I checked my email yesterday evening because Pam was really ill Thursday night and told me she was going to the Immediate Care Center as soon as they opened Friday morning. I didn’t hear anything from her all day and was concerned. I finally decided to check my email one last time and call her if there wasn’t any message. I was shocked to find an email from Jana telling me that Pam was in the hospital. She had severe vomiting and nausea all day Thursday and Thursday night and was severely dehydrated. Her blood sugar was elevated and blood pressure was through the roof. They were still doing tests last night when I went to the hospital but are thinking it might be a viral infection. I called her this morning and left a message. I may call again in a few minutes but I don’t want to disturb her if she’s sleeping. Come on, Sistah, let me know what’s going on.

On the diet side of things, I lost another pound this morning so it looks like yesterday’s carbs didn’t wreck me.


Talked to Pam. Everything looks okay. The doctor thinks she had stomach flu. Her blood pressure is great, sugar level is good, and she gets to go home if she can keep lunch down. She said she feels a LOT better.

Knowing that Pam is okay, I decided I’d better get my exercise taken care of so I decided to go upstairs and work on the treadmill. I know…the treadmill is not a good thing for me but I can do it occasionally without too much trouble. It’s really boring unless I have some music going so I got my MP3 player but I couldn’t find the earphones. I looked and looked and finally found a pair but they hurt my ears. Okay, so you do what you gotta do, right? I turned it on but the battery was dead so I went to the battery recharger and found that it was full of batteries but unplugged. I tried one battery but it didn’t work so I tried another that did. Went upstairs to find that someone piled boxes on my treadmill so I moved them and went to turn on the treadmill but I couldn’t find the key. I looked all over the place up there and finally found the key and got things going. Worked for five minutes and the battery died in the MP3 player. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DIFFICULT AROUND HERE???? I’m going to clean and treat the spa and try to relax and chill out for a little while and try again later.

one hour later…

I rode my bike three miles but I think I broke my crotch and had to stop.

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