Hopped on the scale this morning and met 181.  He’s almost what I want in a number right now but my heart is set on seeing 180 in the next couple of days.  By Tuesday morning, as a matter of fact.

I chose the kitchen as the room for today’s heavy duty cleaning.  Worked like a dog on the living room yesterday.  Washed walls, cleaned furniture, cleaned blinds, washed windows, and steam-cleaned carpet.  The couch and chair in the living room are shot.  I have a tan leather sofa in storage and can’t decide if I just want to drag it out and use it or get new ones.  The reason I put it in storage is because it was beginning to get some small tears in a couple of seams.  If I pull it out and it has to suffer the abuse of two teenagers flopping down on it and wrestling around it probably won’t last six months.  I hate to buy a new set with so much turmoil going on around here.  I guess I could go to one of those “factory direct” places and pick up a cheap set that we could use for a couple years.  Will DH and I ever get our home back? 

The decision was just made.  We’re heading over to a furniture outlet to take a look.

1:00 – Picked up a cheap couch ($298) and a cheap recliner ($200) to refresh the living room.  Trick I learned when my kids were little…don’t buy any expensive furniture till they’re grown.  No matter how careful you try to be, there are kids running around the place and they will have accidents.  I’m still dealing with some of the damage Jake and Scout did when they lived here for almost two years.  I had thought I was finished with kids and bought some beautiful things for the house.  As I said, my leather sofa is in storage, my white couch downstairs has to have a cover now because it sports Big Red stains, and my carpet needs to be replaced.  I’m not doing any of this till the kids are grown.  Better to buy cheap stuff that doesn’t break my heart when it’s damaged.

I had a great dinner last night.  Worked till I was worn out and it was late and realized I didn’t have anything I could eat.  Mixed up some pasta, tuna, veggies, etc. and it was great.  I’m going to fix it for dinner tonight.  Will try to make some kind of recipe and calorie count to share.

6:15 – I lied!  Didn’t clean a thing today.  Instead, went out and bought the couch and chair, got rid of the old couch at the Salvation Army, had oldest DH pick up the new couch (after it was thoroughly treated with fabric protection), made a batch of pasta salad (not as good as last night’s but still good), and baked a Cherry Clafoutis with a few modifications from Round’s recipe. 

I’m watching Jake and Scout (no sign of or messages from their mother for two days now).  Scout said, “Hey Nana, we’re going to spend the night!”  I said, “No, You’re not spending the night.  Why did you think you were?”  Scout said, “Because Daddy has to go to work and no one knows where Mommy is.”  So sad.  Poor little boy.  How does he rationalize his mother’s behavior?  I don’t want to say anything.  I really don’t know what to say, anyway.  I just said, “No, Daddy will pick you up as soon as he gets off work.”

Now I’m working on redoing all the vacation plans and getting a headache.  Wish I could take some aspirin but I have that damn colonoscopy on Tuesday and can’t have any aspirin or pain reliever for a week beforehand.

8:05 – David just picked up the boys.  When they got ready to leave, Scout said, “Is Mommy in the car?”  David said, “No, she’s not out there.”  Scout said, “Why?” and David just said, “I don’t know, son.  Come on, get your games, we have to go.”  This stuff just breaks my heart.


findingjoy says 31st May @ 16:06

I see your on a cleaning rampage like I was today (smile). I hate cleaning blinds. I as a result have mostly bamboo shades. They are so much easier to clean. I know what you mean about kids and nice things haha
Have a fantastic weekend!

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