4 cups uncooked Rotini Pasta  (1,120)

10 ounces grape tomatoes, sliced lengthwise (50)

¾ cup diced onion (50)

1 cup Kraft Free fat-free shredded cheddar cheese (180)

8 Tablespoons Hellman’s Reduced Fat Mayo (160)

5 Tablespoons Lemon Juice

12 oz. White Albacore Tuna in Spring Water, drained and flaked (350)

1 ½ cups Edamame Beans (150)

Makes 14 cups 147 calories per cup

Cook pasta according to directions.  Drain and rinse in cold water.  Cook Edamame beans as directed, drain and rinse in cold water. 

In large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well.  Add salt and freshly grated pepper to taste.

Note:  I measured all the ingredients and show the calories in the food list.  This would probably be good with other veggies added as well but this is what I had on hand.  I love edamame beans but I know some people don’t care for them.  Frozen peas or snow peas would work just as well.  We also like lots of lemon juice so I just kept adding and tasting.  When I was finished, I measured it out and it made 14 cups so I figured the calories for a one cup serving.

Hopped on the scale this morning and met 181.  He’s almost what I want in a number right now but my heart is set on seeing 180 in the next couple of days.  By Tuesday morning, as a matter of fact.

I chose the kitchen as the room for today’s heavy duty cleaning.  Worked like a dog on the living room yesterday.  Washed walls, cleaned furniture, cleaned blinds, washed windows, and steam-cleaned carpet.  The couch and chair in the living room are shot.  I have a tan leather sofa in storage and can’t decide if I just want to drag it out and use it or get new ones.  The reason I put it in storage is because it was beginning to get some small tears in a couple of seams.  If I pull it out and it has to suffer the abuse of two teenagers flopping down on it and wrestling around it probably won’t last six months.  I hate to buy a new set with so much turmoil going on around here.  I guess I could go to one of those “factory direct” places and pick up a cheap set that we could use for a couple years.  Will DH and I ever get our home back? 

The decision was just made.  We’re heading over to a furniture outlet to take a look.

1:00 – Picked up a cheap couch ($298) and a cheap recliner ($200) to refresh the living room.  Trick I learned when my kids were little…don’t buy any expensive furniture till they’re grown.  No matter how careful you try to be, there are kids running around the place and they will have accidents.  I’m still dealing with some of the damage Jake and Scout did when they lived here for almost two years.  I had thought I was finished with kids and bought some beautiful things for the house.  As I said, my leather sofa is in storage, my white couch downstairs has to have a cover now because it sports Big Red stains, and my carpet needs to be replaced.  I’m not doing any of this till the kids are grown.  Better to buy cheap stuff that doesn’t break my heart when it’s damaged.

I had a great dinner last night.  Worked till I was worn out and it was late and realized I didn’t have anything I could eat.  Mixed up some pasta, tuna, veggies, etc. and it was great.  I’m going to fix it for dinner tonight.  Will try to make some kind of recipe and calorie count to share.

6:15 – I lied!  Didn’t clean a thing today.  Instead, went out and bought the couch and chair, got rid of the old couch at the Salvation Army, had oldest DH pick up the new couch (after it was thoroughly treated with fabric protection), made a batch of pasta salad (not as good as last night’s but still good), and baked a Cherry Clafoutis with a few modifications from Round’s recipe. 

I’m watching Jake and Scout (no sign of or messages from their mother for two days now).  Scout said, “Hey Nana, we’re going to spend the night!”  I said, “No, You’re not spending the night.  Why did you think you were?”  Scout said, “Because Daddy has to go to work and no one knows where Mommy is.”  So sad.  Poor little boy.  How does he rationalize his mother’s behavior?  I don’t want to say anything.  I really don’t know what to say, anyway.  I just said, “No, Daddy will pick you up as soon as he gets off work.”

Now I’m working on redoing all the vacation plans and getting a headache.  Wish I could take some aspirin but I have that damn colonoscopy on Tuesday and can’t have any aspirin or pain reliever for a week beforehand.

8:05 – David just picked up the boys.  When they got ready to leave, Scout said, “Is Mommy in the car?”  David said, “No, she’s not out there.”  Scout said, “Why?” and David just said, “I don’t know, son.  Come on, get your games, we have to go.”  This stuff just breaks my heart.


