and all the best plants.  Lately, however, he says there haven’t been many people there when the truck comes in because it’s so late in the season.  GF and I have made plans to be there at 1:00 tomorrow so she’s coming over here at noon.

Thursday, I’m helping Sistah Pam host an inservice for teachers at my school.  It’ll be the first time I’ve been in this summer and I’ll probably meet the new principal.  DGS’s are supposed to go in and check their schedules to make sure they’re correct before school starts.  If not, it may be weeks before they can get them changed.  Maybe I can do that on Thursday when I have to go in anyway.

Friday, I have my follow-up appointment for my hand.  Hopefully, I can get it wet after that!  I miss jogging in the pool.

Saturday, Rick and Pam are coming to our house for dinner and a swim.

Next Monday – Tuesday, I have to drive to Lexington for our school retreat.  I hate these things.  It’s an hour and a half drive to stay at a hotel with all my co-workers.  I wasn’t real happy with my “roomies” a couple times in the past so, the last couple of years, I’ve just paid the other half so I can have my own room.  With gas, eating out, and paying the other half of the room, it’s going to cost me about $150.  Not a huge amount but I kind of resent paying it for something I don’t want to do anyway.  Several teachers, like me, would like to just get up and go to school to do a full day of inservice, come home, and repeat it the next day but we always seem to get outvoted. 

After the retreat, Wednesday, I’ll probably work at the school getting things unpacked.  Teachers can work one day for an extra day’s pay to set up for the school year and I can either do it Wednesday or Thursday. 

Then, Friday, I’m back to work.

Just weighed myself.  174.5!  Why is it that the minute I quit doing extensive exercise I gain weight?  I planted all those daggone plants yesterday and spent all day digging and crawling around in the flower beds!  Crap!  Guess I’d better try on my new shoes and hit the treadmill.

6:45 – Didn’t feel like blogging for most of the day.  Went upstairs and did the standard 3 more miles workout.  95 minutes 630 calories.  The wife/nana/mom got into a very gray, gray mood.  Sometimes I think it’s better to get in a totally black mood.  I can deal with a black mood.  Black moods get the adrenaline going!  They’re “Get out of my face NOW!” states where I can go into a cleaning frenzy or do some kind of physical exercise to blow off steam.  Gray moods are more difficult.  They tend to hang around and ruin the entire day.

I started to get ready for the treadmill and realized my new shoes are in the RV.  Went out to the RV but DH had locked it.  Came back in the house to get the keys and they weren’t on the thingie on the wall where they should have been.  Finally found them on DH’s side of the dresser and managed to get my shoes.

Headed upstairs and forgot my water.  Came back down, filled my water bottle and headed back up.  Turned on the treadmill and grabbed my MP3 only to see that my headphones weren’t attached.  At this point, I was starting to get fairly cranky.  I came back downstairs to the family room to look for headphones.  They belong in the entertainment cabinet but there weren’t any in there.  I looked all over the family room, checked all the drawers and closet but there weren’t any headphones.  I decided the DGSs must have them in their bedroom.  Went BACK upstairs and opened their bedroom door and was assaulted with their total mess of clothes, games, toys, dishes, etc. all over the place and the unmistakeable smell of CAT PEE!    I woke them up and started ranting about my headphones and the cat and the state of their bedroom and they swore they haven’t let the cat in since I banned it last week and groveled before me with a half dozen sets of headphones.  I left for the treadmill and told them to get their room cleaned up immediately. 

Finally got my act together, shoes, water, MP3, headphones and started on the treadmill.  I was in such a bad mood I felt like just giving up.  I was sluggish and I hated every step and couldn’t get into the music because I was having mental rants about being used and abused.  Finally finished the first set of five minutes and went to raise the incline to 2% and realized it was already on 7%.  Evidently, Steven, who used it last, didn’t reset it.  Kinda made sense about having a hard time getting started when I realized what was going on.

I did my workout but couldn’t shake the bad mood all day.  Everyone has avoided me like I have the plague and that suits me just fine.  I finally started coming around when the two youngest grandkids came over to spend the night.  It’s hard to hang onto a gray mood when Scout’s around.  He’s so funny!


