Sunday morning and everything looks good.  I made it through yesterday without having a crash and burn.  Weighed myself this morning and show 2 1/2 pounds less than yesterday (Wow!  One day of dieting and I lose 2 1/2 pounds.  I should be a knockout by the end of the month!)  Of course, I realize it doesn’t really count because I weighed myself late in the afternoon yesterday and then first thing this morning.  Nevertheless, I’m delighted that it didn’t show MORE this morning than yesterday.  Small kudos help.

My menu for the week is complete and I have a grocery list.  I’m meeting Pam at 2:00 and I’m going straight from our meeting to the store so I’ll have everything I need to stick to the plan next week.  We’re meeting at Panera and I felt a little bad about meeting there and connecting to their wifi without eating anything but I was delighted to find that they have lots of low cal choices on the menu.  After yesterday’s success with Applebees, I decided to go to their website and take a look.  They have lots of choices in the soup or salad sections that look great and have very few calories.  That makes me happy because boredom is the ultimate enemy. 

Right now, I’m going to get my shower and head to the backyard.  I want to get my new bicycle seat mounted and give it a try.

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