Saturday Menu

3/4 cup tuna pasta salad (150)

2 cups pasta salad (300)
4 Alessi Garlic Breadsticks (80)
Cherry Clafoutis (100)

Late Evening Binge!
Tuna Pasta Salad (500)
Breadsticks (80)
Cherry Clafoutis (300)

Total 1,610


Friday Menu

LunchFrozen Entree (350)

Tuna Pasta Salad (500)
breadsticks (100)
Total 950 


Steel Magnolias


9:30 p.m.
Stealing Joy’s movie for the title of this one.  It just seems right.

Just got back from dinner with the BUTT Sistahs.  We went for Ethiopian and then came back to my house where we took a look at the RV and made tentative plans to “party” somewhere before the summer is over.  Took a picture out in the front yard.  Left to right is Lisa, Pam, Jana, and me in the center.  I don’t know why I got thrown in the center.  I think it was so Pam and Jana could hide behind me because THEY HAVE NOT BEEN LIVING UP TO THE CODE OF THE BUTT SISTAHS!  (the big bold statement is just in case they peek at my blog)

We had a unusual dinner.  The Ethiopian style of dining is to use pieces of a low carb, spongy “pancake” to scoop up food from a community tray.  The food is very healthy and very spicy.  We ordered a vegetarian tray for two and a meat tray for two and shared.  We didn’t use utensils.  The restaurant just opened and we discovered that they don’t have their liquoir license yet so Pam and Jana went a couple doors down from the restaurant and bought a six pack of ice cold Moosehead beer to go with dinner.  For a “cover charge” of $5.00, we were allowed to have it with dinner.

Came home and the house reeks of fried food.  While the cat’s away, the mice will play.  Andrew tells me Paw Paw fixed them french fries and chicken nuggets in the deep fryer for dinner.  Oh yeah, they had baked garlic bread with it.

As always, I had a great time with the girls!  Hopefully, we can get together again before I leave on vacation.

Here’s a picture of them when I was showing my grandson how to use the camera.  Surprise, Sistahs!  You didn’t know I got this one!


8:15 Friday Morning
183 is back.  Surprise, surprise…I decided it’s okay to move my “goal day” to Tuesday morning so I can cheat.  I got the paperwork for my colonoscopy that’s scheduled for Tuesday morning and found out I have to fast all day Monday.  What’s that about???  I thought you just had to fast after midnight (Hey, I can do that!).  The procedure is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and my list of foods I can have on Monday is:
clear broth (beef or chicken) fat-free only
apple juice
white grape juice
Crystal Lite
Lemonade (without pulp)
Coffee without cream
Clear Jello without fruit
Popsicles without cream or fruit
Soft Drinks
Wow!  You have to be a pretty creative cook to work with that stuff!  I think Monday is going to be a long day.  In addition to not having any food, I’m supposed to take four Dulcolax laxatives during the day and then, that evening, drink the crap that cleans you out.

Yeah, Tuesday morning is the day to weigh (if I’m can still find the strength to stand on the scales without falling over).  It would be nice to sleep late on Monday to shorten the day of fasting but I have an 8:45 a.m. appointment with my orthopedic surgeon so he can look at my toe and make sure it’s okay.  He’s probably going to nag me to get the other ankle fixed.  The original plan was to get the right one done, recover for a year and then do the left one.  In reality, it took four surgeries and five years to get the right one done correctly so the left one has never been taken care of.  In all honesty, this guy is a savior in my eyes.  Three of the surgeries were done by another doctor who kept trying to repair the damage and I finally gave up on him and went to an orthopedic surgeon who moved here from California and was supposed to be one of the leading foot and ankle specialists in the country.  Turns out, he is.  He took one look at the x-rays, saw what was wrong and told me we had to start all over again and redo everything.  I was heartbroken.  I DID NOT want to start over.  Now, two years after his surgery, the right ankle is much better.  He wasn’t happy that the bones had been fused and said he never would have done that but it can’t be undone so there we are.  I really respect this guy and I might discuss the other surgery with him but I don’t want to fix the left ankle until I get rid of all this extra weight and start feeling better.  I’ve been sitting on my butt for five years (more than six years if you count the year before surgery when it hurt to even walk) and I’m not ready to start over.  Of course, he’s very arrogant and says the left one will be a piece of cake compared to the right.  I asked him what would be different about the left and he said, “I’ll be the one doing it.” (smile)  Even so, it will mean another three months in a wheelchair and at least a year of recovery and physical therapy.  I’m just not ready to deal with that.