Monday Menu

3 summer rolls (100)

Salad with Romaine, red peppers, water chestnuts, tomato, and sliced chicken breast (400)
Paul Newman’s Light Lime Vinaigrette Dressing (70)

Sugar-free, fat-free frozen yogurt (200)
pkg. chocolate mint rice cakes (90)

Total 860

Well alrighty, then!  I’m in control this morning and better use that control to plan out the day.  How many days in a row have I sabotaged dinner?  Can’t do it today.  I haven’t weighed myself yet (dreading it) and I can’t keep letting the day get me so worn out that I collapse and eat whatever’s within reach.

You could probably write my agenda today.  Pretty obvious…clean the house and work in the garden.  Don’t think I’ll have time for anything else.  Still, I’m going to plan dinner before things get away from me.  I’ve got a freezer full of chicken, Pam gave me some wonderful homegrown tomatoes last night and…duh……let me think about this…

Just weighed myself.  Still looking at 173.5 while visions of beer bread, spaghetti, tortilla chips, and sugar-free ice cream run through my head.  What’s really funny is that I’m eating so much better now that I’m aware of how destructive this stuff is.  Not too long ago, I would have considered only a handful of chips and one slab of beer bread and sugar-free ice cream to be a pretty healthy choices.  They still are…if I’m not trying to lose weight.  That stuff is fine for maintenance but I definitely don’t want to maintain the status quo with this bod.

So what’s for dinner?  After giving the matter considerable thought, I’ve come up with Lemon Garlic Chicken simmered in wine, lemon linguini, fresh green beans with cranberries, and sliced tomatoes.  The guys should find the chicken and linguini filling and I can throw them a crusty loaf of french bread to gnaw on.

Response to Comments!  Thanks, Brandie and Joy for the advice on Nu Skin!  Not sure it applies here.  What I’ve got is one of those “well-rubbed” areas on my heel where the skin is just loose enough to move a little bit.  There’s not much water under there.  It’s just a shade shy of being an actual blister.  I’m going to hit the treadmill with a new pair of shoes tomorrow and see what happens.  Leighish, I think you’re right about Habitat Guy.  He wants me.  Women can tell about these things.  Guys see a tight butt like mine and they just lose it.  Hey, wait, where is my butt anyway?  It seems to have fallen down or something…  kt, let’s boogie, girl!  If you’re cleaning the man mess before we party, why don’t you just come over here and save me the trouble?  I have lots of man messes you can clean!  BTW, I’m not sure I remember how to boogie.  Let me go rewind that Jane Fonda tape and go to the boogie part again.

3:15 – Gotta take a break!  I am soooo tired of digging.  Probably got about 100 plants in.  Tore up spring bulbs all over the place.  Not gonna worry about that today…Spring’s a long way down the road.  Do you think Habitat Guy fantasizes about me like this?  Dirty broken nails, sweat dripping down my back and trickling down my butt crack.  The seat of my pants dirty and the scent of eau de peatmoss lingering in the air?  You know he does.

DH is making me crazy!  Would someone please tell me how to make beans?  I swear!  We ate at a Mexican fast food place called Taco Cabana on vacation and they had black beans with the dinner.  Okay, I tasted them.  They were beans.  Not my thing.  DH ate his and mine and has been ranting about them ever since.  “Honey, I sure do wish you could make beans like that.  They had little bits of ham in them and it was almost like a soup but not quite.  The texture was perfect and they may have had a little hint of a beef flavor.”  I know, I know!  I’ve been hearing for 38 years that I don’t know how to cook beans.  I’m a damn good cook, have 5 college degrees, manage to keep a fairly clean house and survive in a world of men but I constantly have to listen to him whine because I don’t know how to cook beans. I don’t like beans!  That’s probably why I can’t cook em!  I’ve tried!  I’ve tried over and over using this recipe and that recipe and they all taste the same to me but he’s never happy.  He wants me to try to cook beans again tomorrow.  Damn it!  Keeps telling me it’s all about the seasoning.  Why doesn’t HE learn to cook beans?

