Ruby Tuesday

Trying to stay upbeat this morning.  I weigh 193 which is a pound more than the last two days but that doesn’t mean I’ve gained.  Maybe I should try to weigh once a week instead of daily but I’m afraid weekly weigh-ins might give me too much flexibility.  I have to think about it.  It really is disappointing to get up bright and early and find that I weigh more than I did yesterday.  At the doctor’s office, I clocked the scale at 194.5.  I like my scales better.


Pam says 22nd April @ 18:28

Listen kiddo….

You really need to examine your calorie intake! I suspect you are really not eating enough! Quit arguing with me about this! Give me some proof besides – this is how I’ve lost weight before – kind of thing! I talked to my LAWL counselor today about you and she said you might gain weight by not eating enough!!!!! Why don’t you look at weight watchers online? That is a healthy program.

And yes, make your official weigh-in once a week!

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