12:00 noon
It takes 95 minutes to go all the way up the inclines on the treadmill and all the way back down in 5 minute increments.  Kept the speed at 2.9 (the toe is kind of bothering me today) and went 4.4 miles and burned 600 calories.  I am so HOT and gross.  I’m going to cool off here for a few minutes and then get a shower. 

We loaned DH’s car to David and DH is using mine.  David just brought the boys over.  Hasn’t seen or heard from Stacy.

My house is a mess.  Made a plan to tackle it.  One day a room for heavy cleaning and one box per day dealt with in my workout room upstairs until I can stop feeling claustrophobic up there.

1:30 – WhoooHoooo!  Just got the word on the new principal. It will be a woman!


Wayward Women

Weighed in at 181.5 this morning!  Just a pound and a half from goal and 3 whole days to get there (that’s me, dreaming…).  I’m really pleased to have lost another pound and a half but I don’t think I’m going to lose the same amount over the next three days.  I won’t stop trying, though.


My youngest son called last night.  His live-in girlfriend left him and the kids last night.  My oldest son’s family is so dysfunctional it defies belief.  Both my sons hooked up with weak women.  I don’t understand that.  I’ve always been strong, stubborn, and determined.  They never seemed to mind it and I don’t think I was overbearing with them but neither of them chose “a girl like Mom” to spend their lives with.  It would save me unimaginable grief if they had.

David and Stacy have lived together for almost ten years and have two beautiful children.  Everytime they’ve planned to get married, they broke up before it could happen but they keep getting back together.  Stacy has a drug problem, she’s bipolar, and seems totally unable to grow up.  She’s only held a job a total of about six months in the entire time they’ve been together.  She has a pattern of gradually getting back on drugs, finding a boyfriend who accepts that, abandoning David and the boys, and moving out.  During an especially bad breakup four years ago, she walked out on him and the kids for nine days when no one knew where she was.  She finally came home while he was at work, called the police and told them a bunch of lies about David and got a restraining order so he couldn’t come home.  Mind you, this is his home, not hers.  So, he and the kids were unable to return to their own home.  She moved a bunch of her “druggie friends”  into his home, trashed the place, stole or pawned everything he owned and it took him three months to get her out of there.  There was a very long and bitter custody battle and David and the kids had to live here because of the hours he works and babysitter issues.  He didn’t want to leave the kids at home with a babysitter in case she tried to take them.  On top of that, they didn’t have much choice about where to live because their home had been stripped and trashed.  They lived here for a year and a half during which time I had custody of the kids.  David would get up in the morning, take Jake to school, come home and care for Scout until he had to take him to the daycare and go to work.  I would get home in time to get Jake off the school bus, go pick up Scout from daycare and care for them until David got off work at midnight.  My evenings were full of homework, diapers, and rambunctious boys.  He endured a year and a half long custody battle during which time three independent social workers appointed by the court continually made recommendations that David have full custody.  The court continually granted extensions so Stacy could try to straighten her life out and get in a rehab program.  He did, finally, get awarded full custody and began the battle for child support.  For another six months, she refused to pay any child support and the court kept saying they would deal with it eventually but it takes time.  I understood their position.  She couldn’t hold down a job and was moving from one place to another so how could they enforce it?

I was shocked, devastated, and truly dumbfounded when we went to Florida over spring break in 2006 and David called to say he and Stacy were getting back together.  She had been through rehab, was clean and sober, said she loved him and the boys and just wanted them to be a family. 

A portrait of Stacy lies in that little poem:

There once was a girl
with a pretty little curl
right in the middle of her forehead.

And when she was good
she was very, very good
but when she was bad, she was Horrid.

My experience with Stacy is that she’s a beautiful, charismatic, witty, intelligent woman who is so dysfunctional that she can never last more than six months without falling apart.  I was devastated that David took her back into his heart, his home, and his family. 

To give her credit, she’s been able to stay on the straight and narrow for more than two years this time.  I was actually beginning to think that she was going to be okay.  David said she called him at work yesterday out of the clear blue and told him she was leaving on Friday.  She said he never tells her how good-looking she is and they hardly ever go out and have any fun.  She said other men fall all over her trying to get her to go out with them and he should be more appreciative of her.  David told me, he had received about six “wrong number” calls in the last week from some guy who always asked for “Kevin” and then hung up when David told him he had the wrong number.  He told me they hadn’t been arguing but she kept saying she was bored and complaining about how many hours he works so he’s assuming she’s got a new boyfriend.