Crap!  I’m going back out to dig and think about how to cook black beans.

5:45 – Calling it quits on the gardening.  Only have about 30 more plants to get in but I said I was quitting at 5:30 to make dinner and I did.  Gotta start rattling those pots and pans.


Sunday Menu

Lean Cuisine (260)

Lemon Garlic Chicken (300)
Lemon Linguini (300)
Sliced homegrown tomatoes (50)

2 Shwann’s fudgesicles (90)
2 sugar free popsicles (30)

Total 1,030


Crash and Burn

Watched too much TV and ate too much last night.  When will I learn?  Eating in front of the TV is a big problem for me and I shouldn’t do it.

My idea of “diet” chicken parmesian (don’t have any idea how to spell this) is a chicken breast with sauce on a teeny portion of whole wheat pasta with sides.  The pasta is barely there.  That’s not DS’s idea of chicken parmesian.  I mentioned something about beer bread with soup yesterday at lunch.  Can’t even remember what I said but it was something like, “Man, a warm loaf of beer bread would sure go well with this soup.  Good thing I don’t have any because I’d probably gain 5 pounds just looking at it”.   So what does he do?  While I was soaking in the tub yesterday evening, he stirred up two loaves and started baking them.

I came out of the tub and started telling him how to make the chicken but we didn’t have any whole wheat spaghetti.  Not a big deal.  Still…So I go in to watch TV and the next thing I know, he’s bringing me this HUGE pile of spaghetti with the chicken on top, green beans, and a big, old slab of beer bread warm from the oven.  Crap!  I looked at the mountain placed before me and said, “OMG!  I can’t eat all this!”  Then I proceeded to mindlessly watch TV and eat every crumb.  I ate more at dinner than I would usually eat all day.  What I should have done is to get up off my butt, go in the kitchen and get another plate and just put a normal sized serving on it and take the beer bread out of the equation completely.  Live and Learn…

The scales are showing me 173 this morning.  At this rate, I’ll never get below 170 by the time I go back to work.

Okay…so let’s get on with this day!  What’s on the agenda?  We’re going to our friend’s house (about 45 minutes away) for dinner.  Pam will cook something good and healthy for me, I don’t have to worry about that but there WILL be drinking.  Not a big deal for me, I can pretty much take it or leave it but I’ll probably have a beer.  Guess I should be pretty stingy with calories all day so I have plenty for this evening. 

Right now, I need to get off my butt, get a shower, and try to con DH into planting the rest of these flowers.


Went out to plant the rest of the flowers and DH commented on a couple that he really liked and told me I should go get some more.  I told him I would go if he’d go with me so we headed over to Habitat.  Got another 165 plants that I have to put in.  I think I’m losing my mind!  Still, it was only $23.00.  Habitat Guy (boyfriend) doesn’t seem to love me as much as the plants.  DH said to him, “Man, stop giving her all these plants.  I’m going to have to help her dig up the garden and get them planted!”  Habitat Guy said, “Yeah, but I’ve seen her in here before and she really loves flowers.   I’d rather give em to her than see them die.”   Oh yeah, SURE!  Act like you don’t have the hots for me when DH is around.  We’ll see how you act on Tuesday when I meet the truck after its weekly run looking for perennials.  Tell you what, Buddy, it takes a lot more than a flat of overgrown begonias to get my favors! 

No time to blog…gotta dig… (sob!)

10:30 – Went to Rick and Pam’s for dinner.  Pam made good, healthy stuff but I don’t have a clue how many calories I consumed.  Grilled ribeye, sauteed yellow squash with parmesan and asiago, tossed salad with fat-free dressing, sliced tomatoes, watermelon and, a couple hours later, a bowl of sugar free ice cream.  Oh, yeah, a beer and a handful of blue tortilla chips with hummus.

Instead of them coming over here tomorrow, I asked them to come next weekend so I can continue planting all day tomorrow.


Saturday Menu

Lean Cuisine Entree (210)

rib eye steak
yellow squash with parmesan and asiago
sliced tomatoes
sugar free ice cream

Total Who knows?  under 1500?

