I’ve Moved..

on to other things.  Check out my new blog at http://upstairsroom.wordpress.com Truth is that the weightloss thing wasn’t really happening anymore.  But I still want to write.  And I am still very interested in hearing about you, I am still reading your blogs 🙂 Huma

No Change

176.0 lbs again this week.  I’ll take it as a success, as it has been a very difficult week.  I did see 174.0 lbs flash on the scale on Tuesday, but it was massacred by some eating of delicious things including italian egg custard tarts.  My friend brought them over yesterday, and I’ve eaten 2. […]

Weigh In

176.0 lbs. I intend to weigh in every Friday, and I need to see some progress.. my sister is getting married January 2nd and I want to look good at her wedding.

Still Going

Well, it’s been over two weeks since my last post.  Usually when I disappear like this it is because I am not doing so well.  However this time, things are different (FINALLY!). My weigh in today is 176.2 lbs.  Things are moving in the right direction.  I do have some help from God these days […]

Weigh In

I was supposed to weigh in yesterday but didn’t get a chance. The official numbers are in and yesterday’s weigh in was 180.8 lbs.  This meets my goal of a 3lb loss for the week.  The even better news is that today my weigh in was 179.6 lbs. I’m back in the 170s.. and so […]

Back in Action

I didn’t want to write too soon, because there have been numerous false starts but I think I might be on a roll now.  After my last post, I gained, and gained.. on my birthday I was 179, and I went up to 184 lbs.  With a wedding, birthday party and brunch things went horribly […]

Setting Realistic Goals

Today’s Weight – 178.0 lbs I want to really set some goals for myself, and serious ones. Ones I WANT to achieve. My birthday is July 26th, and I want to be at least 175lbs on my birthday August 31st – 169.9 lbs These to me look very doable. Exercise goals – work out 2-3 […]

New Scale New Beginning

So, I haven’t written in awhile.  My scale was acting up and I couldn’t figure out my weight.  Although that shouldn’t be an excuse for not writing, it is my excuse for letting things get out of control.  I weigh 179 lbs.  I really have to get things back into check, before it goes out […]

Down and Up

So on Friday, the day of the wedding, I was a shocking 171.4 lbs.  I went to the wedding wearing the outfit I wanted to wear and I looked pretty damn good.  Then in my typical self-sabotage way, I gained back the weight and then some.  I’m delaying my weigh in for a day just […]

Spring Focus – Late Week 2 Report

The final number for week 2 was 173.6, a gain for the week.  I weighed the same thing today too. Food has been challenging, exercise has been challenging.  I’m not motivated or committed to losing weight, and I just can’t find that drive that I used to have. I’m trying at the minimum just to […]