He called about 11:00 last night after he got home from work and said there were two police cars at his place when he got home.  Stacy wanted them there because she had her bags packed and wanted the car and didn’t think he would let her have it.  This is such a joke because he bought the car and put it in her name about a year ago.  His engine went out on his truck and it isn’t worth investing the money to fix it so he’s been using the car.  Last week, he had some major work done on the car and Tuesday he put brand new tires on it.  Still, as the police said, it’s in her name.  So, last night, she took the car and headed off for parts unknown.  Now, David is stuck with two little kids, no transportation to get to work and no babysitter.  I guess I’m going to be chauffeur and babysitter for a while.

Can you believe a mother would just take off and abandon her six and eight year old boys?  The whole mess is complicated but David’s concerned that she’ll go to the house while he’s at work and strip it.  She probably will.  I don’t mean to sound uncaring but I can’t believe the way he always takes her back and I always have to pick up the pieces when she takes off and care for the kids.  One good thing…(maybe he has a little sense where she’s concerned) he went down to the court and dropped the child support order when they got back together two years ago but she doesn’t know that he still has full-custody of the boys.  She thinks he changed it to shared custody.

I’m supposed to have a “girlie day” with granddaughter Holly for her birthday but it looks like I’ll probably be driving over to David’s (which is a suburb of Louisville and quite a distance) to take him to work and get the boys.  I’m also supposed to meet the Sistahs for our monthly dinner tonight.

My other son, Darryl, is a mess too but that’s another story for another day.

10:50 – Got in a tad over an hour on the treadmill.  Burned 350 cals and went 3.1 miles at 2.9 mph.  Went all the way up the incline in 5 minute increments and then headed down.  Would have liked to do more but David called.  Have to grab a fast shower and go pick him and the boys up.

12:30 – An hour and forty minutes and ten dollars in gas later, I’m back home.  David is at work and the boys are all excited about being here.  They thought the pool would be open but it’s still too cold.  Totally amazing (but not surprising) to me that Stacy would take the car and her bags and just go.  You would think any woman would have enough decency to realize that she shouldn’t take the only car and leave without making any kind of arrangements for the kids at all.  If an emergency comes up, there’s no transportation.  I’m always floored by how totally self-absorbed and selfish she is.  Even more amazed that David always lets her come back.  It has not escaped my attention that she left on my first full day of summer break.  I’m sure she planned this knowing that I would have to step in and take care of the boys.

1:15 – Jake and Scout’s lunchtime conversation over peanut butter sandwiches, chicken noodle soup and apple slices

Jake (8 years old): Scout, what’s 1 times zero?

Scout (6 years old): Zero

Jake:  Good job!  Now, what’s 100 times zero?

Scout: Zero

Jake: Good!  What’s 2 times 1?

Scout: One

Jake: Okay, what’s 2 times 2

Scout: Twenty two

Jake: No!  You forgot what I told you.  The first number is the one you use and the second number is how many times you use it.  What’s 2 times 2?

Scout: four

Jake: Good!  You got it right!  You’re learning multiplication.

Scout: It’s just like addition.

Jake: No, it’s not!  It’s different.  What’s 4 times 2?

Scout: Six

Jake: No, you did it wrong!  I told you, the first number is the one you use and the second one is how many times you use it!

Scout: You’re confusing me!  You keep changing the rules!

Nana:  Okay, that’s enough math.  Eat your soup before it gets cold.


5:00 – Took Holly out shopping.  She fell in love with two dresses and I got her a pair of summer wedges to go with them.  She’s in 7th Heaven.  Her first pair of “heels”.  Got two pair of pants for me.  Two sizes smaller!  Now the pants feel good but my underwear keeps slipping down.  I’m meeting the BUTT Sistahs for our monthly dinner in 30 minutes.  Will try to get a picture of all of us if the lens can go that wide.  This time, we’re following my suggestion for the Ethiopian fare.  They don’t know I cheated and had carryout from there a week ago.