Can’t believe it’s already Friday and the end of July!  Been trying to make plans to get together with the Butt Sistahs for dinner and we wrestled with several dates before settling on Thursday, August 7th.  I have to admit that one shocked me too!  I’ll be back to work by then!

Don’t know what I’m going to wind up doing today.  I’m developing a blister on my heel so I shouldn’t get on the treadmill.  Can’t figure out the blister.  Same shoes I’ve worn on the treadmill for three months now and I got a little “rub” during Wednesday’s workout which escalated to a blister after yesterday’s workout.  Not doing the treadmill gives me almost two hours off!  Can’t get in the pool because of my hand.

Speaking of my hand…I had to change the bandage yesterday and I was shocked and downright mortified to undo all that gauze and see this teeny, tiny, itty-bitty, little incision.  Didn’t take the last little scrap of bandage off but I bet there’s not room for two stiches under there.  Good Lord!  Looks to me like he could have done it just as easily with a little local anesthesia.  I bought gauze pads and gauze wrap to redo it the same way Dr. Salaman did and wound up just putting a bandaid on it.  In fact, I just took the bandaid and the last little scrap off while I’m sitting here and it has two (2) little stitches.  Think I’ve probably gotten all the sympathy mileage I’m gonna get with this thing.  Maybe I should put my arm in a sling and try to get another day or so out of it…

Just had a thought (don’t get them very often, they give me headaches)…I could dig through my DVDs and old workout tapes and find a low impact workout that I could do barefoot on the carpet.  Ow!  I have a headache.

10:00 – Weighed myself.  174…I hate those damn scales.

Feeling very lethargic and unmotivated  (Could it be working my ass off and showing 174 on the scales?????????) so I’m going to make a list of things I’m going to do today and mark them off as I get them taken care of:

Get up
Brush teeth
Plant at least 15 more plants today
Do low-impact workout

Clean bathroom
Clean Kitchen
Clean Bedroom

Get twine for moonflowers
Tie twine around the fence for moonflowers to climb

11:30 – Found an old Jane Fonda VCR tape from way back in the 80s.  All that big hair and the guys wearing ripped T-shirts.  Everybody in shiny leotards with leg warmers.  I should get a lot of credit for hanging in there for an hour till it ended.  It had elevator music and was really, really boring!  Still, my arms are killing me and I did manage to work up a sweat.  What’s that say about my arms?  Gotta do something about that.

1:00 – Cleaned the bathroom.  Not the old windex and scrubbing bubbles but the “once in a blue moon, scrub the grout with an old toothbrush, coordinate all the towels, wash the shower curtain, shine all the chrome” kind of scrubbing.  That way, if DH comes home and says “What have you been doing all day?”  I can say, “Hello!!!  Did you even look at the bathroom?  I spent forever in there scrubbing nasty-ass man messes!  And that’s with my injured hand!”  He won’t have a clue what I mean about nasty-ass man messes but he knows better than to open that door.

Now, what’s next?

2:30 – Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bedroom, ran the vacuum, did a load of laundry, and took out the trash.  Sheesh!  Half this stuff wasn’t even on my list.  Now I’m eating a bowl of soup for lunch.  Don’t know why but I’m craving some homemade beer bread to go with it.  Good thing I don’t have any.  I broke the carafe to the coffeemaker when I was washing it.  Had to go out to the shed and get a new coffee-maker.  Got two coffee-makers, two table carafes, and two thermal coffee mugs not too long ago from Gevalia for $20.00 and they paid the shipping!  I can put a new coffeemaker out cheaper than I can buy a new carafe.  Why do they make those things out of glass, anyway?

DH gets home from work in 30 minutes.  Guess I should try to make a run on the bedroom.

6:00 – Planted and watered 23 more plants and I’m halfway through with running twine and coaxing the moonflowers around it.  Taking a break.  I was getting grossed out.  Sat down on a rug to work with the flowers and it was wet so my shorts are dirty and soggy.  Washed my hand(s) but there’s still dirt under my nails and, since it rained a little this morning, mosquitoes are out.  Can’t wait to finish running this twine and cross off the last thing on my list.

