Last day for teachers! WhooooHooooo! I have to go in and make sure all my personal stuff is secure for the summer, attend a final faculty meeting at 2:00 and then I’m off for the summer! Our principal is retiring and we’re supposed to meet the new one today. I hope it’s a woman. Don’t ask me why but it seems like I get along better with female bosses. Not that I don’t get along with the men but it seems like I always work for them and I work with the women. Does that make any sense? Maybe it’s just coincidence. I’ve worked with 3 female principals and 2 men.

Still holding the line at 183 today which makes me really happy since I can’t exercise. I keep expecting to see a big jump and dread getting on the scales. I’ve decided to baby my foot today and then start trying to exercise again starting tomorrow. I have a bunch of stuff to carry back and forth to my car today and that’s going to be difficult enough because it still hurts to walk and the parking lot is a fair distance from the building but tomorrow I’m going to see what I can do about working out again.

7:45 a.m. – Kudos for me!  Walked in to find 3 tables loaded with doughnuts and pastries, juices, coffee, and fruit.  I had some honeydew and watermelon.  I hear the boss is having lunch catered by The Spaghetti Factory.  Guess I won’t be going there.

7:30 p.m. – I’m FREE!!!!  Loaded the last of the stuff I needed to bring home for the summer and I’m done!  Now I get a full week off before I have to attend two full days of Inservice next week.

I went to lunch with my amigos but just got salad.  They had spaghetti, lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and tons of cake, cookies, and ice cream.  I actually took one tiny bite of lasagna and one of spaghetti.  Neither one tasted good and I couldn’t see wasting the calories for something carby, fattening, and blah so I just ate some of that horrid bagged “salad” of iceberg lettuce and shredded cabbage and carrots.  Nasty stuff!  I buy bagged salad all the time and it’s pretty good.  You gotta wonder where they got that stuff they served us today.  Of course, I always get the romaine, spinach, or spring greens.  I’ve never gotten the iceberg.

Frozen entree for dinner and I’m good to go!


findingjoy says 27th May @ 7:16

Yaaaay! You must be so happy to have some time off from working so hard. Plus you need some recovery time. Good job on holding your weight. You will find something to do for exercise even if it’s different and temporary.
I hope the new boss is all that you want and that SHE is nice. (smile)
Take care
keep strong

brseay says 27th May @ 20:30

First of all, I am totally jealous that you’re done. We have 1 more week to go. But fantastic job realizing that the lasagne wasn’t what you wanted. If you keep that up, by the time you’re able to exercise again you’ll be dropping pounds like crazy. When school starts again in the fall you’ll be a completely different looking woman!

soclose says 27th May @ 22:50

So…..was it a man or a woman?

Sistah Pat says 28th May @ 8:52

They haven’t made the final decision. There are two men and a woman in the final three. They’re supposed to email us the results on Friday.

marenamoo says 28th May @ 9:48

I am new to blogging so I just saw that you left me a comment on May 8. Sorry about that. I thought today there are two MEs – the outer one concerned about the style and fat and the looks and the inner me who as I might remember is a nice person who is decent and not quite as shallow. I really need to get the two of them together. You wrote to me that you had not yet connected to the joy at being 57 and I can understand that. But you know I did not connect when I was younger either. So we need to find it in ourselves and not the environment. I get the Guideposts magazine and there was an article by this woman whose mother always told her – slap some lipstick on and go face the world (paraphrased). I think that is what we need to do – fake it before you make it. Slap on the confident smile and maybe the confidence and joy will follow. Anyway a thought for the day. Good luck with the toe – marenamoo

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