Thursday Menu

Today was a mess.  I ate healthy but have no idea how any calories I consumed.  I knew I was going out with the Sistahs so I saved my calories.  All I ate all day was a bowl of cereal around noon and then dinner with the girls.

Kashi Go Lean (200)
Light Soy Milk (50)

Beer (150?)
Ethiopian Fare (800?)


It’s so good

Yesterday afternoon was so sensual.  I can’t help wondering how much it had to do with finishing school.

I left the building at 3:00 and started walking down the sidewalk to the parking lot and was engulfed in the sweet smell of clover.  The sun was shining, (83 degrees) and I just had to stop and take in the fragrance.  I didn’t notice it during the day when I made several trips out to my car but it was unbelievably sweet when I left.

At home, I unpacked the car and worked on vacation plans before dinner.  I went out to the spa about 10:00 p.m. and it was raining.  This was the first “summer” rain of the year.  There was no lightning or thunder, just a gentle breeze and a warm, summer rain.  It was wonderful to be sitting in the spa with hot water up to my shoulders and have the rain washing my face and neck.  The spa is located on my patio and a canopy of leaves from a big old maple tree overhangs it.  I laid back and watched the branches swaying in the breeze.  Every once in a while, the breeze would change direction and a deluge of water would fall from the leaves, leaving me drenched.  I could have sat out there forever.  The trees in my backyard provide us with dense shade and I frequently make a “mental” decision to cut a couple of them down so we can get more sunlight on the pool but I never follow through with the decision.  It seems so callous to cut down trees that have been there for more than 50 years.  I always remember what my grandson said when we were sitting in the spa almost 15 years ago and he was just a little squirt.  It was a fabulous summer night and he looked up and shouted, “Look, Nana, the trees are dancing!”  and they were, indeed, swaying in the breeze almost magically.

On more practical issues…We didn’t get to meet the new principal yesterday.  The selection committee has narrowed it down to two men and a woman but the final decision won’t be made until Thursday and they’ll email all of us on Friday.  My friend, Phyllisanne, a tiny little bundle of energy who teaches at the school and is involved in absolutely everything shared a recent statement that our retiring principal made during a staffing meeting that was very complimentary about me.  Strange man…I worked for him for four years and never got a handle on how he felt about me.  I always found him to be difficult to read and didn’t think he appreciated or respected me.  I never talked to him about it because we never seemed to form that kind of relationship where I felt at ease around him.  I just did my job the best that I could and never thought he noticed my contributions.  I won’t go into the details but there’s a coworker who really wants my job and he’s spent a lot of time taking credit for my accomplishments and undermining my worth.  Many times, I was hurt by his actions but I would just vent to my friends and keep on doing what I do.  I always thought my coworker had snowballed the principal but I just let it be because I didn’t know what else to do and it seemed to be so shallow to run to the boss and say, “He didn’t do any of this.  I did it all!  It’s all me, me me!”  Now, as he’s leaving, he voices his thoughts to Phyllisanne that he knows exactly what’s been going on.  I’m left feeling somewhat vindicated but wondering why he never shared this with me.  Then again, perhaps he felt that the best thing to do was to ignore the situation the same way I tried to.  The coworker will be there next year but he will not be happy with his assignment.  Phyllisanne told me the decision was made to leave me in my position while he will be removed from his and knocked down quite a few notches in his assignment for next year.  I don’t find any joy in this.  He’s a very capable individual who knows his stuff but he chose to get ahead by manipulation and cut throat tactics that didn’t work.

Other stuff…Our vacation is a 5,800 mile loop that takes us from Louisville, Ky, northwest to North Dakota and Montana, south through lots of National Parks to Las Vegas and then southeast to El Paso, Texas before turning northeast for home.  While in El Paso, DH was going to have some extensive dental work done in Juarez, Mexico for about a fourth of what it costs here.  I won’t go into a lot of details but we know some people who have done this and have been very pleased with the results.  I’ve also done a lot of research on it and we feel confident with this decision.  His dental work will cost $2,000 instead of $8,700 and the insurance will cover $1,000.  So, we planned on staying in El Paso for five days.  Looking at the schedule and talking with the dental clinic, we’ve decided that it would work out a lot better to reverse the loop and go to El Paso first.  He’ll get his dental work done the first week and we’ll be on our way.  That means I have to redo all the vacation plans by reversing the route.  Guess I’ll work on that today.