7:00 – Done!  Now I’m going to go to my nice clean soaker tub and try to soak and scrub some of the grossness off my bod.  Everyone around here doesn’t seem to know what to do with “you’re on your own for dinner” and I’m not cooking.  DS says he’ll make diet chicken parmesiana if I’ll tell him how.  Can’t beat that kind of deal!


Friday Menu

soup (250)
Shwann’s fudgesicle (45)

Chicken Parmesian (800)
green beans (100)
Beer bread (500)

Total 1,695


Sans Chats

No kitty cats in sight this morning!  Little Calico hung around the back yard yesterday but I noticed that he left several times and was gone for quite a while (home?).  He continued to come and go and I told the boys they could play with him outside but he is NOT coming back in the house.

Still at 172.5 this morning which makes me happy!  Usually, when I drop weight, it bounces around for a few days so I’m happy that I’m still here.

So…what’s on today’s agenda?  Of course, I need to hit the treadmill.  Once that’s behind me, I need to go in search of the perfect white blouse.  You know that perfect little black dress?  I never have any trouble with that one, it’s the white blouses that give me trouble.  I wear lots of colorful jackets to work and I always need perfect white blouses/tops to go under them.  A couple black ones wouldn’t hurt, either.

I also want to go to Habitat for Humanity this morning and see if they have any perennials I can salvage.  Then, since I’ll be in the area, I’m going to go by Pam’s shop and try to figure out why they don’t want to come to our house but always insist we go to their’s. 

Considering that it’s almost 10:00 and I haven’t done much of anything except make the bed (sans matières fécales!), I better get moving!

10:20 – grrrrr, grumble, snarl…Did 15 minutes on the treadmill and the battery died in my MP3.  There is no way I can do another hour and a half without some kind of distraction so I had to run downstairs and throw the  battery in the 15 minute recharger.  I thought, for a fleeting moment (okay, for several moments) about it being karma and I should just cancel the workout or wait till later on today (like that’s gonna happen), but I decided on the high road so I’m going to start over as soon as my battery is charged.

12:30 – Killer workout on the treadmill.  5.2 miles and 960 calories.  When I went back upstairs, I decided to skip redoing the lower levels and just went ahead and started at an incline of 5% and did 10 minutes at each level all the way up and then back down to 5%.  Took 100 minutes.  The treadmill showed that I had already done .8 miles and 100 calories before I had to restart and I’m takin em!  They’re mine and they get counted!  So, I went 6 miles and burned 1,060 calories.  Didn’t have much fun and don’t think I’m going to do this very often! 

Think I earned a little shopping! 

4:00 – Didn’t get to go shopping.  Ran out of time.  Spent it all visiting Pam and flirting with the Habitat guy.

As for the Habitat guy…I noticed that he was being “specially attentive” to me the last time I went.  This time, I’m sure of it.  Someone would say, “How much is this?” and he’d say “$2.50”  Then I’d wander over a couple minutes later and say, “How much is this?” and he’d say “$1.00”.  I’d start to walk away and he’d say, “Awwww, I’ll just give it to you.” or “You can just have the whole flat for $1.00.”  Everytime I went to pick something up, he was right at my elbow, getting it for me.  He carried everything to my car and put it all in the trunk and backseat.  When he totalled everything up, it came to $21.00 and I KNOW that ain’t right.  I couldn’t fit one more thing in my car.  It was totally loaded down!  Don’t know why I got special treatment but I definitely did.  I saw what everyone else was paying and he didn’t carry anyone else’s plants for them, either.  (Sigh…) Maybe I still have a little bit of something left but I guarantee you, it ain’t that obvious.  When I left, I said, “Now, I’ve just gotta go home and get them all planted.”  and he said, “I can do that for you.”  I was kind of floored for a minute and then smiled and said, “I’d make you crazy moving them all around!  Thanks, anyway!”  Funny thing is, I don’t doubt for a minute that he probably would!  I’m going to go to Hell for leading the Habitat guy on.

