Thursday’s Child

Feeling good again this morning but running behind so this will be brief.  I lost two pounds this morning which gets me to my goal for May 1 (if I can hang on to it).  Next goal is 185 by May 15.

Lunch is becoming problematic.  It seems like there’s never anything to take.  The doctor really stressed the importance of avoiding processed foods like frozen dinners but mornings are so rushed and it seems like I never have time to prepare lunch.  This is something I’m going to have to do the night before.  For today, guess it’s another Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice.  Life really sucks when I have to feel guilty for eating a Lean Cuisine!

Plans for this evening include going to the gym for my free session with a fitness trainer at 4:30 and then attending water aerobics at 5:30.  It looks like I’m going to have to take the boys to their CAP meeting this evening at 7:00 so things will be rushed again.


Yesterday’s grilled ginger pork was a keeper!  Cuts of lean pork tenderloin marinated in soy sauce, garlic pepper, lemon, and ginger and then grilled.  Donnie, however, did not want to go to that much trouble (what?  I sliced the meat and put it in a bowl with the marinade so all he had to do was throw it on the grill!) so I came home from the gym to find that he made the boys pizza and grilled a reuben for himself.  Guess that means we’ll have ginger pork tonight because I only fixed two pieces for my dinner last night.

It’s easy to say my biggest priority for the time being is myself but it’s soooo hard to do!  I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything done this evening.

2:30 Rush out the door after work
Stop by the store on the way home
3:20 Arrive home, prep for dinner
4:00 Leave for gym
4:30 Meet with Kyle at gym
5:30 Water Aerobics
6:30 Change clothes and rush home to get the boys to CAP by 7:00
7:30 Get home and fix dinner (way too late for Donnie who goes to bed at 7:30)
8:00 Dinner
9:00 Pick up the boys from CAP
9:30 Help the boys with their homework

This is not a flexible schedule.  I may have to cut out Water Aerobics because of the boys’ Thursday night CAP but I hate to do that because it’s the main reason I want to go to the gym.  This entire problem would be eliminated IF THEIR PARENTS WOULD TAKE THEM TO CAP but I have a distinct feeling that won’t happen.  Granddaughter, Holly, walks in at 8:00 p.m. last night carrying a bucket of KFC (what the Hell is this thing with KFC always appearing in my house?  I don’t even like KFC.) and says “I’m here!”  I said, “What do you mean you’re hereWhy are you here?  To which Holly replied, “Mommy said for Andrew and Steven to watch me until she finishes work at 10:00 o’clock.”  Well that doesn’t happen!  Mom knows that Andrew and Steven can’t stand their annoying little sister and there will be seven kinds of Hell to pay if they try to tell her what to do so she knows I’m the one who’s going to be watching her.  So…all the way through my American Idol I’m getting “Nana, can I have a coke?”
“Nana, can I get on the computer?”
“Nana, how do you spell barbie.com/”
“Nana, do you like my new shirt?”
“Nana, Andrew told me to ‘Be Quiet’.
“Nana, can I have some ice cream?”

Need I continue?  Get a Babysitter!  This bull crap about Andrew and Steven watching her is just an excuse to drop her off at my house and expect me to watch her during the 15 minutes of “free” time I have everyday.  God knows, I love all of them more than life itself but I’ve already followed this routine for 40 years and I’m tired!


fatnomo says 24th April @ 19:37

Yahoo on the 2lbs. You hold on to it girl! Tight fisted! I’m trying to hold on to my 180’s right now and would love to be 185 by the 15th as well! And the children…. I can only imagine…. I have 3 step kids… 2 boys, 1 girl, and an 18 year old of my own. Hey wait a minute… what’s your address… I need a break too and maybe I can bring mine to you! 🙂 Just kidding…

Hang in there Sistah Pat, and I’m gonna keep ya on my blogroll to keep caught up!

patty says 25th April @ 9:49

Hey, Girl, Good to hear from you! So I’m not alone in this kid thing? Good to know! I thought I raised my kids and hubby and I got to enjoy about 8 years of empty nest before they all started flocking back home. It probably would have been better if we hadn’t had the empty nest experience at all because now I know what I’m missing! I love your humor and insight and look forward to keeping in contact.

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