Finally…(boy, I had a lot of stuff on my mind!) this is supposed to be a diet blog so let me pause while I go weigh myself…

183 is still my friend.  I’m grateful to him for hanging around during this week of inactivity but I’d like to move on.  My goal for June 1 is still three pounds away and I only have four days to get there.  I’m going to do my best to hit the treadmill in a couple of hours.  We’ll see how it goes.

12:10 – WhoooooHooooo!  I did it!  Managed the treadmill for an hour and 15 minutes.  Worked my way all the way up to 10% incline.  Burned 430 calories and went 3.4 miles!  The broken toe hurt for the first couple of minutes and settled into a “not too bad” little flinch with every step for the first five minutes.  After that, it was just sore but I kept going until it smoothed out.  I didn’t want to push the speed so I only went 2.8 mph the entire time (wanted to have time to plant that foot down without slamming it).  I’m sooooo happy!  I wanted to quit so bad the first thirty minutes or so but kept hanging in till I got to 10% in five minute increments and then started back down.  By the end, I was comfortable (although HOT!  Someone stole my fan!) and knew I could have continued had I chosen to.  I doubt if I’ll be able to meet my goal for June 1st but it won’t be for lack of trying and I won’t beat myself up if it doesn’t happen.

1:30 Continuing with pure, sensory indulgence…

Maple trees
I went out to the spa and noticed how beautiful the flowers are.  My roses are blooming, baptiste is fabulous, clematis and columbine are full of blooms.  I laid back in the spa and floated around looking at the leaves.  Went inside and got the camera to capture them and then floated around some more.  I saw a hummingbird in the garden (a reminder to me that it’s time to wash, fill, and put out the feeders for the summer) and a couple of beautiful yellow finches.  I suppose I should  do something useful today but it’s so refreshing to know that I don’t have to. 9:00 p.m.
The day is finally winding down.  I had a nice dinner.  Tortilla soup and a whole grain tortilla with melted fat free cheese and jalapenos.  I also made a blueberry Clafoutis (sp?) using round’s recipe.  Delicious.

Granddaughter Holly is spending the night for a birthday treat.  Tomorrow, we’re going to have a “girlie” day and go shopping.  For now, we’re headed out to the spa.  No boys allowed!


Wednesday Menu

Oatmeal (140)
Soymilk (50)

Tortilla Soup (350)
Whole Grain Tortilla with fat free cheese and jalapenos (150)
blueberry Clafoutis (300)

Total 990



Last day for teachers! WhooooHooooo! I have to go in and make sure all my personal stuff is secure for the summer, attend a final faculty meeting at 2:00 and then I’m off for the summer! Our principal is retiring and we’re supposed to meet the new one today. I hope it’s a woman. Don’t ask me why but it seems like I get along better with female bosses. Not that I don’t get along with the men but it seems like I always work for them and I work with the women. Does that make any sense? Maybe it’s just coincidence. I’ve worked with 3 female principals and 2 men.

Still holding the line at 183 today which makes me really happy since I can’t exercise. I keep expecting to see a big jump and dread getting on the scales. I’ve decided to baby my foot today and then start trying to exercise again starting tomorrow. I have a bunch of stuff to carry back and forth to my car today and that’s going to be difficult enough because it still hurts to walk and the parking lot is a fair distance from the building but tomorrow I’m going to see what I can do about working out again.

7:45 a.m. – Kudos for me!  Walked in to find 3 tables loaded with doughnuts and pastries, juices, coffee, and fruit.  I had some honeydew and watermelon.  I hear the boss is having lunch catered by The Spaghetti Factory.  Guess I won’t be going there.

7:30 p.m. – I’m FREE!!!!  Loaded the last of the stuff I needed to bring home for the summer and I’m done!  Now I get a full week off before I have to attend two full days of Inservice next week.

I went to lunch with my amigos but just got salad.  They had spaghetti, lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and tons of cake, cookies, and ice cream.  I actually took one tiny bite of lasagna and one of spaghetti.  Neither one tasted good and I couldn’t see wasting the calories for something carby, fattening, and blah so I just ate some of that horrid bagged “salad” of iceberg lettuce and shredded cabbage and carrots.  Nasty stuff!  I buy bagged salad all the time and it’s pretty good.  You gotta wonder where they got that stuff they served us today.  Of course, I always get the romaine, spinach, or spring greens.  I’ve never gotten the iceberg.

