Steel Magnolias


9:30 p.m.
Stealing Joy’s movie for the title of this one.  It just seems right.

Just got back from dinner with the BUTT Sistahs.  We went for Ethiopian and then came back to my house where we took a look at the RV and made tentative plans to “party” somewhere before the summer is over.  Took a picture out in the front yard.  Left to right is Lisa, Pam, Jana, and me in the center.  I don’t know why I got thrown in the center.  I think it was so Pam and Jana could hide behind me because THEY HAVE NOT BEEN LIVING UP TO THE CODE OF THE BUTT SISTAHS!  (the big bold statement is just in case they peek at my blog)

We had a unusual dinner.  The Ethiopian style of dining is to use pieces of a low carb, spongy “pancake” to scoop up food from a community tray.  The food is very healthy and very spicy.  We ordered a vegetarian tray for two and a meat tray for two and shared.  We didn’t use utensils.  The restaurant just opened and we discovered that they don’t have their liquoir license yet so Pam and Jana went a couple doors down from the restaurant and bought a six pack of ice cold Moosehead beer to go with dinner.  For a “cover charge” of $5.00, we were allowed to have it with dinner.

Came home and the house reeks of fried food.  While the cat’s away, the mice will play.  Andrew tells me Paw Paw fixed them french fries and chicken nuggets in the deep fryer for dinner.  Oh yeah, they had baked garlic bread with it.

As always, I had a great time with the girls!  Hopefully, we can get together again before I leave on vacation.

Here’s a picture of them when I was showing my grandson how to use the camera.  Surprise, Sistahs!  You didn’t know I got this one!


8:15 Friday Morning
183 is back.  Surprise, surprise…I decided it’s okay to move my “goal day” to Tuesday morning so I can cheat.  I got the paperwork for my colonoscopy that’s scheduled for Tuesday morning and found out I have to fast all day Monday.  What’s that about???  I thought you just had to fast after midnight (Hey, I can do that!).  The procedure is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and my list of foods I can have on Monday is:
clear broth (beef or chicken) fat-free only
apple juice
white grape juice
Crystal Lite
Lemonade (without pulp)
Coffee without cream
Clear Jello without fruit
Popsicles without cream or fruit
Soft Drinks
Wow!  You have to be a pretty creative cook to work with that stuff!  I think Monday is going to be a long day.  In addition to not having any food, I’m supposed to take four Dulcolax laxatives during the day and then, that evening, drink the crap that cleans you out.

Yeah, Tuesday morning is the day to weigh (if I’m can still find the strength to stand on the scales without falling over).  It would be nice to sleep late on Monday to shorten the day of fasting but I have an 8:45 a.m. appointment with my orthopedic surgeon so he can look at my toe and make sure it’s okay.  He’s probably going to nag me to get the other ankle fixed.  The original plan was to get the right one done, recover for a year and then do the left one.  In reality, it took four surgeries and five years to get the right one done correctly so the left one has never been taken care of.  In all honesty, this guy is a savior in my eyes.  Three of the surgeries were done by another doctor who kept trying to repair the damage and I finally gave up on him and went to an orthopedic surgeon who moved here from California and was supposed to be one of the leading foot and ankle specialists in the country.  Turns out, he is.  He took one look at the x-rays, saw what was wrong and told me we had to start all over again and redo everything.  I was heartbroken.  I DID NOT want to start over.  Now, two years after his surgery, the right ankle is much better.  He wasn’t happy that the bones had been fused and said he never would have done that but it can’t be undone so there we are.  I really respect this guy and I might discuss the other surgery with him but I don’t want to fix the left ankle until I get rid of all this extra weight and start feeling better.  I’ve been sitting on my butt for five years (more than six years if you count the year before surgery when it hurt to even walk) and I’m not ready to start over.  Of course, he’s very arrogant and says the left one will be a piece of cake compared to the right.  I asked him what would be different about the left and he said, “I’ll be the one doing it.” (smile)  Even so, it will mean another three months in a wheelchair and at least a year of recovery and physical therapy.  I’m just not ready to deal with that.

12:00 noon
It takes 95 minutes to go all the way up the inclines on the treadmill and all the way back down in 5 minute increments.  Kept the speed at 2.9 (the toe is kind of bothering me today) and went 4.4 miles and burned 600 calories.  I am so HOT and gross.  I’m going to cool off here for a few minutes and then get a shower. 

We loaned DH’s car to David and DH is using mine.  David just brought the boys over.  Hasn’t seen or heard from Stacy.

My house is a mess.  Made a plan to tackle it.  One day a room for heavy cleaning and one box per day dealt with in my workout room upstairs until I can stop feeling claustrophobic up there.

1:30 – WhoooHoooo!  Just got the word on the new principal. It will be a woman!


soclose says 30th May @ 11:21

OH, YEAH… that soooo sounds like a surgeon. But after your last experience with him, maybe he’s right. Still a big decision and a big chunk of time.

Because of family hx., I’ve had 4 colonoscopies. YEP, the prep is the worst part of it. Also, if they didn’t mention it, eat nothing red—the jello, popsicle, koolaide, gatorade. Goood news, I’ve already been 5 pounds lighter on the day of the test.

patty says 30th May @ 12:08

Wow! Tuesday morning is definitely the day to weigh for the June 1st goal. Not exactly playing fair but then my toe didn’t play fair either.

findingjoy says 30th May @ 13:13

I just love those photo’s of you and your friends. I am so glad that you made it out with your friends. I have to look in the city for that kid of resteraunt. All we have here is a McDonalds, a Burger King, a Pizza shop, and a diner. It will be fun to look though.
I hope your test goes well, is low in pain, and goes very fast!
Sounds like you are doing fantastic on the treadmill. Keep it up. You take care

findingjoy says 30th May @ 13:16

awww I just read your really sweet and kind e-mail. Thank you so much Patty. You are right I had to be willing to commit to a plan for eating and exercise. As long as I was not I was just setting myself up to fail. You are just so sweet, thank you!

getupnow says 30th May @ 22:50

Mmmm. I love Ethiopian food. Unfortunately, we have to drive 45 minutes to even buy injera (the bread) unless we order it online. Our favorite to eat on the injera is doro wat – made with chicken. Oh. Now I am craving it!

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