Went by Pam’s gallery and spent a few minutes with her.  The resulting conversation told me that we haven’t been spending enough time together.  She said I haven’t seen her new dogs, or her finished basement, or her new kiln, or her flowers.  All true.  I told her she hasn’t seen my new bathroom, or my flowers, or my new living room set.  The end result is that she was embarrassed when she realized how one-sided things have been and apologized.  She said they do so much driving during the work week, they hate to even go to the store on weekends.  We’re fine now.  We’re going to their place Saturday and they’re coming to ours Sunday. 

Now, I have to start digging and planting.

7:45 – OMG, I am SO tired!  I can’t move!  My ankles hurt, my back hurts, and my hand hurts.  I think I overdid it today.  Don’t know if it was the extra hard workout, planting all those flowers, or flirting with the Habitat guy but I am SHOT!  Had to drink a Java Monster just to get enough energy to fix a pot of soup for dinner.  Now, I’m going to prop myself up in front of the Big Screen Monster and do NOTHING.

Java Monster (200)

3 bowls soup (600)
2 pkgs. mini rice cakes (180)

add a Lean Cuisine (310) and a Schwann’s fudgesicle (45) to that.

Total 1,335

Oops!  Should have taken measurements about 4 days ago.  Anyway, here they are:


And here’s my totally unprofessional analysis:

Nice loss on the bust, hips, thighs, and midway (which is halfway between the waist and hips) but why aren’t I losing in the waist?  Also, not much going on in the arms which means I’m going to have to start doing some weights or something for them.  Guess that can be my goal for the next month.  Work on waist and arms.  Eleven inches for the month, which I’m thrilled about and 18.75 inches overall!  I’m thinking that left calf must be a mistake.  I must have measured wrong the first time because, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.  Next month, I’ll correct that number.

garden1.JPGflowers3.JPGIn my search for diet and exercise perfection the last few days, I have to wonder…What makes a perfect morning?  Is it waking up to find that the cat that doesn’t live here threw up again on the kitchen floor?  Is it that little sneaking suspicion that it was there when DH got up for work and that he tippy-toed around it and left it for me to deal with?  Could it be opening the front door to get the paper and finding that it’s a soggy mess from being rained on?  No, little chicklets, as much fun as all that is, that’s not what makes a perfect morning.  A perfect morning happens when Mr. Scale greets me with 172.5 again!  I’m so mean to him sometimes and yet he can be so sweet and forgiving when he wants to be.  So now I’m back where I was two weeks ago before I started loosening the reins and playing around the buffet tables.  It makes the goal of being in the 160s by the time I go back to work seem downright reachable and reinforces the idea that this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.  I can fall off the wagon occasionally but, as long as I dust myself off and hop back on, I’ll get where I want to go and stay there.

And so, this perfect day has begun…

9:30 (hands over my ears and chanting “la,la,la,la, la,la,la”)  The cat took a dump on my BED!  Threw his butt out the front door and will strangle anyone who lets him back in!  “Oh, what a beautiful mooooorrrrning, Oh, What a beautiful day, Everything’s comin up roses, everything’s goin my way!”

12:00 – Went upstairs and put my headphones on, cranked up the volume and my dance card was full, mostly thanks to my Blue Men, Enrique, and Rob Thomas.  Stayed in my perfect little world for 95 minutes and did the 3 more miles plus workout.  Kept the speed at 3.2 or 3.3 most of the time but never let it get below 3.1.  Funny, the numbers came out to exactly 5.1 miles and 800 calories.  Can’t help remembering just a few months ago when I was pretty much doing the Polar Bear workout.  Don’t know what’s going to happen when I go back to work and can’t find two full hours just for myself.  Guess I’ll deal with that when I have to.  Right now, I’ve gotta figure out how to take a shower without getting my hand wet.