Frozen entree for dinner and I’m good to go!


Tuesday Menu

1 1/2 cups mixed honeydew melon, watermelon, cantalope (75)

Salad with Fat Free Dressing (75)

Frozen entree (350)

Rice Cakes (100)
Cereal with Soymilk (200)

Total 800

Feeling much better today!  Besides breaking my toe on Friday, I had already started to feel like a cold was coming on and it was bothering me all day Saturday and Sunday.  I feel a lot better this morning but really achy and tired.  Of course, lying around on the couch or bed for two days could have a lot to do with that.

My weight is at 183 this morning.  I’m really pleased about that.  I didn’t binge the last two days but I didn’t keep track of what I ate or keep a calorie count.  Needless to say, the most strenuous exercise I did was rearranging my pillows.  I ate healthy food and didn’t eat much of it so I should be okay.  DIL brought me two McDonalds fruit parfaits and I ate one.  Probably loaded with calories.  If not, I might eat the other one for breakfast. 

I just opened a new tab and checked the calories.  It’s only 160.  Sounds like I need to eat breakfast!

12:30 – Feeling much, much, much, much better!  I discovered part of the problem.  I am totally hooked on caffeine in the morning!  I had forgotten that we ran out of coffee on Friday and, under the circumstances, I didn’t get to the store.  Saturday morning, DH made coffee.  I didn’t realize he was using a package of decaf he found in the cabinet and he made it again this morning.  I was dragging around the kitchen and found the bag on the counter and bells went off.  I need my coffee every morning!  I scrounged around in the pantry until I found a bag of Kona Coffee we picked up in Hawaii last summer and brewed a pot.  The transformation is nothing short of miraculous!  There are lots of things I feel guilty about but I refuse to worry about coffee.  It doesn’t have any fat or calories, it’s cheap, and I drink it every morning.  At least three cups!  I am hooked.  I admit it and I don’t care.

After my caffeine kicked in, I started working on the vacation plans for this summer.  We’ve added and taken away so many times that it had been a while since I calculated the mileage.  We cut out the Redwoods in California because of time limitations.  I would love to see them…  🙁   but we just can’t work it out.  When I figured up the mileage this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it shaved 1,200 miles off the trip.  It’s now just 5,800 miles instead of 7,000.  That’s a very big deal when you’re driving a motor home that gets 8 miles to the gallon.

2:30 – Just got slammed by hunger.  I’m fixing dinner but it’s still got a couple of hours for the marinara sauce so I just nuked a frozen diet entree (processed food…I know).  310 calories for a little blob of rice and some “Thai” chicken.  Here’s a thought, why do these “lean” entrees have so little food?  An entire boneless, skinless chicken breast has about 240 calories.  I’m looking at this thing and it has about 2 tablespoons of chicken (I kid you not! Six itty bitty pieces), some sauce, and about a cup of rice with some spinach and red pepper in it.  Why not use an entire chicken breast in a light sauce, skip the rice, and give me 3 huge cups of green beans for the same calories?  I’ve always wondered why these diet entrees have so little actual food in them.  Gimme some veggies!


Monday Menu

McDonalds Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (160)

frozen entree (310)

Chicken Parmesiana (300)
1 cup pasta (200)
salad (50)

Total 1,020

I can’t think of a title for today’s entry. Picking up the pieces kind of fits because I’ve got to pull myself up and get back on track but I’m not really off track. I didn’t count calories yesterday but I didn’t eat much either. In fact, I just kind of picked at food and probably didn’t consume nearly enough. That might account for the scales showing 182.5 this morning. I didn’t exercise but then, there’s not a lot I can do. I have a cold and don’t feel well. In fact, I don’t even feel like writing right now.

9:30 – I thought of a better title.  Down in the Dumps is more like it.  I feel horrible today.  I have a cold and I took some DayQuil last night because NyQuil zonks me.  The DayQuil helped some but I still feel tired and weighed down.  I just cancelled going to the gym with Pam.  I actually thought I’d be able to do work out in the pool this morning but, even if I could do it with a broken toe, I still feel like crap from the cold.


Sunday Menu



Perhaps I have some Indian ancestry.  I’m definitely a Blackfoot this morning.  At least a fourth of my foot is almost black from bruising. 

