One Good Day

Okay, it’s 10:30 and I’m going to bed.  I made today a good day.  Went to dinner with Rick and Pam at Applebees.  I passed on drinks and sipped club soda with lime.  Stayed with the weight watchers menu and had onion soup and chili lime chicken salad for a total of 400 calories.  I had a slice of weight watchers chocolate cake with cream cheese glaze and raspberries for another 230 calories (it was a teeny little thing but soooo good!).  So, I had 630 calories today.

We got home early so I worked on my menu and shopping list for next week.  I also set up a spreadsheet to keep track of calories and exercise and set weight goals for the next three months.  I hope to lose 30 pounds in that time.  Tomorrow, I have to start some serious exercise.  I just got out of the spa but I relaxed with a glass of iced tea with Splenda instead of wine.

Not bad for a Saturday.  Good Night!  😉


pam says 20th April @ 15:25

You have got to eat more girl!

630 calories – you are starving your body!

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