2:00 – Yes! Yes! Yes!  Started taking clothing inventory for going back to work and discovered that my clothes don’t fit!  I do, however, have several things in Petite Large and Petite XL that do!  They’ve been hanging in the back of the closet in dry cleaning bags for a couple of years now.  Nobody makes clothes for short, fat, women!  I’ve been rolling up sleeves and wearing jackets in Misses and Women’s that have shoulders down to my elbows for a couple of years now and I can finally fit back into Petites!  The shoulders are where they’re supposed to be!  The hem is where it’s supposed to be!  The waist is where it’s supposed to be!  Whoo Hooo!  Coldwater Creek sent me an email that they have up to 70% off on summer clearance and I’m goin shoppin!  Time to get some new jackets!  Coldwatercreek.com watch out!  Here I come!

Ohhhhhhhh what a beautiful moooooornin!, Ohhhh what a beautiful daaaaaayyyy!

4:00 – Washed the sheets and blanket 3 times and had an extra rinse cycle on each one.  Still feel a little grossed out!  Went to Coldwater Creek and got these jackets:


I tried on 4 PL and 2PXL jackets from my closet and they all fit.  The PL actually fit better than the PXL so I think I’m okay on these.  I LOVE bright jackets!

5:45 – Wish I could work in the garden and plant the new flowers I bought the other day but I can’t get my hand dirty so it’s going to have to wait.  All I can do is walk around and look at the birds and take pictures of the flowers.  They’re looking so much better after a few days of water and Miracle Grow. 

Light yogurt (80)

2 slices sesame pork loin (300)

Lean Cuisine Entree (280)
Lean Cuisine Entree (310)
Watermelon (50)

Pretzels (120)

Shwann’s fudgesicle (45)
Popcorn (100)
Sugar-free, fat-free ice cream with blueberries (150)

Total 1,425

hand.JPG So can I get a little sympathy here?  My hand is all swollen and typing is difficult with it all wrapped up like this.  I didn’t even get to lay around in my nice room!  Four hours after I checked in, I’m already checked out and back home.  Everything went great and I should be good as new in a couple days.

I’m actually feeling kind of proud of myself.  The doctor ordered some Vicoden that I had to take before I left and they wouldn’t let me take it on an empty stomach so they brought it in with a big old cinnamon bun with icing.  I told them I was on a diet and could they just see if they could find some kind of protein bar or something and the nurse returned with five packages of Lorna Doone Cookies.  I mean, can’t you do a little better than that???  Anyway, I ate two packages (that 240 calories worth of JUNK) and that seemed to satisfy them.  It didn’t do much to satisfy me, however.  I had to make a conscious effort to stop eating Lorna Doone’s!  They were so good! 

The doctor says I can’t workout today because the pain pills will make me dizzy.  Hey!  I’m used to being dizzy…that’s my normal state.  Even so, I’m going to take his advice.  So, why am I feeling kind of proud of myself?  Because I got into this poor, pitiful me state and fully intended to stop at Mickey’s and get an Egg McMuffin to go with my Lorna Doones and then caught myself.  I want another perfect day and that’s not the way to do it.  So, I stopped, I’m giving the Lorna Doones to the DGS’s cause their 17 year old metabolisms can handle it and I’m going to do the best I can with this day even though I’m off to a cookie start and can’t work out.  A perfect day is no more than doing the best you can do with what you’ve got and I’m committed to finish out the day the best I can.

Right now, I’m sleepy from the anesthesia and pain pills and I’m going back to bed.

2:00 – Okay, it’s 2:00 and I’m still trying to get back to bed.  Tried to do a couple of things before I hit the sack and got carried away.  Now, I’m really going to go to bed.  By the way, weighed 173.5 this morning so I’m getting there!

9:45 – Don’t feel great right now.  Funny how these things kind of zap your energy.  I’ve been alternating between can’t keep my eyes open and can’t sleep so I’m going to wrap it up here.

Did the best I could with what I was given today.  Didn’t get any exercise but that can’t be helped.  Can’t get my hand wet or lift anything for the next week so I’ll have to figure out how to deal with that.

Think I’m going to watch a little TV until the drowsies hit me again.

Later, girls…

Uggggg!!! The damn cat just threw up on the floor!  Why am I dealing with this?  I don’t even have a cat!