184.5 is still here.  At least that’s one thing that’s consistent.  About the rest of it…I just don’t know.  Thanks to all for the condolences.  It means a lot.  I’m not going to let this sidetrack me.  It has nothing to do with my diet except that I don’t think I’ll be standing around the kitchen cooking up exotic stuff for a few days.  It does, however, have a lot to do with exercise.  I’ll have to play around today and see what I can do.  Maybe I can ride my bike.

I was feeling sorry for myself last night and veered off track.  Dinner was a healthy meal from an Ethiopian restaurant but I didn’t even try to figure out how many calories were in it and I ate quite a bit.  And then, just because I was feeling angry at my body for betraying me (or something else?), I ordered the Baklava for dessert.  That stuff’s lethal!  I looked it up and it has about 55 calories for a cubic inch.  The order had two small triangles so I’m guessing I ate at least 300 calories worth.  Anyway, the pity party’s over.  I’ll have to see what I can figure out today.


Saturday Menu




Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!

I broke my toe!  I was putting boxes on the top shelf in my room, took off my shoes to climb on the step stool and then my phone started ringing.  Took off for the phone and stubbed my toe on a chair.  I looked down and my little toe was sticking out at a 90 degree angle.  I popped it back in place but it was really hurting and started swelling really quickly so I decided I should probably go to the doctor even though he probably wouldn’t do anything except tell me to put ice on it.

Left work and went to the doctor, he X-Rayed and said it was broken and said I needed to see my orthopedic doctor.  I called my orthopedic surgeon and he said he was headed out the door to go to the airport and wouldn’t be back for more than a week.  I told him I didn’t see why I needed to come in anyway but he said with all the surgery I’ve had on that foot and ankle, he definitely wants to see me.  So…he said to put ice on it, tape it to the other toe, take pain pills, and come see him on June 2nd.  I’m NOT happy!



One more day for the kiddos!  After that, it’s just one more day for teachers.  Of course, with the holiday on Monday, our last day will be Tuesday.  It’s annoying…being off three days and then having to come back one last time before summer.

I can’t believe 184.5 has come back this morning.  I think I finally got rid of 188 for good but now 184.5  keeps hangin around.  I made up my mind that if I’m going to weigh on a daily basis, I have to be prepared for this but it’s still a little deflating.  Especially since yesterday’s workout was such a killer.

I woke up this morning to find Andrew and Steven sleeping on the couch.  They said it was too hot upstairs.  If it’s too hot for them to sleep, it’s no wonder my workout just about did me in yesterday.  I don’t know why, but our air conditioning doesn’t do a whole lot for the upstairs.  That’s not the problem right now (since we haven’t even used it yet this year) but it’s something we’ll probably have to deal with this weekend.  We usually put a window unit in both rooms upstairs for the summer along with central air.  I don’t even know what happened to the units.  My youngest son had problems with his central air last fall and I think DH loaned him the two window units.  Guess we’ll have to get them back this weekend.  Once they’re back in, I can go back to my treadmill without having a heat stroke.  With outside temperatures hanging around the 80s, upstairs can be considerably hotter.

Okay, so now that we’ve laid the air conditioning problems to rest, what about this weight thing?  I don’t see any reason for letting 184.5 hang around.  It seems like I start getting a bit antsy when it approaches one of my “goal” dates.  June 1st is still nine days away but I want to be sitting (pun intended) firmly on 180 by then.  I think today is going to be a salad and protein day.

It’s getting late, guess I’d better get dressed and head to school.  Another day of fighting from the trenches.  I know they’re going to be firing pizza, doughnuts, cookies, coffee cake, and any other deadly ammo they can find at me.  Better fix my lunch and get ready.

9:56 – Waging WAR!  Holding my own!
7:15 – Walked in to find doughnuts and pastries in the library (my center of operations), ran like the hounds of Hell were after me.
8:00 – Several of my students invited me to the Senior Breakfast.  Hugged them and said “No, thanks!”
8:45 – The principal comes over to me and says there’s “Tons” of stuff left for breakfast. Friends coax me along so I go.  Pass up the hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage, BISCUITS with GRAVY, coffee cake, hashbrown casserole, juice, and pastries, dish up a tiny little bowl of fruit and an itty bitty slice of ham.  Sat my big butt down on one of the teeny little stools and joined a few of my students.  Took great pains to avoid drooling in their gravy.


Friday Menu

1 cup mixed fruit (75)
Small slice ham (75)