One more day for the kiddos!  After that, it’s just one more day for teachers.  Of course, with the holiday on Monday, our last day will be Tuesday.  It’s annoying…being off three days and then having to come back one last time before summer.

I can’t believe 184.5 has come back this morning.  I think I finally got rid of 188 for good but now 184.5  keeps hangin around.  I made up my mind that if I’m going to weigh on a daily basis, I have to be prepared for this but it’s still a little deflating.  Especially since yesterday’s workout was such a killer.

I woke up this morning to find Andrew and Steven sleeping on the couch.  They said it was too hot upstairs.  If it’s too hot for them to sleep, it’s no wonder my workout just about did me in yesterday.  I don’t know why, but our air conditioning doesn’t do a whole lot for the upstairs.  That’s not the problem right now (since we haven’t even used it yet this year) but it’s something we’ll probably have to deal with this weekend.  We usually put a window unit in both rooms upstairs for the summer along with central air.  I don’t even know what happened to the units.  My youngest son had problems with his central air last fall and I think DH loaned him the two window units.  Guess we’ll have to get them back this weekend.  Once they’re back in, I can go back to my treadmill without having a heat stroke.  With outside temperatures hanging around the 80s, upstairs can be considerably hotter.

Okay, so now that we’ve laid the air conditioning problems to rest, what about this weight thing?  I don’t see any reason for letting 184.5 hang around.  It seems like I start getting a bit antsy when it approaches one of my “goal” dates.  June 1st is still nine days away but I want to be sitting (pun intended) firmly on 180 by then.  I think today is going to be a salad and protein day.

It’s getting late, guess I’d better get dressed and head to school.  Another day of fighting from the trenches.  I know they’re going to be firing pizza, doughnuts, cookies, coffee cake, and any other deadly ammo they can find at me.  Better fix my lunch and get ready.

9:56 – Waging WAR!  Holding my own!
7:15 – Walked in to find doughnuts and pastries in the library (my center of operations), ran like the hounds of Hell were after me.
8:00 – Several of my students invited me to the Senior Breakfast.  Hugged them and said “No, thanks!”
8:45 – The principal comes over to me and says there’s “Tons” of stuff left for breakfast. Friends coax me along so I go.  Pass up the hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage, BISCUITS with GRAVY, coffee cake, hashbrown casserole, juice, and pastries, dish up a tiny little bowl of fruit and an itty bitty slice of ham.  Sat my big butt down on one of the teeny little stools and joined a few of my students.  Took great pains to avoid drooling in their gravy.


findingjoy says 23rd May @ 7:42

Don’t get too down on yourself. I know that it is so hard to work your tush off, eat well, hop on the scale and have it revolt against you in the numbers. Keep strong!
Ahhhhhh 80’s! What I would give to be out of the stinking 50’s and low 60’s! Ohio weather stinks!!!
Woohooo only 1 day left!
Keep strong!
ps thanks again for the card. He LOVED it and I had to play it quite a few times for him! (smile)

patty says 23rd May @ 14:33

Sent a message to your blog, Joy! Wasn’t sure if I should do it here or there. I’m trying to put a positive slant on this. I’m not going to be able to fix dinner, I have the remote in hand, and I want someone to fix me a glass of iced tea!

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