I’m sitting here eating my salad for lunch and feeling bad about something.  I’m not sure what it is.  I’m trying to examine my feelings and get to the bottom of this.  For some reason, I feel guilty and, if I feel guilty, I feel bad.  I think it has to do with that extra pound this morning.  As if I’m feeling like I must have done something to bring it on.  Why is that?  I didn’t do anything.  I’m thinking, “Maybe I should have tried to do a more difficult workout.” or “I didn’t write down all my calories yesterday so maybe I ate too much”.  I’m not sure what this is about.  I feel like I’m trying to put something over on someone but I don’t know why I feel that way.  I worked out yesterday (true, I could have worked harder but maybe I wouldn’t be walking today if I had).  I didn’t write down all the calories I consumed (but I figured all that out for the week and ate exactly what was on my menu).  All I’ve eaten today is an apple and this salad so it’s not anything I’ve done today.  Perhaps it’s just because I used to be so extreme with my workouts that I’m feeling like I’m not trying hard enough.  There’s that gray area between working hard enough to do the job but not straining my ankle so much that I can’t work out tomorrow.  This is really weird. 


Pam says 22nd April @ 18:31

Hey Sistah,

You are really hard on yourself. You exercised, that is a good thing! What about investing in a heart rate monitor? You might be surprised how ‘little’ you really have to work get your heart rate up for the time being! After all, you are getting older 🙂

Seriously, I did not push myself at the pool yesterday at all, but after 1/2 hour, my heart rate was still up 130-140 BPM, which is good for my age.

kiki says 23rd April @ 9:34

Hey, you should only weigh in once a week. Otherwise you will drive yourself crazy. Give yourself some credit, you are working out AND eating healthy. It’s hard for most people to pull both off. Pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work. For motivation, feel free to visit my blog page.


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