I feel much better this morning.  Yesterday was beautiful and today promises more of the same.  I ate well yesterday and rode my bike around the neighborhood.  I’m only riding my bike 3 miles and I used to ride 10 but at least I’m riding.

Weighed in at 191 this morning which makes me feel good.  My short term goal is 190 by the end of the month and that certainly seems within reach.  I’m meeting my sistahs at the gym this afternoon and plan on doing some aerobics in the pool if the timing works out okay.  If not, I guess I’ll do the treadmill or the stationary bike.  Wish I could do the elliptical but that’s too hard on the ankles.

Yesterday’s diet was an apple for breakfast, salad for lunch, and Vietnamese Pork Rolls and apple slices for dinner.  The pork rolls were great!  Strips of pork tenderloin simmered in Nac Pham, soy sauce, and splenda, then rolled up in leaf lettuce with cilantro and mint.  I made a dipping sauce of lime juice, Nac Pham, garlic, and red peppers.  Yum!

I watched two hours of TV last night (couldn’t miss American Idol or Hell’s Kitchen!) and then hit the bed for a good night’s sleep.  Slept great and feel really good this morning. 

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